Subhashree Saikia

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Subhashree Saikia

Abstract Drama Tragedy

The Plight

The Plight

2 mins


'' I'll be waiting for you. Here inside my heart I am the one.... ''

I am pathetic. Don't believe me? Ask my playlist.

Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Elvis. Ironically, my recent blunder of an affair doesn't agree with my choice of music. Which is a good thing, they tell me.

Your soul is cleansing itself staring at this hypnotising winter sunset and all you can think about is him?

Cmon, barb. Get out of your basic sardonic stage. Wait, why did I call myself that?

'Barb' I hate that epitome. ( well, gracias to that one narcissistic ex)

My memories are battling with the voices in my head. And grief is winning the war. And these sage towers of nature contrasting with the tangerine paradise isn't helping at all.


*'Hey, you wanna go somewhere?' he asked as I passed him the sunglasses.

'I don't know, should we?' I answered, looking up at his brown eyes. Oh no, they weren't just ordinary brown eyes. Brown, as in the blend of winter and fall encased with a sheath of summer bonfire.

Those dilated pupils of his were infectious and cost me mine.


''Some way all the love that we had can be saved

Whatever it takes...''

I don't know why I preferred to abuse my wounded pride with this song when I could be jamming to 'Hey Jude' feeling like a prom queen sassily walking up to the arena serenading the crown she'll be wearing soon enough.

The empyrean of colour is losing it's prestige now. The sun's finally set allowing the stars to invade its balanced and bleached home. Selfless? No. Clever? Yes.

The events that followed after the ride that day were fatal. I don't know if this reference is an exaggeration of despair or a certain breed of agony. But to be precise. That day marked the Lisbon, 8.5 of this story.


His fragrance reeked and clawed itself to my memories. The assumption of his gorgeous smile when I swaddled my arms all around him, took my mind to places I've never been before nor have I ever thanked a speed breaker more.

That balant lake he took me to looked like it were capable of competing with the Comos then. Maybe this was all a classic fan fiction infatuation or maybe it was this bizarre figment of our deepest expectations. The conclusion that stumbled upon me is that he and I were a depiction of a day; nightfall consumed us and the days subsequent to it dwelled on eternal eclipse.

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