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The Truth

The Truth

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One fine day, I was walking through a forest. I was amused with the greenery that surrounded me. It was a pleasant walk and continued to enjoy it. After covering some distance, I saw a very old hut, may be no one lives there. A big, round pot, little cracked and there were stones, pebbles beside the pot.

It was not only me; there were few groups of people who also discovered this scene. One by one began to comment on the pot. One said that this pot had all evil spirits which are keeping people away from this house.

Everyone wondered how can such a pleasant forest have such an evil spot in it?! Next was the story teller said, “Hey! You people forgot this pot?! This is the pot from which the crow drank water by throwing stones in it.”

Well, everyone laughed at his innocence. Then, an optimist came forward to say, ”This may not be the crow’s pot. May be it has water up to the brim.”

Then an atheist came forward to oppose him. “If it really had water, it would have dried up till now. For me, it’s just an old cracked pot.”

An artist said, “This pot is so big that I would just love to paint and give it new look.”

A lazy thinker’s words were – “Are you mad?! Why do you want to take all the effort to clean and paint?”

A musician said, “Though cracked, I would like to take this material and use it as a new instrument for my next album.”

A practical skeptic commented, “How come you people are not bothered with its size? It’s so big! Its height may be around 7 and it is very wide too. Is it really a pot? I wonder who made it and I just don’t believe this fact!”

In this way, one by one came forward to comment it. Finally, this debate got its end with a child’s action.

You know? He said nothing about the pot. He went forward approaching the pot. Some warned him about the ghosts, worms, snakes and many. He did not heed to any of them. Took a stone near the pot and hit it hard. No result. Took a big one, round one, 3 stones, many stones and continued to hit the pot till it broke.

After all this, only a small piece of it got detached from it. There was something shining in it. This kid put more effort and broke the pot.

To everyone’s astonishment, there were gold, silver, jewels, diamonds, rubies and lots of lots of wealth.

Why was it the only boy to discover what the pot had? Why not by others?

Everyone had their own opinion, view. Some argued, some discussed and some questioned but no one experimented or at least tried to go near it. They even tried to put back the boy. This little kid found what the pot really possessed.

Let me tell you. These people did not exist in reality not the kid. They were all different characters in me, different views and dimensions of thoughts in me. Surprisingly, not only in me, but they are present in everyone.

A pot is in reality a person in this society. Those jewels and wealth represent the true potential character, soul of a person. This person can be you or me or anyone living in the society.

We only discuss debate and question the person’s character. We don’t even feel to go near the person like those people did with the pot.

Every one of us had their own view, understanding of things. We think we are correct. We don’t even bother to know what it is in reality.

As we are grownups we only blame and follow others. We keep others opinion and our view with us. Whereas the child ignore others, continue to get what he wants. The child doesn’t keep any views or opinions, he only experiments and discovers the truth. That rigid surface of the pot is an obstacle which hides the reality. We need to break it and find the truth.

It is not that you start throwing stones at others to find the reality. May be you need to give something that is free of cost. May be love, kindness or a smile. And we need to accept everything and everyone. I kept thinking all these and again continued to take the pleasant walk.

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