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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Wanderlust Woman - Part 5

Wanderlust Woman - Part 5

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If the lift gets repaired, I must climb 13 floors and what about our parents?

How will they be able to climb?

Baby, we have solar panels and you need not worry about the powercut, smiled Priya peeping out of her balcony in her newly interior-decorated penthouse apartment.

We can have the organic veggies in the north east balcony, hammock in the southwest balcony.

And the other two?

One for us to take rest during fullmoon day and the other we will plan it baby.

Karthick looked at her deep massaging his beard.

She pushed his hands and wrapped him around her hip!

We will be living here together baby in six months and everyday I can wake up and sleep watching your eyes.

" I love you Priya. You're the best thing happened to me". You have understood me perfectly and your childlike enthusiasm excites me to love you more".

Priya blushed resting her heads on his chest.



Tell dear.

I inked your name on my shoulder back.



Suprise, will show you after we exchange our rings.

"I love you".

"Me too".

Sir, we have reached the village. There are 250 families in this village. Majority of them work in tea estate and the rest are working in picking cocoa seeds and herbs. Their only demands are good education and a decent job for their children. The only way you can approach them is by promising them to fulfill their needs.

Karthick listened keenly whereas his thoughts were around her.

"I am coming to you Priya".

Baby, we must educate as many children as possible. My dream is to build a school for young children using creative and traditional methods.

We will do it dear!

Her dream came infront of him.

Maybe this is my golden ticket, Karthick felt. His intuitions haven't gone wrong and he strongly believed everything happens for a reason.

The local guide spoke to the head of the village in their dialect.

He nodded and his eyes had a sparkle irrespective of his age. He would be around 80 - 88 but his body didn't resemble so. His skin was flawless and hair was dark black in color. He spoke carrying his smile throughout.

The local guide turned to karthick and summoned him to stay back here.

He is telling me to leave. You can stay here for 45 days and educate the kids. By then search for Priya, signalled the local guide.

But how can I manage, I don't know their language, he spoke up.

I can help you sir, said Rathi boldly, wearing a maroon colored top and a overcoat matching her flowery skirt.


Karthick eyes stayed still.

To be continued....

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