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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

saravanan Periannan

Abstract Comedy Romance


saravanan Periannan

Abstract Comedy Romance

The Search for Bride

The Search for Bride

3 mins 225 3 mins 225

All the characters and the incidents in the story is fictitious and not to hurt anyone.

The family of Arya started getting ready that morning and Arya slept well in his room.

Arya's father sees one friend of Arya coming to their house and welcomes him and asks him to get ready Arya for engagement.

Arya's friend Tharun enters his room and wakes him up.

Arya scratches his beard and hair and opens his eyes.

Tharun whispers  idiot even in day of your own engagement you sleep and be untidy like this.

Arya asks what are you thinking it is not easy to go to a new home and speak to a girl who I do not know.

Come on Arya get ready go.

Arya shaves his beard and cut shorts his moustache.

Tharun asks Arya to shampoo his hair and bath.

Arya comes out and Tharun says ware wah.

Arya wears his traditional silk dothi and silk shirt.

The family of Arya enters the bus and Arya is teased by his brothers and cousins.

Arya thinks in his mind Wait you all there will be a day I will be sitting and clapping when you are in my place.

The people in home of bride Manasvi also hurried as the bridegroom family will reach here soon.

Manasvi sees her friend taking make up sets and Manasvi declines why applying this make up ,I hate this and I want to be natural.

Manasvi just oils her hair and takes a purple coloured bindi and sticks it in her forehead and takes a chain which has beautiful peacock shaped dollar attached at its end and wears it.

Manasvi's friends hears the sound of people saying the bridegroom family arrived.

Manasvi stepped out and her friends pushed her please go inside and we will see him first.

Arya wipes out his sweat and Tharun says what are you going to do an surgery Arya and if you act like this the bride's family will say please go out.

The family of Arya enters the house and takes seat.

Then Manasvi comes out with a coffee cups in a plate and gives to all.

Arya takes the cup and suddenly hears one of his relative slurping and shows an sad expression.

Manasvi looks at this and laughs.

Then the parents of Manasvi shows the terrace for Arya and Manasvi to speak alone.

Manasvi walks fast and Arya walks slowly.

The terrace has a beautiful plants in middle of which Manasvi stood.

Arya could feel his heart beats increasing.

Arya went into the garden and Manasvi greets him good morning.

Arya wishes good morning.

which job are you doing asks Manasvi and Arya says software engineer and sweats heavily.

why are you sweating so hard Arya.

Nothing Manasvi.

great I made you say my name she smiles.

Mansvi continues I am Manasvi Devi and I have finished BA English and B.ED degree.

so I like to do an job after marriage.

my hobbies are reading and writing books.

Arya swallows his own saliva and then starts hi, I am Arya M and I have finished B.TECH degree.

I am working as an software engineer.

I want to say you look so beautiful and pretty in a natural look without artificial make up.

you too look natural and Manasvi smiles.

Arya kneels down with one leg in front of Manasvi and takes a beautiful titan watch from his shirt pocket and says 

I would like to present this watch to my life partner who makes my time precious.

Manasvi closes her mouth with both her hand and smiles.

Wow says Manasvi and accepts the watch.

Arya promises her that she shall  work as a teacher after marriage.

Manasvi smiles and says ok arya and Arya says ok Manasvi and both hold their hands and step down from terrace.

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