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A Woman

A Woman

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A Woman – A man’s perspective.

So, lucky that as soon as I reached the bus-stop the bus arrived. There are pretty good stories to write, discuss when it comes to the bus journey. Most of them are good and just stay in our memory. I repeat NOT all bus journeys are good. Not all but most are.

Today my mood was – Kali (Just the anger. Just the anger). As soon as I got into this rush bus, I clung to the long rod handle close near to the door way hoping that I need not struggle going to the middle of the bus and it is easy to get down. No energy spent by doing so

There was this Conductor in his late 40s who I saw a couple of times in the bus who sarcastically comments on working women. Wanted to kill him with my invisible trishul. I being so fed up to face him for issuing ticket, covered my face with scarf.

I was closely observing if he’s still making any sarcastic comments. He stood in the door way near where around 5 passengers and I stood and the diver. His sarcasm began. To the driver he said, – “That conductor. That woman is on leave since a month.

Well, how can we expect her to get back to the work as she her sons are settled in the abroad (My sarcasm : It’s America. For Indians abroad is always America). Why will she work as a conductor.” I was wondering if he really had a twitter account, he could be the RGV-2 or KRK-2. The driver was too busy in his work.

So, the conductor turned towards the passengers near me and again raised his voice – “Why will she work?”

Then the answer came from a wise woman who is roughly around in her late 50s sitting in the senior citizen seat, mostly still a working woman with a cotton bag in her lap – “Why not?” Yeah it was a sarcastic reply in question form to a sarcastic man.

My inner thoughts – why are people always wise when they are old and stupid and diverted minds when young. I like her opinion.

“No, her sons are already settled in America. What is the need for her to work?”

“It’s her will and capacity to work. You cannot decide if the woman has to work or has not to work”.

“No like.. she has to cook for the family, husband and take care house hold activities.”

“Now-a-days who is ready to leave the job for taking care of house-hold activities? A maid is enough.” Continuing she said in telugu, “chaduvukunnavadu prapamchanne jayisthadu (education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world)” Referring to Nelson Mandela’s quote. She further added, “Do you know Nelson Mandela?” I’m pretty sure she must have achieved a lot in her life.

“Yes, he was in jail for 30 years”. Why is this person so negative? Why does he remember all the negative facts? I don’t call it a fact because it’s 27 not 30. He’s wrong. I enjoyed making aggressive face expression behind my scarf.

“Yes, he became the president of South Africa. He had great struggle in life. Education need not always provide you the job. Job is one of the outcomes if someone’s educated. Willing to work or not is their wish but it has other advantages over an uneducated person. Education adds value to your life”

Sometimes, yes I admit. These elderly talks are so interesting that you forget all your stupid worries for a while and actually think in a right direction.

She told the story of Nelson Mandela. Now, our sir began to tell a story that he experienced.

“There was a girl, my classmate who got engaged in 7th std. Then when I went to 10th, she got married. When I completely completed my education, she had 2 kids. She used to tell me that I’m lucky because I’m born as a man and she’s unlucky because she was born as a woman and had to take care of family. There is nothing much we can expect from a woman and her life.”

And he had believed that he was lucky because he was born as a man? -_- . So dumb.

She said, “Education is one’s right. Be it a girl or a boy. Nobody is doing any favor in educating a girl. It’s their right to educate her. When I was in my 20s I could barely see any working woman in the bus.”

Adding to this, he said “Yes, now the count has increased. Most of the woman who take the bus are educated and working. Now the situation has changed.” And he went back.

I’m so impressed with her attitude. Who says beauty fades as we age? She’s still beautiful inside. Love her for being a strong working woman throughout her life. It is always the attitude that counts. I was happy that there was someone who could shut his sarcastic mouth. Today the bus stopped at many signals but I was not disappointed instead I was enjoying their conversation. Mostly her conversation.

I wish not just women but every man has this attitude. I like old people mostly the ones who struggled in their life and the ones who raise their voice and remain as an apt example to the youth. I did hear many woman saying that all men think alike that – they are lucky because they are men and men usually have an inferior attitude towards women.

Hardly, I see “anyone” wholeheartedly respecting women and those “anyone” are at great heights in their lives. It is not that women are great but they are special, realizing which will make you a complete man.

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