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Happy Tears

Happy Tears

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Recently, I came across the story of Gopal from one of my colleagues. The emotional story struck in my head for long time. The story characters possessed me to write down the below story in detail in the perspective of my colleague.

" I saw an old woman with eyes full of tears at the Nanakram guda Govt school where our 14 Koshish kids were admitted recently. She was full of tears to see her grandchild, Gopal a 7 year old kid getting admission in the same school. She was asked by the teachers of the reason behind her tears.

The old woman is from Orissa. She had a beautiful family - her child, a daughter in law and a grandson. What else could a lady aged 60 could dream of? Being blessed with such a wonderful family. Isn't it ?

Just like in any other beautiful story, an unexpected situation / problem came their way.

Without leaving any reason behind, her child, the father of Gopal left the family. His presence was felt no where.

The loss of her son and the pressure of running the family shattered the old lady. In the initial days they had to stay with no food, no home as there was no source of income.

Gradually they began to cook food for the construction sites. After 5 years of complete adversity, they got shifted to Gachibowli area. The old lady cooks at the place where Koshish is being held and her daughter in law in another location.

Due to a very less income, they could not afford to send Gopal to school. They were in deep depression that nothing could make their life better.

Separated from daughter in law, the loss of her son and seeing Gopal left dropped out from school was an adverse situation to her. It was like a big tree brutally being cut into pieces for no reason in front of her. The branches falling right near her feet was a helpless situation to her. The word family was just a memory to her.

Today, after Team_Kosish began to educate kids at the construction site where she lives, this old lady learned about our vision and mission. She was merely happy to join Gopal in the school. Once again like ever before Gopal holds books in his hands instead of kitchen utensils.

Listening to the story just drenched my heart in tears. I noticed Gopal being a bright student. He puts his heart to learn whatever subject is taught to him.

Even if one family coming from non-education background is able to have an educated child, the efforts put by Team_Koshish would be fruitful.

I saw, heard 'Happy Tears' at the climax scenes in many films but the tears this old lady shed are the real happy tears which touched me to the depth of my heart. I'm happy that Team_Koshish is bringing positive results.

I wish one day Gopal brings back the lost luck, charm to his family by getting well educated and having a bright future.

He's is not just Gopal. He's Mr.Gopal to me. "

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