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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Secret Of Ghost Coaster

The Secret Of Ghost Coaster

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The Secret of Ghost Coaster

In the starting of winter, when the first snowfall started, I was sitting near the fire and was listening to radio, when my sister Andrea came. She is an archaeologist. She asked if I am free and I told her that I have some work. She went out and I heard lot of whispers. When I went out to check the noise, there were a group of people. There was my friend Hercules, my sister’s friend Mia and my sister. “What’s happening?” I said in a very loud voice. “You are treating us, aren’t you?” asked Andrea. “Who said that?” I asked. “It’s Rea” said Hercule. “Rea?” I wondered. “Yes, I said it” conferred Andrea, “but you weren’t listening”. “I wasn’t the one who was not listening”, I said. Mia said “stop fighting” and Hercule joined her. “You two stay off our business” said Rea and me. “Stop fighting” repeated Mia and Hercule. I gave up and said “okay”. “Chris! Book the tickets” said Mia, Rea and Hercule in unison. “But to where?” I asked still confused. “To Froze Skin Peak” came the reply.

Morning 5 am we left for the airport in an auto rickshaw to save money. “Oh my! What a bill” I exclaimed as I paid the fare as it was my treat. We unloaded our things and went to our gate 49. Such a long walk. When we reached the flight, my legs felt like they would collapse any minute. We all sat on our seats – Me 12A, Hercule 12C, Mia 12D and Andrea 12B. Should I sit with Rea? It is going to be a rough flight.

Once we reached there I rented a lounge. “Oh my! What a bill”, but I had my gold Credit Card. But that won’t help for long. Once I entered the lounge, the problems started. The AC in my room was not working, so I should take the smaller room in the basement. The electricity goes every 30 minutes. Every time the power goes, I went to the generator and switch on the power. The bathroom had leaking pipes everywhere. I hoped the resort will refund my money.

Next morning we went to the snow amusement park. We tried the skating polar first and then rode the ice bumpy cars. Finally we went to the snow roller coaster. Only two people were allowed at a time and so the girls went first. When the coaster went into the cave, both were there but when the coaster came out they were missing. “Oh my God! How could they go missing?” I said. “Only one way to find out” said Hercule and before I can say something he pushed me inside the roller coaster. It went le-doo-loop and then went up slowly and came down very fast and crashed on boiling water. The coaster continued through the cave and we could feel a vacuum over our heads. We saw a large vacuum cleaner which sucked us up. When we woke up we were in total darkness. Then Hercule remembered he had a torch which glowed in different colors. We realized that we were trapped in a giant net. I then remembered having a clipper with which we cut the net and came free. As we were walking, I heard a scream. We walked towards the scream and I found my sister and not Mia. She was missing. We freed Andrea from the ropes and continued searching for Mia. We finally found Mia and standing near to her was …. (gulp)… a GHOST!!! I fainted.

When I woke up, Hercule was looking at me strangely. We were at cakelfur castle and more worse was the ghost was standing in the room. I started to faint again when Andrea slapped me really hard. “Ouch!!!” I screamed. That hurt a lot. Then the ghost took out its mask and it was…….

So it was him who tricked me. We went happily to our homes and I was pranked by a silly little man. Ha ha ha.. TO KNOW WHO WAS IT, wait till my next story.


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