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The Yellow Umbrella - Part I

The Yellow Umbrella - Part I

8 mins

Ankita was there at the restaurant again waiting for him to arrive. It was 11.30 am, he promised that he'll meet her at this time, yet he was nowhere to be seen. Why does he not value time even now? Why does he have to be late always? Has he not learned anything from the past? She was getting more and more furious as she was thinking about him.

Why is this relationship so important? she thought.

Sometimes you come across some questions in your life, that you know the answers to, but yet you are just not ready to accept the answers. Life has a funny way to teach you to accept things that you know are true but just adamant to accept it 

Yes, he was handsome, good-looking, caring, charming but did she really love him?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the waitress who approached her and asked that If she was ready to give the order. After all, she had reached the place at 11.00 am only.

She looked at her and politely said, "Can you please give me some more time, I am expecting someone to join me shortly. After that, I shall order accordingly. Sorry to keep you waiting.

The waitress was familiar with this kind of answer, however, she was surprised to see someone speaking so softly and sweetly to the waitress, she smiled and nodded " No problem ma'am. I'll come after some time to take your order.

As the waitress ( Nitya) returned to the billing counter, her Manager asked, "Nitya, What happened? That lady has not ordered yet? Did she give you the order? Nitya knew how difficult can be her boss sometimes, so she said, "Not yet. She is expecting some company in some time. She'll order it in some time.

The Manager (Raghu) was not a very supportive Manager and was always looking for reasons to blame and judge others.No wonder in spite of being in their late 30's he was single, no women in his life, and well he stayed alone. He simply had no respect for women and has always been finding a reason to judge and speak ill of every woman he came across.

He looked at Ankita and said to Nitya, 'Huh, No wonder she has been stood up on the date. And just look at her, she is so super healthy, who would date her. I can never date such a woman. And to make things worse, she was in a wheelchair.

Nitya was furious and replied, Correct Raghu, you don't deserve to date any women in the world. No wonder, you are alone and shall always be alone. I know you can't respect women, but you have no right to disrespect them too.

You are the most obnoxious person I have ever come across in my life.

Now, it was Raghu's turn to turn furious he said, "Mind your language, Don't you forget sweetheart, you are just a waitress in this cafe. And I am the Manager. And let's not forget that It's my kind-heartedness that you still have your job, if this would have been someone else, he would have thrown you out of the job.

Nitya was now losing her temper, but she knew this argument is not going to help her, she said calmly, Ya right Raghu, but do I need to remind you that you wrongfully took this cafe from my father. You made a sick and dying man sign the transferring of the property in your name. You gained my father's trust, just to break it. You are no less than evil. You were no less than a curse on our family.

My brother considered you as a part of the family and what did you do? You tricked me into believing that you love me, whereas the truth is you can only love yourself.

My brother lost his life in the army and soon after his sudden departure, my father became ill. And you showed your true colors. 

I may be alone now Raghu, but I am not done yet. And it's my promise that I'll take my restaurant back and rename it in my father's name.

Raghu gave his cruel smile to Nitya and said, "Baby, I really like your enthusiasm for revenge and all, but you know what you are just a weak, fragile woman, who cant take care of yourself, so just forget about the revenge. 

And you really thought that I would marry you. Oh, you poor soul. Just look at yourself, what do you have to offer. Neither you are pretty, nor rich, nor much qualified. I hated every minute of mine spent with yours. How could someone like "Me" love you?

Well, you are wasting your time here arguing with me, why don't you make use of your time and get the order from the new customers who have arrived at table 8. Or else I need to deduct the amount from your pay. It's though interesting that even after being so humiliated you have not left the restaurant. You really have thick sick, don't you?

Maria was another waitress who was hearing this conversation felt bad for Nitya, as she was supposed to be the owner's daughter, instead, she was working as a waitress.

Maria was recruited by Nitya's father and since then she was there. However, she knew if she opposed Raghu, she might lose her job. 

She reached to Nitya and said, "Sorry dear, It hurts me the way he behaves with you. But you don't lose hope, I am sure things shall work out.

Nitya smiled and said, "Thank you. I am fine. But I don't know if I could ever change things. How am I supposed to fight him? I am losing my patience and strength to fight him. Now, excuse me, I need to get the order from table 8 before Raghu lectures me again.

Raghu was a cunning man, though his restaurant was performing well, he purposefully kept less staff, so that she can overload Nitya with work. Because no matter what she would do anything to keep the reputation of her so father's restaurant. 

On the other side, Ankita's expected company finally arrived. He was tall, handsome, and smart and as soon as he arrived he ensure, he got everyone's attention. Ladies got up from their seats and ran towards him to get the autograph and pic because he was none other than an upcoming model and movie star "Vaibhav"

Ankita was engaged to him, but she had her own doubts? Did she really want to be part of his life? Yes, they were childhood friends, but she never thought of Vaibhav as a life partner. They were family friends, and because of her father, she said "Yes" to this relationship. But was she being true to herself?

On the other hand, once Vaibhav got free from the fans, instead of apologizing to Ankita for being late, he said, "He Moti, You know today's shoot was so fantastic. I have 3 more advertisement shots to do for today. Well, it was difficult to manage for this meeting, but thanks to my Manager she managed it. I love the way, she manages everything, else my life would have been hell. 

And why did you choose this restaurant, being a celebrity I can't come to these small restaurants, and well now since you are engaged to me, you should choose wisely.

Before Vaibhav could say something more, she said, "Vaibhav this used to be our favorite restaurant, how could you speak like this? And do you realize how long I have been waiting for you? Instead of apologizing, you are lecturing me on the choice of restaurant.

 Vaibhav was annoyed with the answers, he replied, Ankita things have changed now. And well guess what you need to adapt yourself to this. I came all the way here to meet you and you spoilt my mood. And yes, remember that I am not more the person I used to be. And since we are engaged and would be spending life together it's high time you adapt to this new life. I don't like it when you argue with me. So going forward, just do what I say. Ok.

Even before Vaibhav could say something more, he got the call from his Manager "Taniya" who informed him he had to come back to the office, since there were some visitors for a new opportunity.

He got up from his seat and said, "I need to go. Something has come up. Do, you want me to drop you?

Ankita was angry, she replied, "No thank you. I can manage. Vaibhav too was not in good mood, said "Ok, and left her in the restaurant.

Raghu was watching all this, he went to Nitya and said "See, Money can make you do everything. Poor Vaibhav dating this fat lady. It's a good thing he left her. Now, you better go and ask your so-called lady to order at least something now.

Nitya gave him the looks and reached to Ankita's table and even before she could say something, she saw tears in her eyes.

She immediately wiped her tears, tried to put on a smile, and said, "Sorry, something went in my eyes. Can you bring me a cup of coffee and some sandwiches?

Nitya took the order and went back to the kitchen to let the chef know about the order. Nitya could clearly see so much pain in her eyes, wishing she could have talked to her or maybe listened to her.

After some time, when she reached back to the table, she saw the lady was gone. However, she left some money on the table, much more than her actual bill, and a "Sorry to keep you waiting" on the paper napkin. Raghu immediately came to the table and was happy seeing the heavy tip on the table. He immediately snatched the money from Nitya and said, "Good, A nice day. Wish these kinds of customers come to our restaurant daily who even without ordering anything tip us so well.

Nitya was not happy at Raghu's statement and as soon as she was about to leave that table, she saw that lady had left "A yellow umbrella" in a hurry.

She picked up that umbrella and thought to herself, she needs to get in touch with the lady, return her umbrella and the money.

To be continued.....

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