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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Stalker

The Stalker

6 mins 27.6K 6 mins 27.6K

7.30 am

11 hours later, the fateful event was going to happen.

The man knelt down near the bush, hiding from plain sight. He was wearing a brown shirt and blue jeans, with a 6-D Canon camera hanging down from his neck. It was almost time the lady emerged from the house. As the man waited impatiently, the sun smiled in the sky and clouds were moving along like herds of sheep. A cuckoo was singing in the background, and the man was getting angrier every second.

7.45 am

Suddenly, the doors of the house opened, and two guards came out, inspecting the environment cautiously. The man further tried to hide in the bushes, while the lady came out after giving a kiss to her powerful husband. The man took photos of the whole scene from his hiding. The lady walked down the stairs hurriedly along with her fully suited bodyguards into her car which set forth.

The man stood up and ran towards his moped parked nearby. He'd bought the moped two years ago, feeling that it would help him swerve through the huge amounts of traffic. He rode it fast, taking a different route than the lady's car in order to prevent suspicion.

9.00 am

9 and a half hours to go.

The moment the lady came out of her car, the massive crowd of children rushed towards her asking for her autograph as she walked into the school auditorium escorted by her guards. The man watched her from a corner of the auditorium, all the while taking photos of her from his camera.

The lady began her speech and was speaking about how children play a big role in determining the country's future. The man was disinterested in all that she was saying and quickly started munching a bar of chocolate taken from his pocket.

9.50 am

Almost 9 hours for the unexpected event.

The lady got down from the stage after a big round of applause from the crowd and started signing autographs. The man struggled through the crowd of fans as he tried to get a clean view of her. His feet were spraining and sweat was trickling down from his forehead.

The lady was then escorted towards a big dining hall where she was served with the finest dishes. The man stood outside the window, hungrily eating the piece of hamburger he'd bought on his way towards the school.

10.30 am

The lady went in her car to the spa as the man rode on his moped, silently stalking her from a distance. He reached the place earlier and was leaning down on his moped. The lady emerged from her car a few minutes later and went into the world famous spa. The man clicked pictures of her as she walked.

2.30 pm

5 hours were remaining.

The lady came out of the building, her skin glowing under the sun and her face looked even brighter than before. The man was still standing near his moped, his knees shaking due to exhaustion and his forehead all sweaty, which made him look like a construction worker who'd spent hours working under the sun.

The car driver drove away the car and the lady was on her way to her home. The man was now riding his moped slowly but managed to keep pace with the lady.

3.15 pm

The man parked his vehicle in the same place he'd left in the morning and went towards his hiding. The lady arrived and went into the house. He went near the windows of the house so as to get a clear view of the lady. The lady began to move here and there, as the man clicked pictures of her.

In less than three hours, something the man had never expected was about to happen.

6.27 pm

The two daughters of the lady arrived in their car as the man hid behind the tree nearby. The lady came out of the house and greeted her daughters cheerfully. The man was reminded of his own little daughter who was 4 years old, but he felt unhappy that his wife had divorced him when their daughter was only 6 months old. That was the last time he'd seen his daughter.

Minutes from now, the lady would make eye contact with the man. As she knelt down to converse with her daughters, she gazed at him clicking photos of them. The man suddenly felt a cold feeling gripping his heart as he realized she was looking at him. For a fraction of a second, they made eye contact with each other. The lady quickly tore her eyes from him and concentrated on her daughters instead.

6.45 pm

As the lady went into the house with her daughters, something vibrated within the man's pocket. He took out his cellphone and read the name "Patricia" on its screen.

He answered, "Hello!"

A mechanical voice replied, "David, we need the photographs NOW!"

He stammered, "Um, where should I bring them?"

Patricia said, with anger apparent in her tone, "You know the drill, David. Same place, same time, nothing more, nothing less."

Before David could say anything, the line was rudely cut off. He kept the phone in his pocket and hurried towards the place where he always met Patricia.

7.58 pm

David sat on the stool, drinking from a can of Coca-Cola, holding the memory card of his camera enclosed within a small cover in his other hand. A rather attractive woman emerged from around the corner, wearing a suit which made her look even more beautiful. David had always wondered why such a woman had never married in her life. He held out his hand to throw the can into the dust-bin nearby when someone commented, "Looks like you've quit your drinking habit, David."

David threw the can and stood up, "Yeah, high blood pressure makes you take such decisions."

Patricia's lips curved into a smile, "I've always loved your sense of humor!"

David kept the memory card on Patricia's hand and said, "See ya tomorrow, Pat!"

8.15 pm

Drops of sweat trickled down David's forehead and wet spots could be seen in his shirt. A large crowd of people was standing in a long queue behind David, as he held out his I.D. card which read,


He went for his moped after completing all the security clearances. He felt satisfied since it was the 38th day of his tenure as the official photographer. He avoided being seen by the First Lady as it made him feel like a stalker. Many of his photographs were taken to capture the most unseen, realistic moments of the First Lady and they were appreciated worldwide. As he reached his home, he went to bed early to get enough sleep for yet another tiresome day ahead.




Note To The Reader:

This story was inspired by an episode of the National Geographic program, "INSIDE". This was written to convey to the reader that, the collective hard work of a large number of people results in the success of an individual. The U.S. President is a very powerful person, but behind his success, the hard work of many people remains unnoticed. This story has shed light on one such person, the official photographer of the First Lady.

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