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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Akash Agrawal



Akash Agrawal


The Spirit of Town

The Spirit of Town

3 mins 198 3 mins 198

Once upon a time, there was a horse: the shade of pitch dark black, hairs with a tint of grey, eyes that of a ghost, a physique that was quite muscular… and the one with feathers. It was a beauty never seen before and never to be seen ever after. But no one could ever control that mighty creature of god.

The horse was the spirit of the town, their guardian angel. And that he would be there in better and worse. That’s what the people of the town believed. And he stood free and calm all his life, until one day…

 It was the day never to be forgotten. Something mighty happened and people of town Newada were blessed to witness the day.

Winds began to blow from the east, raising the clouds of dust in the air. It was a tide the people of Newada had been waiting for all their lives. Because it had been foretold, ages ago.

It was foretold a long time ago –

“When winds from the east will rise,

Forming the clouds of dust so high

That it will swallow the entire town a whole…

That will be the day the mystery of mighty horse shall unfold.”

So, the people of town waited for these east winds their whole lives.

And now the tide was there: the high and mighty tide of dust billowing through everywhere, engulfing the town a whole. The people of Newada were eager to witness something mighty, something magical. But never had they thought about their town that the monstrous tide was swallowing. The homes got shattered. People had nowhere to hide and so they were now scared.

For that moment they forgot about everything else but their lives. And in their desperation to survive they made a decision which was going to change their fate forever. Together they came out from everywhere, gathering at the center of town Newada. And hands held tied in hands, they formed a giant circle. Little kids were kept in the center of that giant circle so that they won’t fly off with the devastating tide.

The people of Newada were scared. They feared for their dear lives, for all their hopes were beginning to die.

“What happened to that mighty beauty of a horse?” Someone shouted from the circle within the tide.

And the people of Newada wondered- “What indeed!!”

“Well, I am out of clues now,” shouted one of the Newadian. “We waited for that devastating day to come into our lives, just for that bloody horse to reveal something to us. And he is nowhere to be seen.”

“Yeah! Strange it is,” another one from the crowd shouted, “Where the mighty hell he is?”

“Lucky for us that we stood united and firm in the face of this monstrous tide. Had we been separate just like our whole lives, we sure would have died.”

The tide of east wind finally passed through, destroying almost everything in town, but the spirit. The people of town Newada made a decision to stand together in the face of disaster. And that’s how they survived.

And when the tide passed away, so did the horse. No one saw that mighty horse again in their lives.

It is said that when the tide came, the people of Newada made a decision that would unite them together to fight even a monstrous tide on their own. That was the day when they stopped expecting any miracle to happen.

And so when the tide came, the mighty horse decided to fly away with it. The Newadians no longer needed him. For now... at least.

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