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Punyasloke Bose

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Punyasloke Bose

Drama Others

Two Brothers And Relationship

Two Brothers And Relationship

6 mins 25.2K 6 mins 25.2K

Disclaimer - This is an account of fiction. Any similarity in the name of the characters with any real-life persons and similarity with the story with any real-life incident is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Raghav and Madhav were two brothers. Their father, Raghunath was a lawyer by profession. Raghunath was a successful person. He was a specialist in wills and succession cases. As a result, there was abundance of cases in his hands and money flow was a nonstop process for him. Due to his success, Raghunath was always busy with clients and their cases.

Raghav was the first child of Raghunath. As he was the elder one he received lot of attention and indulgence. When Raghav was born, his father's career graph took a steep upwards curve. So Raghav was considered very lucky. The family hence poured their gratitude on Raghav.

Madhav was born ten years after Raghav. At the time of his birth, his mother had developed complications. She was almost at the point of no return and although slowly she was cured but could not regain her original self. Due to this Madhav was considered an unlucky charm for the family. Raghunath was especially unhappy with the coming of Madhav. Although his professional life did not see any set back but in his family life the developments were not to the satisfaction of Raghunath. He saw silently his wife Madhu suffer after Madhav's birth. Raghunath was blaming himself for opting for a second child. Raghunath thought that they were happy with one son Raghav and wishing for another one was pure luxury. But things would turn out this way was unimaginable. Raghunath, a religious man was blaming his bad karma for this suffering which had befallen his family.

This had a fall out on Madhav. He was not given any special treatment. On the contrary, he was subject to neglect and sometimes ill-treatment. His father never behaved the same way he behaved with his elder brother Raghav.

Madhav did not notice this differential treatment as he was small. But being a precocious child it was not very long it registered on him. Madhav's only comfort zone was his elder brother Raghav. Raghav showered his uncensored love on his kid brother. Even knowing the type of treatment meted out to Madhav vis-a-vis himself, Raghav became more adamant in making up the loss of love for his brother.

Raghunath was the administrator of many of his clients' estate and will. So he was an authority on this subject. In his personal matter, he had a trusted junior Adinath whom he had appointed as executor to his will. In this matter, he never discussed with his family but his junior Adinath was fully entrusted with the responsibility which he could be dependent on.

Situations were not perfect for the Raghunath family or that is how he perceived the things.

Raghunath could not overcome the thought of the curse of one of his clients was the reason for his current discomfiture. The thought of the future of his sons constantly plagued him. The situation was becoming so that he could not get back his earlier swag. All this made him more and more conscious of the birth of Madhav. Although Madhav was almost ten years since his birth. But Raghav never let prejudice get between his relationship with his brother Madhav. And Madhav also reciprocated towards Raghav in similar fashion.

Then when things started to look up for the Raghunath family then all of a sudden the ailing matriarch, the mother of Raghav and Madhav left for her heavenly abode. Everyone was very sad. But Madhav was very angry more than being sad. The relatives always were judgemental and made irresponsible comments. Their favorite subject was the bashing of Madhav. Because according to them the root cause of all the problems was Madhav. Now after this death once again the brunt of all the bitterness fell upon Madhav. Although Raghav tried to appease the situation but Madhav could not escape from being made the scapegoat. It is human nature to make someone accountable for all the misdeeds. Raghav's father Raghunath was very crestfallen at the passing away of his wife. He was too disillusioned and took retirement from his job by handing over charge to his junior Adinath. Raghav had now done his graduation in law and joined his family law firm under the tutelage of Adinath. Although he had a clear concept in Maths and Physics and wanted to pursue Engineering but Raghunath wished his son continue his family law firm. So a lawyer did Raghav become.

Madhav had still some years for college. Raghunath wanted now that Raghav had joined the law firm, he should marry and settle down before any tragedy separated him from his son. Although Raghav was in love with a fellow lawyer Gayatri but he had told her to wait till his brother Madhav had finished his college. Madhav had full trust in his brother and knew that Raghav would be the last person on this earth to abandon him before securing his future.

Then all of a sudden everyone was shocked to hear the death of Raghunath who had become a recluse after his wife's passing away. After his father's death, Raghav became more concerned about Madhav's future. He became more caring about Madhav.

In due course, Madhav completed his graduation with an engineering degree and passed with distinction.

Then Adinath called a meeting of Raghav and Madhav. Adinath disclosed to the brothers that their father had left behind a will. This will was to be executed after the death of their father Raghunath.

In the will Raghunath had left an inheritance for Raghav. Madhav was not mentioned in the will. Only it had been mentioned that after taking possession of the inheritance Raghav was the sole decider of Madhav's fate. The inheritance mentioned in the will was a plot of land which Raghunath had purchased many years ago. The price paid was dirt cheap which now had multiplied many times over.

Raghav knew that Madhav wanted to become an entrepreneur and for this he needed money. The love and kindness which he had for his brother made him part of the land fully in favor of Madhav.

Madhav was swept away by this show of generosity by his brother. He promised to pay back equally in a very dignified way.

With the proceeds of the property, Madhav invested in his startup. The idea of the startup was eagerly lapped up by many High net worth individuals and businesses. After the startup found success Madhav went to the market and floated an Initial Public offering of his company shares. The public offering was also a big success. The money which the market invested in the company as equity helped Madhav to draw out the initial investment he had injected into the startup. With this money, he started a scholarship in the name of his brother Raghav and father Raghunath. As any charity is generally named after people are decreased so the scholarship had the name of Raghunath. Otherwise, Madhav wanted it to be named after Raghav only. Because Madhav wanted that his brother Raghav should be remembered by future beneficiary students through the use of the scholarship. The beneficiaries should also know the amazing relationship between the two brothers.

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