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Gautam Prakash

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Gautam Prakash

Drama Fantasy Thriller

The Stone Of Life

The Stone Of Life

4 mins 105 4 mins 105

Somewhere along the Indian ocean, a heist is being planned on a ship by an archaeology team to investigate and research a sacred stone of the Hindus.

“The origin of the Jeevion stone is unknown but it was first discovered in India in a small city known as Nattinapattinam. The stone was placed inside a ring that belonged to a temple. The ring is now a part of an idol of the Hindu Goddess. Legend says that whosoever possesses the ring will have limitless power”, said Diallo Kamari, the archaeologist as he kept circling the stone with the laser pointer. 

“What sort of power?”, asked the Project head Henry Carter. 

“It grants wishes to the wearer”, said Diallo. 

“By wish, you mean like genie wishes?”.

“Yes sir but unlike the genie, this would give the wearer unlimited wishes. However, the way this stone grants the wish is a little different. To talk more about the stone let me introduce all of you to my associate Derrick Victor who is the Epigraphist for our project. Derrick has recently been to India to see the ring and learned in detail about the local legend. Derrick Victor although born and brought up in Cape town, his origins are from the subcontinent”.

Derrick Victor walked to the front of the meeting room.

“The Jeevion stone or as the local legend calls it ‘Jeevan Kallu’ is situated in the southern part of India in a state called Tamil Nadu. This stone possesses the power of granting a wish to the wearer, yes. But the truth does not end there. Unlike a genie’s wish whenever a wearer wishes for a thing, the stone randomly gives its wearer a tool that will help you attain that wish for himself. This is where the tricky part comes. Let’s assume one of you wants a luxurious bungalow. The stone can give you money to build one, or it can provide you with the man labour to build the house or it can simply give you the materials like brick, cement, steel rods, etc to build one. However, the stone will not grant the same wish again. If the legend is indeed true, this stone would be the first historical artifact that proves the Mesozoic Era was filled with supernatural powers which science can’t explain. These powers are scattered throughout the world in the form of stones, weapons, animals, and other forms of life. The Jeevion stone is the first of its kind to be discovered in the Cenozoic Era after thousands of years of research. 

Even though India is diverse in its religion, 79.80% of the people believe in Hinduism and are very much tied to their customs and tradition. Hence, requesting the local authority or government for research of the stone is not possible and will only raise suspicion. As of date, the common people of the land do not know the true nature of the stone and it is better we keep it that way. The only way to get our hands on the stone is if we plan a riot within the city and get our hands on the stone when everyone is busy running for their lives”.

“How good is the law over there? Would the law allow for such riots?”, questioned Henry. 

“The city is known for its labor strike, cultural and religious riots throughout the year, and the law even though they diffuse the situation, it takes time because of the city’s dense population. Hence, we have enough time frame to take the stone away”.

The archaeology team consisted of thirty members including the sponsors of the project, professors of different esteemed universities, government officials of different countries, and archaeologists from around the world. It was 1:30 in the late night and the waters beneath the ship reflected the alluring image of the moon. Derrick Victor came out of his room for fresh air. He suddenly walked fast and went to the edge of the ship to attend a call. He attended the call but waited for the caller to speak first

“The hammerhead shark is approaching the shore”, said the anonymous caller. Derrick replied with

“The whale is in position with its treasure”.

“What’s the status?”, asked the caller.

“It is going according to the plan”.

“Remember that you should not blow your cover or involve anyone else in your mission. We need them to get caught in the process so that we can also have their country and its government involved in this. I hope you are aware that I could send only one man on the mission as this mission bears an extreme risk and the fewer people know about it the better the outcome. The implanted chip inside your body will help us track you. In case if you find yourself in grave danger and only then you have permission to use it. Is that understood?

“Yes sir”.

“Good luck Adithya Shivaram! I hope things go well for you”.

“Thank you sir”, said the Commander of the Indian Navy. Adithya cut the sim card in two and threw it along with the phone far away from the ship. He sat down in the recliner chair nearby as he basked in the moonlight and casually examined the Jeevion stone ring on his index finger. 

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