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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Riya Antony



Riya Antony


Artemis And Kira

Artemis And Kira

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CHAPTER ONE - Artemis Arrives

Pythagoras the Orem, a maitrayer, was responsible for coordinating, regulating and splitting god’s light as well as adjusting the strength of each color to achieve balance in the Seventh Dimension, an unknown realm where no woman is known to have step foot.

The dimension is a level of existence beyond the eyes of man. It is a realm beyond the state of body where the light of different colors is sent in the form of dimensional light to save the existence of the dimension from evil forces. Dimensional light of different colors such as yellow, white, red, blue, silver, green and violet, contain dimensional particles.

In planet earth, a young girl, Artemis, is sleeping soundly in India. Her short black hair covered her brown face as she breathed in and out. The radio in her parents’ bedroom kept ranting the weather forecast, “Heavy rains expected tonight in Chennai. The area has received thirty-two centimeters of rainfall in the past two days and another forty-three centimeters is expected by the next week...” No sooner had she finished than the heavy splash of raindrops on the asbestos shed could be heard. But Artemis, oblivious to everything, kept dreaming in her sleep.

Angles, hypotenuse theorems, congruent figures, transformational geometry, coordinate geometry and trigonometry haunted her head. Then suddenly, just as the radio turned off, her dream swirled, became vague and disappeared and a vision of her taking a leap into the air appeared. As she leaped, the room blacked out and she felt herself jerk. She woke up suddenly and felt herself move. Her pupils dilated and she was able to see her surroundings distinctly.

The only light in the room was from her timepiece which proudly displayed ’8:13’ in glowing violet letters. ‘Strange,’ Thought Artemis,’ the time is usually displayed in green light...’ Then something bizarre happened which caused Artemis to jump out of her skin-the time suddenly changed to 12:58.

As a sequel, she suddenly ricocheted off her comfy bed. She was flown across her room and made a dash for the wall. She opened her mouth to scream but no voice came out. It was as if someone had silenced her vocal cords. She braced for impact but none came.

She found herself flying in the night sky across the street... she felt a tiny bit scared...across the town...she felt even more scared...across the continent...she was too shocked to feel scared...she gave a last look to the blue sphere she was leaving behind...she thought she would die of fright as she zoomed across the eight planets and the Milky Way.

She blinked. By the time she opened her eyes, she had landed. It was nothing like the planet earth which she had lived in for thirteen years.

The atmosphere of the planet was as colorful as a rainbow. Splashes of yellow, white, red, blue, silver, green and violet were arranged randomly in the blanket of air surrounding the planet. Particles of each color constantly diffused into the planet and could be seen by the naked eye.

The whole air of the planet was colorful and kept changing color every second as more colored particles kept diffusing in. No second on this planet can have the same ratio of colors in the air as any other second. This was the seventh dimension. Angelic beings moved gracefully about through the air unaware of the tiny brown spec on the ground. Each being was of its own color, and at the same time, no two Angels were of the same color.

Artemis was so mesmerized by the beauty of the planet that she did not notice a blue Angel floating towards her. “Who are you?” Asked the Angel in a youthful voice. His voice was not intimidating but since it came as a surprise, Artemis was so taken aback that she fell over.

She soon opened her eyes and looked at the Angel. The first thing she noticed was that he was the same age as her and looked just like her. Curious to know who he was, she replied, “I am Artemis,” She paused and asked, “And you?” He smiled, “I am Pythagoras the Orem, and I suppose your full name is Artemis the Orem?” Too shocked to say anything, she just nodded. She was embarrassed to reveal her full name to anybody as it was an unusual name that spelled 'theorem' when put together. But when his name was the same, she found the thought comforting.

“Hmmm...It's time you knew about something. Let’s take a walk.” Puzzled, Artemis walked beside him trying not to look at the distracting surroundings. “When your mother was carrying you, she was not carrying you alone.” He paused, “You had a twin brother; a twin in a form which even x-ray waves couldn’t pass through. The doctors had thought that there was something blocking that area and so tried several ways to remove the blockage but none worked.”

Artemis waited for a few minutes to take everything in and Pythagoras continued, “At the time of delivery, instead of arriving in the human form with flesh, I was taken to another world the same way you were brought here. Welcome to Planet Degree, my home.”

Artemis was so surprised that anything as amazing as this could happen even before one had arrived on the earth.

“So you are my twin brother!” She exclaimed. ”Precisely” Replied Pythagoras. “Where exactly are we? This doesn’t look anything like planet earth...” “Ah...this is the Seventh Dimension, a realm where beings above the state of body are present. Such as...” He gestured to his side and Artemis saw Picasso, Mozart, and Beethoven walking towards her with a broad smile. Artemis was amazed that she was seeing Picasso and Mozart but had no clue who Beethoven was.

“Let me tell you how the Seventh Dimension works,” Proposed Beethoven who without waiting for an answer plunged into a long-winded explanation on the biology of dimensional beings.

Artemis was clear up to this point as she loved Biology. Then Mozart took over. But he, on the other hand, went on and on about the math involved in it. She only heard the last part of his long speech. "Artemis? Artemis, are you alright?" He asked, his voice full of concern.

Pythagoras had to hold Artemis to keep her from falling down, “That’s enough.” He said kindly to the puzzled Mozart. “This is elementary math...” He kept telling himself as Artemis gave him a polite smile while on the inside, she felt like running away as far as possible from this math fanatic.

Only then did she notice that she had been holding a tiny stone all along. She was about to throw it away when she noticed a small number seven appear on it.

Noticing her surprised look, Pythagoras said, “Don’t worry, that is the 7d stone. It tells all about the Seventh Dimension including how to come and go from the dimension. Just tap on the ‘seven’ that you see.”

Hearing his instructions, she did as she was told and a small screen appeared that looked like a menu. She had options from the origin of the Seventh Dimension to how to leave the Seventh Dimension. She looked at her watch. It was half-past five. Her mother would be waking up in five minutes. She bade farewell to Pythagoras and the others and sat cross-legged. She closed her eyes and visualized herself taking a step down from the clouds in the air.

Then she opened her eyes and she was back in her bedroom staring at the ceiling. She lay down and tried to catch up with her lost sleep, unaware of the fact that one day she would return to the Seventh Dimension.

CHAPTER TWO - The Prophecy

"Artemis! Wake up!" A voice whispered with a hint of an emergency. "Five minutes," Artemis replied, opening her eyes to see who had disturbed her. She looked around, but saw no one, and went back to sleep.

"Ow!" She yelled, as her alarm clock hit her hard on her head. "Wake up! Wake up!" It screamed in a shrill voice. She got up at once, her heart thumping wildly against her chest. In the pandemonium, a rock flew at her with increasing speed. Due to her reflex actions, she caught it. "Mission accomplished. You will be transported to the Seventh Dimension. Have a good day." A female voice said. It was too late. She could only say an "Oh no" before she blacked out.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself flying across the galaxy. She looked around. It seemed different this time. There were objects floating around: Chairs, tables, beds, sofas, cupboards and all the things you would expect to find in a normal household; except the fact that they were made of light.

Artemis found it very fascinating to look at them. It seemed to her as if these objects were from the Dimension. She saw colored particles floating around; particles that are only found in the Seventh Dimension. 'Strange,' She thought, 'They never leave the Dimension.' Before she could contemplate on her new discovery, she was hurled onto the ground. The ground belonged to a place she had never seen before.

Blackness covered the sky if you could call it one. There was no boundary between the sky and outer space. Black colored particles, the size of tennis balls, formed a barrier to prevent anyone from escaping. The darkness was suffocating to Artemis. She searched frantically for a known landmark or person but found none. Her fear was growing with each passing second.

But then, in the distance, she saw something: blue light. Recognizing who it is, she ran as fast as she could through the darkness, pushing and forcing her way through. "Pythagoras!" She yelled. The blue figure looked up. 'He seems to be devastated,' Thought Artemis, looking at him. The moment he saw her, his expression changed to that of panic, "What are you doing here?" He demanded, "Can't you see what has happened? You will put us all in greater danger! Get out!"

His face showed such rage that Artemis became frightened. Luckily for her, the other people rushed to calm him. Mozart rushed towards her. 'Oh no,' Artemis thought, exasperated, but putting up a face of utmost elation on seeing him. "Ah my dear, what an unfortunate time it was until you landed here!" He exclaimed. "Then why is Pythagoras angry?" She asked.

"No, what I meant was that it was an unfortunate time before you landed, but then it became devastating." He said simply as if her presence did not bother him. "Oh!" Artemis said, her hopes shattering, "What happened, Mr. Mozart?" "Oh that! I thought you were going to ask about elementary mathematics as you are so very weak at it. Alas! I shouldn't have expected too much from you..." He said, getting immersed in his own trail of thought.

Fed up, Artemis went to Pythagoras, who had calmed down by then. "What happened?" She asked, running to keep in step with him. "Search for a way, we have very little time left. She needs to leave." He ordered the others. "Who needs to leave?" Artemis asked, looking around for another girl. "You, of course!" He replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No!" Artemis said firmly, standing in front of him, "I am not leaving." Exasperated, Pythagoras looked around for support, but it was at that specific time when the others found their work very interesting. It seemed to Artemis that he had already discussed about it with his people.

Mozart came up. "It's just like in the prophecy." He wondered aloud. Unfortunately for him, Pythagoras heard it. "The prophecy spoke of a boy, not a girl!" He bellowed. Artemis did not like the way he emphasized on the word 'girl', "What is wrong with girls?" She asked. "Well, have you ever heard of a girl saving the world?" He asked in a debating tone. Artemis's blood boiled, "It-" Mozart interrupted, "Relax! Relax!" He said to Artemis.

He gave Pythagoras a piercing look, "It is time. Come." He said, holding Artemis's hand. "I am sorry," Apologized Pythagoras, "I was a little upset." Artemis raised her eyebrow at the word 'little'. "Okay, a lot. But it was fierce." He said, the pain evident in his eyes. "What happened?" Artemis asked him. Pythagoras looked at her with pity in his gaze, "Kira is back."

Before Artemis could question further, she was ushered onto a raised platform. It had the appearance of former glory. Beautiful golden carvings adorned the sides. A number of pillars of Artemis's height surrounded her. The smooth floor was made up marble beneath its layers of dust. By the time she had finished staring at the pillars, all the people of the dimension surrounded her, as if waiting for an oration. Shocked at the thought, she glanced around, helpless at what to do.

Pythagoras stepped up beside her. He raised his hand and pointed at the first pillar. He closed his eyes as he concentrated. "Create," He said, and a jet of blue light emerged from his palm and touched the pillar and a blue-colored topaz appeared.

He, in turn, created a variety of gemstones by doing the same. Soon each pillar held a stone. "Pick what attracts you the most," Explained Mozart. Artemis was confused. There was ruby diamond, sapphire, citrine, jade, amethyst and much more. She walked from pillar to pillar, finding fascination in none. It was not long before she came to the last one. As soon as she saw what it was, she knew it was the one.

She had no clue how long she stood there staring at it as if hypnotized. All she knew was that Mozart was reciting a poem behind her.

"The Almighty one shall be defeated by none,

Except by the one who will be the worth of a son,

Shining the light through the one the world has kept from,

Chosen by the gem which sees the beauty in years to come."

As Mozart read the last line, Artemis lifted the pearl from its resting place for a hundred years. The pearl was warm in Artemis's hand and seemed to be emanating power which no could see but Artemis could feel. She did not realize that the Dimension suddenly lit up when she touched the pearl, but the others did. They stared open-mouthed at her, having seen nothing like this for a century.

"No," Said a voice, "Keep that down." It was Pythagoras.

CHAPTER THREE - The Destined One

Artemis looked up, arousing herself from the trance she had been in. Her eyes met Pythagoras's. "It is not yours." He said firmly. Before Artemis could argue, he continued, "The pearl belongs to the Destined One."

Artemis felt hot breath against her hand and jumped. To her relief, it was just Mozart. "We forgot to tell you that. Sorry!" He gave her an apologetic look and shrugged. Artemis was irritated. 'They had told me to choose any gem and now they are forbidding me room choosing the one I like best!' Artemis thought. She dared not voice it out as she had already angered Pythagoras.

Pythagoras stepped aside. Beside him stood a young boy of Artemis's age. He had red hair and fair skin, unlike Artemis. He had a smug look on his face. Artemis disliked him instantly. 'He must be from abroad,' She thought, scrutinizing him. "This is Orion," Pythagoras introduced, "Took us a year to find him!" He gave a small chuckle, "But worth the effort, though, right?" He asked the boy.

"Yeah," Orion replied, "I will defeat Kaka!" He said enthusiastically in a vain and boastful voice. "It's Kira," Artemis corrected flatly. Mozart gave a nervous laugh, "This is the state of the one who is going to defeat the Almighty. We will definitely be victorious," He said sarcastically and a bit too loudly. Everyone's eyes were on him. "What? I thought that!" He replied to the glares that were on him.

"This is Artemis," Pythagoras introduced, gesturing towards the only girl present. Everyone's eyes snapped back to the scene of action. A deadly silence filled the air. The only sound was that of Mozart who humming to a tune.

Artemis's mind was racing - 'What shall I say? Pleased to meet you? No, definitely not! How about "So you're the one!" No no no... I shall just wait for him to talk.' The eerie silence was starting to creep her out. It was as if two enemies were waiting to duel, and the crowd was watching their every move. Orion broke the silence, but not in a way Artemis had expected. "It's a girl?" He yelped.

"No, I'm a girl. Have a problem with that?" Artemis shot back. "And I'm a musician! I hope you don't have a problem with that as I can't stop s-i-n-g-i-n-g..." Mozart added eagerly. Everyone one ignored him this time. "Yes, I do," Orion replied with spite in his tone. "Then, GET OUT!" Artemis yelled.

"Artemis, behave yourself. He is the destined one. Remember that always," Pythagoras interrupted, foreseeing danger. "And the best one there is, it's a wonder your stupid people had the brains to choose me rather than this creature. Heaven knows where you picked her up..." Orion muttered.

"That is too far," Artemis said coolly and started advancing towards him.

"Stop! You have already created too much trouble." Pythagoras said stopping her. "Didn't you hear what he said? He called you all stupid! And you are letting him go? What happened to you, Pythagoras? You were not like this the last time I met you." She said with pleading in her voice. Pythagoras's face turned into stone and he walked away.

"Some things remain in our heart forever, no matter how deep we bury them." Mozart philosophized. Artemis was puzzled but nodded in agreement.

The next couple of days passed very slowly for Artemis. All she did was it simply while Orion trained for the 'Legendary Battle' as they called it. She watched him train as he became stronger and stronger with each passing day.

It was a dawn of yet another tiresome day for Artemis. She awoke, only to find everyone sitting in a circle around Pythagoras. 'It must be serious,' Artemis thought, noticing everyone's grave faces.

"What's going on?" Artemis asked Mozart, taking a seat next to him. "Kira has sent word through one of his people that he will be returning tomorrow to finish off the Destined One. The Almighty is coming." Mozart explained, his face serious for the first time. "Oh," Artemis said, at a loss for what to say, "Orion seems to be ready," They both looked at the boy wielding an invisible sword and shooting grey jets of light. Mozart did not say a word.

The night before the historic day arrived. Artemis was preparing to go to bed. She heard a voice. It said, "That day you wanted to fight with me. I am ready now." Fear struck Artemis. She did not know what to do. Sighing, she turned to apologize, "I am-" It was too late.

A jet of grey light struck Artemis hard at her ribs and she felt a blinding pain. Falling, she focused her eyes on the figure in front of her. Orion grinned an evil grin. "I seek revenge, unlike you. You are a girl. A coward!" He said and walked away, laughing maniacally.

CHAPTER FOUR - Let me choose...

It was a dark day for everyone. Anticipation and nervousness thrived in the air. Artemis could see people pacing around, gnawing their nails. She saw Pythagoras standing straight, one leg resting on a rock, putting up a grave but confident face. Orion stood next to him, shooting alternate glances between Pythagoras and the distant land as if expecting Kira to arrive with his army marching towards him any time now.

The sky darkened even more. The angels' glow became feeble as an army of black beings advanced, with a hooded figure in the front. Artemis squinted to see more clearly; she had a problem in seeing distant objects. The beings looking like angels made of black light, with no distinct features. The light constituting them kept swirling, forming a nebulous shape; but Artemis could make out a mouth in the center of their 'face', which was their topmost structure. 'They must be immensely powerful,' Thought Artemis.

She focused her eyes on Kira. He was gliding toward them, or it was what it seemed to Artemis until she saw a snake's tail underneath his long cloak. A loud gasp escaped her. Kira's face turned. Artemis had the distinct feeling that he was looking at her. His hands found the rim of his hood and pulled it, revealing his face. Artemis bit her lower lip to keep herself from gasping again.

The Almighty was a woman. Her yellow eyes, having a tiny dot in the center for eyeballs, frightened Artemis the most. There was no white outside her irises, only red. Her gaze was menacing, yet there was a certain degree of calmness to it as if this was all going according to her plan.

Artemis so wanted to face Kira, but it was Orion who is the Destined One, not her. Suddenly, she felt a heavy object land on her palm. She glanced at it - it was a Citrine gem. She looked up, only to see Mozart staring at her. He seemed to struggle to control himself. "What destiny has in store for us will always reveal itself," Mozart said, eyeing Artemis closely.

"So," A voice said. Mozart's attention shifted to Kira. "the Destined One..." Her voice was smooth and silky and carried a metallic tone to it. "It is you, isn't it?" She asked Orion, who was trembling beside her. 'Something is fishy,' Thought Artemis, 'It's as if she knows what's going to happen.' "You are right, dear," The silky voice said, "Kira knows," Artemis gulped.

"So," Kira said, addressing Orion once again, "You must be very powerful," It was a question, not a statement. She turned her back on him, awaiting his answer. Then, said a feeble voice, barely heard over the thick silence, "I-I g-guess so..." He stretched his hand. This small movement didn't go unnoticed by Kira.

"Did you know something, Orion?" She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "Kira loves proving others wrong," It sounded like a threat to him. Mustering up the courage, he replied, "And I love proving Kira wrong," The change in atmosphere was evident. Still, with her back to him, she asked softly, "What makes you think so," He opened his mouth to reply, but she was not finished, "What makes you think that you can defeat Lord Kira?" Her voice rose with each syllable.

He raised his hand, "I am the-" She did not let him finish his sentence. She turned in a flash and a jet of pure black light shot out of her palm. Grey and black clashed and black dust filled the air. The sound of cackling laughter filled the air. Artemis squinted to see what had happened. She gasped. This time, she was not the only one.

Her eyes met Pythagoras's. He nodded, confirming what had happened. She could not believe her eyes; Orion was dead. More laughter followed. "That is the Destined One?" She asked Pythagoras, teasing in her voice, "That is the one who was going to defeat Lord Kira?" More laughter. Everyone's hopes had dampened. Their only had extinguished like a candle flame which had just blown out.

"I knew you, Pythagoras, that you will choose a boy as the Destined One!" Kira said, her voice turned menacing, "You never believed in women, in girls. You have always thought less of them; always thought that they can't be the 'worth of a son'. How wrong you were!" She paused and taking a deep breath she continued.

"We were young at that time; but even then, you never used to treat me as equal-" "Enough!" Pythagoras said firmly, "Enough," "No!" Kira said, her voice rising, "You never gave me freedom; you never let me become what I wanted to!" For a second, Pythagoras's face showed hurt, then anger, "I was concerned, Kira; I was just trying to be a good brother." Pythagoras stepped forward.

"A good brother?" Kira scoffed, "Is that what you were trying to be? I will show you the power of a woman - greater than men!" Artemis was shocked, 'Kira is my sister?' She shuddered at the very thought. Pythagoras looked as if he could breathe fire, "After all these years, I never thought that you would become like this," He said, anger in every letter. Kira gave a silky smile, "And I never thought you would choose such a worthless person as the Destined One."

Pythagoras opened his mouth to argue but was cut short by Kira. "Ah... no, my dear brother, let me choose the Destined One first. After I finish the Destined One, we can continue our little chat." She said, placing a white finger on his lips. Pythagoras's face showed nothing but shock at what he heard.

He opened his mouth once again, "What-" Pythagoras started but was interrupted once again by Kira. "You don't want to spoil the fun now, do you, Pythagoras; just like you had spoiled my childhood?" She smiled evilly.

"Let me see, the Destined One...." She laughed as if she was enjoying herself. Everyone held their breaths, including Artemis. She clutched the Citrine tightly in her hand as if it was going to save her from the impending doom. Kira opened her mouth, with everyone watching her every move, "Artemis." She said so softly that she could barely be heard over the suffocating anticipation.

No sooner had Artemis thought 'What?' than she got her confirmation. Thousands of heads, even those belonging to the black angels, whose heads could not be differentiated from their bodies, turned to look at Artemis, who shrank under their scrutinizing gaze. Whispers filled the air as Kira laughed softly, "See Pythagoras, " Kira said looking at Artemis's shocked face, "the little girl can't believe her luck! She has the honor of dying at the hands of Kira!"

She walked towards Artemis, "Don't worry, I will make it as painful as possible." Kira smiled. "No, I will not let you kill her. She is not the Destined One. You are lying." Pythagoras said, stepping between the two. "Oh, we'll see about that," Kira whispered. None of this registered in Artemis's mind, which had frozen at the time when Kira called her name as the Destined One.

A loud blast brought her back to her senses. She saw a flash of light and Pythagoras lying on the ground as if he were dead. Artemis found herself running as fast as she could towards Pythagoras. "Pythagoras!" She screamed as she ran. "Move aside!" Kira ordered and Artemis was blasted away. She felt her Citrine roll away from her grasp. 'Oh no, thought Artemis, she never felt more defenseless in her life than now, as she heard Kira closing in on her. "Attack!" Kira commanded.

The black beings charged towards the people of the Seventh Dimension. Artemis felt a sharp pain in her side and winced. She heard Kira laugh. "You are going to die, Artemis The Orem." And she felt an even sharper pain in her side. Again, and again and again.

CHAPTER FIVE - The Destined One

Her body felt sore and numb. She did not have the strength to dodge the numerous light rays from Kira. Artemis groaned. Kira let out a cruel laugh, "So much for the Destined One!" And she directed a beam of charcoal black light from her gem. It was so painful that Artemis had to bite her tongue to keep herself from screaming out loud. She could hardly make out the words Kira was saying. Her surroundings were just a blur of black and white.

"Prepare to face death!" were the last words Artemis heard before she closed her eyes in defeat.

Artemis... A voice said.

No reply. are the Destined One...

Ragged breathing could be heard. 'No... the Destined One would not be so weak.'

This is not weakness...this is giving up...

'What else can I do? I don't have a choice.'

There are always choices...It was your choice that landed you here...

'My choice?' chose to stay chose to fight!

'But I never chose to be the Destined One...'

Kira chose you...but you chose to stay. You could have run away, you could have surrendered. You can surrender even now...Kira is waiting for you to surrender.

'She is?'

Yes, then why didn't she kill you when she met you like she did to Orion?

'I will not surrender.'

Open your eyes...

'But I do not have any powers...'

You do...everyone does. Now, open your eyes and fight; fight for the Seventh Dimension.

Artemis opened her eyes. "Destroy!" She heard Kira scream. Artemis was about to give up. 'No,' She thought, 'I can do it,' She stretched her hand in front of her, blocking the light, "This is my choice."

The ray of pure black light touched Artemis's palm. A rainbow-colored shield formed around Artemis, protecting her. The rainbow color spread through the ray of black light, changing it. It struck Kira and she fell.

Artemis's hands were surrounded by rainbow-colored light. She struggled to stand up. She spotted a pearl at a small distance in front of her and dove to fetch it. By the time she had it in her grasp, Kira was back on her feet.

"You thought you could defeat me? I am Kira! No one can defeat me." Kira sneered. Artemis clutched the pearl tighter. "Destroy!" Kira said once again and a jet of ivory black light shot out of her palm.

The spheres of light became larger and larger until all the colors combined in the center to give white light. The white light spread, engulfing Kira. She screamed as the light covered her body. "I am coming after you, Artemis. This is not the end!" The white light exploded and rays emerged in all directions, submerging the Seventh Dimension.

Artemis watched as the Dimension regained its former self. The black beings disappeared. The people got up and joined Artemis as the black particles changed into different colors. The beings regained their bright glow. The Seventh Dimension was restored.

She felt a hand touch her shoulder. Artemis looked up. "Pythagoras!" She yelled, "Are you okay?" Pythagoras smiled. "I am sorry for doubting you, Artemis, you really are the 'worth of a son'." He said apologetically. "It is okay," Artemis said, "I was a little irritating too."

Someone yelled her name. "Artemis!" Mozart came running up to her, "Artemis, I knew you had it in you!" He held both of her hands in his. "Thank you, Mozart," Pythagoras said, "She must proceed to her banquet," Artemis was bewildered, "I-I don't want a banquet! I want to go home," "This is home," Pythagoras said calmly. Artemis gave him a stern look. "Okay, okay," He turned to one of his people, "Bring the 7D stone."

Soon, Artemis was ready to leave. She imagined herself talking a step down from the clouds. "I will be back!" were her last words before her surroundings became blurred.

Artemis opened her eyes. She was home. "Artemis, wake up!" Her mother called from the kitchen, "It is time to go!" "Five more minutes," Artemis replied. "Artemis!" Her alarm clock said. She gave a stern look; it fell silent.

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