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Sheila Ann

Drama Romance


Sheila Ann

Drama Romance

What is Love??

What is Love??

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What do you mean by what?

What did you see? 

I was scrolling up in the computer, and I saw this quote,

"I do not know how a man in love looks like"

It left me with curiosity and overwhelmed. 

You are suggesting?

I think it is time to investigate, how does a man look like, heck I don't even know how does a woman in love look like.

After an enormous thinking,

Let me put it in this way, You know how does a baby looks at his or her mother for the very first time? Or how does a mother look at her baby? 

You mean they will have the same intense look...

It's kinda like that. Merely it is in the eyes that one can see how beautiful their love is.

So, how do you tell, the blind, dont they feel love? Mocking him suddenly for being Sheldon Cooper. 

Blind, you say? Well you cannot look for their love in their eyes, but, you can see their love for each other in their feelings, that shows in their face. You can feel, a rhythm of love in their hearts, if I am correct...

Hmmm. I will see it, if I were to understand it, first.

Look at me, look at my eyes

I looked at him, his eyes were staring at me.

God, I want a distraction, his intense eyes were looking at mine. Is it love then?? 

I got scared literally, when I heard he said

I love you... 

I dont know why, but I am standing here with a senseless mind... I want to say something, but then, what if he's joking and its not true. Contemplating, on what I have to say, I turned around, shall I say Yes?

He laughed, and said, Azelia, I got you...

At that moment, mother nature has a thing or two up in her sleeve to safe us all in the embarrassing moment. Sky, I want to thank you for crying with me. So this is what love is. I'm breaking into two, as I watched him dancing in the rain.

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