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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Trial Room

Trial Room

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A newly married couple entered the mall. Both walked around the mall and went into the store. She started looking at the clothes. She looked around and he was on the other section so she selected some tops on her own but doesn’t know whether he likes them or not. She doesn’t even know his favourite colour. Their marriage was an arranged one and they didn’t have enough time to know about each other. This was the first time they were alone.

 “I don’t like this colour” she said looking at the brown colour top in his hand. “Ok we will exchange it with other colour” he kept the top aside. “Cream” “whatever you say madam” he winked at her. “I will try these first” she took the tops and went inside. “I will wait here” he stood near the trail room. He was trying to know about her and he doesn’t know about her favourite colour but got to know about the colour she doesn’t like. She went inside and came after 5 minutes. “How is it?” she asked him. He stared at her body for two seconds and “not good” “I will try another one” she went inside. She looked at herself in the mirror. The top is nice and it also suited her but she didn’t know why he didn’t like it. She changed into the other dress and came out of the trial room. He again stared her and again the answer was no. For every dress, he was scanning her body.

 This time she wore a see-through top. She is a modern girl and she felt that he will reject the top, as he looked like a traditional one. She came out and he looked deep into her. The tension rose in her by his looks. By observing her tension he smiled a little. “This is good” “okay” there was a blush on her face and she went inside the trial room without waiting for a second. She came out wearing her old dress. “You are beautiful in that dress” he said pointing to the dress in her hand. “Thanks, I thought you won’t like it” “no it’s good”

This time he selected some dresses for her. “This is good, this suits you well” “yeah it’s good but I didn’t like it,” she said looking into his eyes. Her eyes are gorgeous. The looks are melting him in every way possible. “Okay let’s see some more,” he said walking towards the section. “Two are enough for me”. “Let’s take something in blue” he didn’t listen to her and started searching the blue dress. “So your favourite colour is blue,” she asked with a smile. “Yeah and you don’t like brown,” he said looking into her eyes. “Yeah”

Again she took the bunch of clothes and went into the trial room. “This top is loose” she said while coming out. “Wait I will bring the small size” “get me the medium one” “no small fits you” he winked and she blushed. He went and got a small size. To her surprise, the small size fitted her exactly. “You are right,” she said opening the door of the trial room. “I told you,” he said with a smile. For every dress trial, they got to know about each other. Two hours of shopping made them know a little about each other and the trail room cleared their many doubts. They came out of the store hand in hand.

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