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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Seven Particles

The Seven Particles

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Long ago, in the ancient land of Atlanta, Darkness and Shadows filled the air, suffocating everything in its wake. There was no living soul, or if there was, not a trace of it could be seen. There were no humans, animals, caves, trees or water. There was only space; nothingness. There was nothing to see, nothing to feel and nothing to love.

One dark day, after Time himself was fed up with darkness, there emerged Light. Light made her appearance in the form of Particles; Seven Particles. There was Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. They pushed against the suffocating darkness year after year. They struggled but kept moving on, they reached dead ends but never gave up, they rested but never stopped.

Violet zoomed across the darkness, faster and faster, being ambitious. She came to a stop, thought about her next step, then continued to travel faster and faster. She was confident about her destiny being creative and inventive; therefore she knew when to slow down and when to speed up resulting with her having endless amount of energy.

Indigo whizzed through the air in steady progress. He knew which route to take, being highly intuitive. He never stopped as he was sincere to his goal. Knowing that he plays an important role in this quest, he was practical and faithful.

Blue hummed slowly, being humble and reserved. He ventured into new paths which were often the right choice. He felt free and calm. He took long rests, during which he contemplated over his choices and replenished his energy, as he valued physical and mental relaxation over everything else.

Green streaked across, but dove carefully around darkness, being a peacemaker. She observed her surroundings carefully and took small breaks, having a strong sense of righteousness. She was always on the move as she wanted to progress further and further. She was also calm and reliable.

Yellow shot through darkness, being enthusiastic and challenging. She was optimistic and cheerful due to which she had a bright glow around her. She was confident and therefore never stopped; but she had wisdom and originality.

Orange zipped away, radiating warmth and happiness. He made sharp turns due to his gut reactions. He successfully prevented the influence of Black over him due to his motivational self. He explored and tried new routes being extroverted and uninhibited.

Red, on the other hand, surged through Black with strength and purpose. He was powerful and overthrew all other particles that stood in his way. He made spontaneous decisions and never missed his aim. He was courageous and was in search of attention.

All these Particles rocketed together but at their own pace and through their own path. After years of searching, they finally met each other. They stood in a semi-circle, next to each other. They looked at one another for a moment.

‘Let him have my individuality and selflessness,’ Thought Violet.

‘Let him have my sincerity and intuition,’ Thought Indigo.

‘Let him have my loyalty and caring nature,’ Thought Blue.

‘Let him have my practicality and adaptability,’ Thought Green.

‘Let him have my optimism and confidence,’ Thought Yellow.

‘Let him have my independence and warmheartedness,’ Thought Orange.

‘Let him have my assertiveness and determination,’ Thought Red.

And all the colors combined. A blinding white light was created, lighting up every part of the Earth. It spread over the land and sky, carrying with it all the colors of the rainbow. Flowers bloomed, Butterflies fluttered their wings, Animals opened their eyes and the Clouds cried in happiness.

But one creation was missing. The source of all the light was coming from a point in the air. It grew bigger and bigger and then dispersed leaving behind the Particles’ final creation - Man.

He got up. Looking around, he was contented, having all the qualities of the Particles. He learned to live with what he had and never took from nature, as nature was the one who gave him life. He is the Man that was.

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