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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sumit Kumar arora

Fantasy Thriller


Sumit Kumar arora

Fantasy Thriller

The Unknown

The Unknown

14 mins 165 14 mins 165

The story began at a secret army headquarter located in a coastal city named Rajpuram.

Colonel Singh was worried over the failure. And this was the misdeed of the alien power. The radar system for more than three hours. This was a matter of great concern. The system engineer was not sure about the cause of the failure. According to the captain who was in charge of the radar system, there was no sign of hacking found in the system. 

Someone knocked at the door, Colonel Singh looked and found squadron leader Pradeep standing at the door. Pradeep was his old friend. The squadron leader saluted him and said, "I have an interesting experience during my flight today. I have never experienced such a weird thing in my carrier so far."

Singh looked at him with curiosity and said, "What happened?"

Pradeep said, "This morning when I was flying Eagle one, at the high of twelve thousand meters, about two hundred miles of the west, all of a sudden the navigation system got failed and I saw a billow of dense fog ahead of me which was darting toward me. Before I could do anything the billow engulfed me. The eagle was flying at the rate of one thousand miles an hour. I remained in that billow for about a minute. During this one minute, all the vital systems of the plane were out of order. Only the engines were working. Nothing except a dense white fog could be seen. To my surprise, all of a sudden the billow disappeared and all the vital systems of the plane started working. And I safely landed on the airstrip."

Hearing this, Singh said, "And here our radar systems stopped working all of a sudden without any apparent reason."

Pradeep had a belief in the paranormal and metaphysics. He thought for a while. and then said, "I think there is a connection between both the cases. Tell me when did the radar system stop working?'

Singh said, "today morning."

"Then there must a connection between the failure of radars and what happened to me during my flight," Pradeep said.

Singh replied, "I don't think so."

On the same day, the police of the Rajpuram found some of its drones being used to keep watch on the city missing. Police began a search operation to find out the missing drones. At the night some people in the outskirts of the city found some bright objects flying in the sky. 

After a few days, some campers who were enjoying camping on the sea beach were found missing. 

That night, at police headquarters, Selina the AI robot was busy watching the live streams of the city on the screens being sent by drones. All was ok in the city. All of a sudden, she heard the buzzer sound. She murmured, "oh, no. We lost contact with one of the drones." The next moment she read a warning message on the screen telling her which one was lost. 

Before she can do anything regarding this matter, the buzzer again began to sound and warning messages began to display on screen one by one. Within a few moments, she had several warning messages on the screen. 

She murmured, "we have lost contact with all of our drones." She began to try to re-established the connections with drones." But she got failed in getting connected with drones.

She thought for a while and rushed to the cabin of the police captain. 

Police captain David was thinking over the reports on missing campers at that time, when Selina entered saying, "All of our drones got disconnected, and all the attempts to re-establish the connection failed."

Hearing this David jumped on the foot and cried with shock, "what!" He darted to the control room and there he tried himself to get connected with drones but his attempts went in vain. They lost their rest of the drones.

The next day, an operation for searching the missing drones was started. Salina was in charge of the operation.

When the mayor of the city Rajpuram heard this news, he said, " this is the act of terrorism." He suggested a high-level probe into the matter. 

But Salina didn't think so. She said, "there is a connection between the missing of campers and a missing of drones." 

One day David got a call from Colonel Singh.

 "What your drones are doing in the military area? Your drones are not allowed in our military area. They can be a cause of a plane crash. Remove them from our area, " Colonel Singh shouted on phone.

He got surprised to hear this. In a surprise, he began to say to himself, "What are our drones doing in the military area? How did they reach the military area?" His voice was loud enough to be heard by colonel Singh. Hearing this he got furious and shout, "that is what I want to know and you are asking me what the drones are doing!!!!!"

David had no answer. He assured the Colonel by saying that the drive would be out of the military area as soon as possible. 

David immediately called Salina and told her about the presence of the drones in the military area and said, "someone had captured our drones and used them to serve his purpose."

 Hearing this, she said, " then the matter is serious." She paused for a moment or two and then she said to David, "I am going to recover our drones from the military area. I will report to you soon after this." 

The military officials have already captured the drones. She had to face the music from colonel Singh before recovering them. 

Later when she examined the drones, she found that they had been hacked.

She murmured, 'who did so?" 

Here in the military headquarter, a team of specialists was set up to investigate the cause for the failure of radars. Romata was one of the members of the team. He was a humanoid robot designed to serve the air force. He was specially designed to work with radar systems and had been giving his services to the military for five years. He was also in charge of a squadron of drones."

"Who dared to hack the radar system, " shouted Colonel Singh in anger when Romata revealed the cause of the failure of the radar system. 

Romata replied, "someone unknown did it. We couldn't find the culprit. One thing is certain that it is not the work of our neighboring countries." He paused for a moment and then said, "we are taking all the measures to prevent the hacking from happening again."

After this meeting with Colonel Singh, Romata communicated with Salina. Salina informed him that the drones were hacked. 

He remarked, "there must be a connection between taking of the drones and the hacking of radars." Salina was agreed with him. They decided to work together for solving the mystery of hacking. 

There was no trace of missing campers despite an intensive search operation. 

Some days passed peacefully. Nothing special happened in those days. But it proved a lull before a storm. One night, all of a sudden the city plunged into darkness due to some disturbance in the electricity supply of the city. At this time, Salina happened to drive to the police headquarters. All of a sudden, something in the sky drew her attention. She noticed some objects were going northwards leaving behind streaks of white color. "What they can be, " it came to her mind. She immediately sent a message to her assistant at headquarters instructing him to send a special drone towards the north. 

These objects are certainly not police drones. She sent a message to Romata telling him the presence of some unknown objects in the sky. 

Romata told her that their radars did not detect these objects. He immediately arranged to send two special drones to chase them. 

The drones sent for chasing these objects do their work. Chasing these objects, they reached a deserted island that was one hundred miles from the Rajpuram. The island was hilly and covered with dense forest. 

 Romata was watching online streaming sent by his drones. Chasing the flying objects, the drones reached near a valley on the island. Romita saw a bright white dome situated in the valley. The light-emitting from the dome was enough to lit the entire valley. The size of the dome was about equal to the size of five football stadiums. Flying objects reached near the dome and began to go down to the dome. Soon these flying objects got in the doom. Romita commanded his drones to go near the dome. When the drones came near to the dome, Romata found nothing else than a white cloud-like substance all around. All of sudden he lost control over the drones and drones plunged into the dome. 


 All that he saw was sufficient for him. The same happened to Salina's drone. 

Roma immediately reported the matter describing what he saw to his boss Colonel Singh. 

There was still no electricity in the town.

It took several hours to rectify the system. The cause of the problem was hacking. 

In the opinion of Colonel Singh, the matter was serious. There was someone in the nation's territory who was harming the nation.

The next day, two choppers flew to the island to survey the dome and destroy it if necessary. Pradeep was the pilot of one of the choppers.

When the choppers reached near the island, all of a sudden, pilots found an immense mass of clouds running toward them. Before they could decide what to do, they were engulfed by the cloud. Pradeep when tried to communicate with the headquarters but got failed. They lost contact with the ground and their navigation system stopped working. The pilot lost control and the choppers began to pull in an unknown direction by an unknown power. They remained in this state for about half an hour and then all of a sudden the clouds disappeared and they found themselves about seven hundred kilometers away from the city. Just in opposite direction. 

When Pradeep and another pilot returned, they immediately report to colonel Singh. 

Pradeep said, "before the appearance of the dome, such types of events never happened. I think this dome is nothing but an alien technology from somewhere in the universe."

He paused for a moment and then said, And this alien thing is checking our radars, drones, and even choppers." 

Colonel Singh, after listening to Pradeep, thought for a few moments and said to him, "tell me how many people believe in the existence of the aliens. Aliens exist in rumors and fiction writing. I don't believe in your alien theory.'" 

The dome, soon, attracted the attention of the media. The media did its work. The media made it a hot topic. People were talking about the dome and there were several rumors about it. Some people declared it an alien object. 

Some adventurous people flocked to the island to see the dome. When these people reached near to the dome, the dome began to pull the people towards itself. Several people were pulled into the dome and didn't come out of the dome. This incident spread panic among the people. 


The matter was taken seriously by the government A team of scientists was sent to the island. Colonel Singh arranged to sent armed choppers, armed boats, and about a hundred armed soldiers to the island to be used if the occasion arises. But whoever tried to go near to the dome, was pulled into the dome. So they had to work keeping sage distance from the object. 

The next day brought havoc in the city. All of a sudden several humanoid robots began to attack the public and destroy public property. Police had to resort to capture and destroy these humanoid robots. Investigators revealed that these humanoid robots were hacked. And the hacker was unknown.

And among these riots, good news came. The people who had been missing returned to the city one day. Captain David took the sigh of relief. He called some of them to his office and sought some information regarding their missing. All of them were unable to give any information. They did not know where they had been during that period and from where they are coming And what did they do during that period? They said that all of sudden they felt a light electric shock and they got oblivious of their surroundings and then found themselves in a stark dark place and after some hours they went into a deep sleep. They did"t know how many days they slept in deep sleep. When they awoke, found themselves back again in the city. 

this statement gave birth to suspicion in David's mind. And he deputed one of his men to keep an eye on them. And then the worst happened. The next day these people, all of a sudden, began to vandalize the public properties and began to kill other people. They were armed with a new type of weapon. Soon they captured a part of the city. When David along with his men to recapture the area, was attacked by them and fierce fighting began between both sides. David and his men had to retreat suffering heavy casualty. 

Seeing heavy casualty, the government deployed extra forces in the city. 

Scientists were working day and night to find out a way to penetrate the dome. According to scientists, there might be aliens inside this dome. 

Here, one day captain, David got successful in shot down some of those miscreant people who were trying to capture the city.

David and Salina got shocked seeing the postmortem reports of these dead people. The post mortem reports revealed the presence of specials chips in the dead bodies. These chips were examined and it was found that these chips had been made using different alien technology and the material used to make these chips was quite different and not found on the earth. With the help of these chips, an alien species was controlling the brain of these people and making them attack other people.

"So they were violating us, " was the reaction of Colonel Singh. 


Colonel Singh thought for a while and said, "we can't wait anymore. I want the complete annihilation of these people having microchip chips in the body and being controlled by an alien species."

And within a few hours heavily armed forces rushed to the areas captured by those chipped people. A fierce fight started between both sides. This fight lasted for several hours and after suffering a heavy loss the force recaptured the areas. Then a special operation began to identify and kill these chipped people. Hundreds of chipped people had been killed in this military operation. 

The next day, the army besieged the dome at safe distance and began to fire the cannons and rockets at the dome. But to their great surprise, the shells hit the dome and disappeared into it without being exploded. 

All of a sudden, hundreds of the strange-looking metallic structures jumped out of the dome and rushed to the army. They were robot-like structures having two long and strong metallic legs covered with metallic muscles, two strong arms armed with guns, broad and muscular trunk, and a metallic face with two big and bright eyes. These were alien structures programmed to kill to be killed. 

  And these alien structures started indiscriminate gun firing. And fierce fighting began from both sides. There began a heavy loss from both sides. Colonel Singh and Romata along with heavenly armed forces. reached the battlefield by naval boats in the nick of time. And the battle intensified. It was very hard to stop this alien power. Seeing the situation going to worsen minute by minute, Romata gave the command to his special squad to move forward. This squad consisted of fighter robots and small-sized fighter drones of various types. This squad began its work. The fighter drones took flight and from above they began firing shots at alien structures. These shots contain a chemical that explodes and spreads fire after hitting the target. Within minutes several alien structures were burnt. And the fighter planes were also targeting these alien structures. On the other hand, the alien structures were destroying several of our drones and planes, and army men. There were tooth and nail fighting. 

The government, for the safety of the inhabitants, evacuated the cities and towns situated near the war field. 

After the battle of several hours, the dome began to grow in size. Within a few minutes, it covered the one-fourth part of the island, including hectares of forests, hills, and other geographical structures.  

Hundreds of soldiers, drives, robots, and fighter planes were pulled into the dome. 

"It is high time to take decisive action against this alien stuff." Was the demand by everyone from common people to the political leadership of the nation. And the political leadership decided to use nuclear power against the growing dome.

By the next morning, the last soldier had already been drawn back from the island. There was a deadly silence on the island. Animals of the island were either killed in the war or got pulled into the dome. Nothing except sound made by waves can be heard. All of a sudden, with the sound of a loud explosion, the dome began to disgorge from a vent high in the air all that was devoured by it. It was as if the dome were cleaning itself from inside. 

Here from a top-secret base of the army, some warplanes took flight. Within two hours they were flying over the inland at the height that was beyond the pulling power of the dome. They dropped the atom bomb. Within a minute, there was an ear-piercing explosion that could be heard miles away from the scene. With this explode there was nothing but fire and smoke all around the island. Fire rook several days to cease and the sky gets clear of the smoke.


 When scientists reached the island, they found nothing but ash, debris, and bones all around. Despite a long search and investigation, it is still a mystery who was inside the dome, what was their technology, and where they came from.

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