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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amritha Prem



Amritha Prem


Wanderlust Woman – Part 3

Wanderlust Woman – Part 3

5 mins 20.2K 5 mins 20.2K

Her eyes got wet watching the sunrise. The sun changed its colour from orange to red to yellow within few microseconds. She moved to her bedroom and sat on the bathtub. The sunrays through the glass doors kissed her body.

“Perfect honeymoon suite”, she chuckled.

She wore her favourite ruffle floral gown and beige coloured wedges complimenting it. She took the measurements of the boathouse and started jotting down the decor ideas that can be inculcated. She prepared the guest list and asked the helmsman how many people can travel on it if hosting a boat wedding on it!

“Maximun 40 people Priya but you must choose the double decker one or the large sized one”, he added. She made a note of it on her handmade diary and listed the pros and cons alongside it. That’s when few fishermen crossed her riding their canoes.


She captured them using her wide lens! And started sketching few landscapes such as the houses facing the canals, sunbathed, rain touched paddy fields and few portraits of women bathing on the backwater. Time flew and she arrived the Ramada Allephey Boat house.

Her car waited for her at the hotel entrance and she unloaded her bags from the boat and loaded it to the car trunk. She thanked the helmsman for the safe ride and yummy food, sat on the front seat, adjusted the rear mirrors, tightened her seatbelt and started driving! Her playlist ranged from A R Rahman to Santhosh Narayanan latest hits. She hummed each of the song in her own voice and remembered Karthick!

She dialled his number.

“Even if you drift into the distance, even if you colour the horizon, reaching for beyond the skies, I will still be carrying you with me in the portals of my eyes; You’re already entwined in my eyes and soul”

“But you never pick my calls or call me back” karthick, she sang back playfully.

She stopped her car and logged into her social media apps, no posts from his side. She checked her messages, nil.

“Has he lost his phone”?

She called his landline but none picked.

She dialled her in-laws number but no response.

Her head spun.

Her phone vibrated.

“Baby, It’s me Karthick!


“I am sorry babyyyyy, our parents have gone to Shiridi and I kept my phone at home. That’s why couldn’t text you or attend your calls. I just came home”

“I was worried baby.

“I know, I am sorry dear”.

“Refresh now, we talk soon”, she said starting her engine!

The clouds became dark and she knew anytime it may rain.

“No , talk now”, he threw tantrums like a spoilt kid.

“I am on my way to Munnar Karthick. Need to experience the elephant safari midway and check if it is appropriate for post-wedding shoot”, she explained seriously.

“Darjeeling, we have our engagement next week? Do you remember that?”, Karthick replied back.

“Yes”, she blushed, her cheeks turning pink.

“Come soon to me. I miss you like hell. I want to shower my love to you baby”.

“Monday morning, I will be in front of you”, she said smiling.

“AR Rehman song on the background, his love of life on the opposite end and hard mountains covered with fog on both the side made her feel special.

“Karthick, the mountains here are smoking like you”, she giggled.

“Naughty girl, how come you never get angry on me when I smoke.

“Why should I? You know it’s bad for health, and have reduced the number of cigarettes. I am cent percent sure you will get rid of it one day”, she spoke innocently.

“I love you for understanding me”, Karthick said.

“I love you too baby”.

Okay you go safe now. I will refresh and call you soon.

Okay dear!

“Drive slow, hairpin bends ahead”, she read

Totally 40 will be there, Karthik added amusing her.


“You marry me baby, we go for more rides”, he exclaimed.

As you say so honey!

They both hung the phone and carried on with their work.

She drove around the hills enjoying each minute and arrived the elephant destination around 5pm.

The manager welcomed her and spoke for 30 minutes as memorized.

Can wedding photoshoots be done here, she inquired.

“Yes mam”. We will do all the arrangements if you want.

No, we have our photographers’ team. They will look after it. All we need is your permission and no disturbance from the tourists on that day.

Okay mam. I will give you a discount.

Let’s make a deal, she concluded.

Can I see the place and the elephants?

Yes mam!

She waited for the elephants to come. Many were eagerly waiting to drive on him. The waterfall was few kilometres away and instead of walking down the slippery hill, the elephant took them down the waterfall.

The elephant arrived and the people who sat on him gave him few bananas to eat. She felt pity on him. He would be seven years old. His thick hair, sharp eyes and small ears made him look adorable. She patted his head and kissed him on the forehead.

The guide asked her to climb upon him and she obliged.

He carried her, moving his body left and right. She giggled enjoying her elephant safari and in ten minutes she reached the waterfall.

The elephant was summoned to intake water using his trunk and shower upon on the tourists who sat upon him. He did and she froze when the water touched her warm body.

It started drizzling and she got down and took few selfies with the cute elephant. They both got along with each other within few minutes and the guide who saw this was quite surprised.

Mam, let’s leave, It’s dangerous to be here, he said.

Five minutes, she said.

She took slow motion photography of the elephant and the waterfall.

The speed of the water flow was slowly increasing and the winds were blowing stronger than before.

Her intuition told her to leave the place immediately and when she held the elephant, the water swept both of them in a jiff.

The guide who was standing on the rocks capturing all her moments stood still seeing her and the elephant struggling in the water. By the moment he shouted, they disappeared.

He ran to the manager room to inform what has had happened.

He opened his mouth!

To be continued...

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