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Varsha Madhulika

Drama Inspirational

The Perspective That Builds

The Perspective That Builds

8 mins

The label of being called a child is gone. I have cleared my board exams with utter flair. Cooed the ardent aspiring Manish. As he finally took admission in the prestigious school of the city. The scores on his card were brilliantly bright. Expecting something less than what he desired was never mentioned in his stars. Confidently he presented his choices to the school and faced the interviewing team jovially that stole the heart of every individual he met. Nothing in him appeared, could pull him down ever, nor he ever appeared pessimistic. The optimism he depicted at every level of his interaction won him not only laurels but a secure candidature in the school council.

Finally, it was fifteenth June, two thousand twelve when he joined his course as a science student with main steam biology. Cherishing a dream of the future cardiologist, he was just brilliant. From the very first day, his attitude, brilliance, soft and calm way of dealing with things, and leadership qualities made him the most popular and demanded student among the teachers.

On the other hand, his this goody-goody nature among his teachers, and his loyalty towards the teachers many a time were against his friends and other student's favor.

On one occasion, his friend Tahir brought a brand new camera his father bought to click some pranking memories of the batch. In the sports period, he hid the camera in his socks and walked to the field. All were busy playing, as usual, some sitting and gossiping as usual. Pratap Sir, the sports teacher, was accustomed to this behavior and was least bothered to bring about a change at this age of his retirement. Yes, he was to retire next month. Amidst these all things, as he gave a final gaze, he felt some light flashed on his eyes.

His senses started to function in full run and his expressions on face gave that haunting look to nab the one who dared to be out of binding in his class. Looking at the frowning face of his heeding with the heavy foot towards his group having Tashi and me, he knew the hour is out of his control. So he dumped the camera in the thick bush nearby and walked off before Pratap Sir arrived. Tashi was too clever to say me, 'Manish, I will collect the notes from you in the evening', and smiled at Pratap Sir and turned about towards her girls' group.

Pratap Sir and I were finally left in the vicinity. And sir said, 'Manish where is the camera?' Hearing this my legs were trembling and speech wished to slur because if I mention that, I too will have to answer the Principal.

Regretting my short melodious moments with Tashi that Tahir captured on my request, I wished I should not have desired. Yeah! Those were days when I had a crush on Tashi which she too enjoyed. And when I saw Tahir with a camera, my mind just wanted one memorable moment captured forever. Quickly reviewing the timetable, my mind gave a green signal and universe supported with a sports period on that very moment, I requested Tahir to do me this favor, to which he agreed.

And now I am standing at this place with no escape. The color of my face wanted to fade, but I just can't give up, ruining my complete reputation just for one click. No, no, I just can't afford it. In the previous other situations, I witnessed the truth because the others did wrong. But today I need to find an escape. I need to really think hard and fast to find an escape without ever being revealed.

These all thoughts ran over my gray matter until the final click snugly fit the puzzle. And my mind said, 'Just one lie and everything is going to be fine.' The appeal is quite irresistible and I need it at this hour. But then my heart said, 'Yeah! Yeah! But the rule remains the same for all. If others are being punished for the mistake, you too deserve the same.'

This voice broke my being. Losing my reputation is just not going to happen, at the same time ignoring my inner voice is gruesome. What to do? The choice is difficult. What to sacrifice and what to cherish. I am in a do or die situation where either of the choices is a loss for me anyway.

Drenched in my own war-of-hull when the bell rang and Pratap Sir dragged me to the principal's office with the same question, 'Manish where is the camera?' And I said, 'Sir it is right in the bushes.'

A search team was sent to find the camera in the field. For over half an hour they all turned every scratch under the hot sun but found none. Principal Sir politely again asked, 'Manish, you are a trustworthy person, where is the camera?'

With stammer in my speech, I said, 'Sir it was there only behind the bushes.'

'But it is not there now, my child. Where is it then.'

Feeling relieved, I took a deep breath and said, 'Sir we were experimenting how far the sun's rays could be reflected and found that if we decrease the incident ray, the reflected ray will be lengthier. This theory is not been proved, I think we can work on it to make a law on the wavelength of the reflected ray.'

'No, no, Sir light was sharp and ..... only one wink,' argued Pratap Sir staring at Tom slips off Jerry's hands all the time. 'Leave it Pratap Manish is our future Physicist,' stressed Mr. Mehta, our Principal patting my back all the way he escorted me of his room.

Pacing straight to the classroom, I dashed to Tahir and asked, 'How did you manage?'

'Simple bro, as the bell rang there was sudden hustle-bustle and I stood just at the end of the field so that by the time Pratap Sir leave the site, I will be just behind him to pick up the camera and come back to class. So by the time the whole class was in, I managed to pick it up and keep it secure.'

'Great man. At first, I confessed to the camera location. But when they failed to pick one, I cooked up a reflection story.'

'So mean you are. For yourself, all lies wise, but when it comes to us Truth is only the hope,' taunted all.

With a feeling of guilt in his eyes and elongated face down, he slowly steps back from them all.

And there was a big bang on the door and the class settles down at the sight of the Principal. Back to your place Manish. Rushing to his seat, he settles down hurriedly.

'I am impressed with dear students for taking interest in finding new theories. So dear students, I was obliged when Manish mentioned about your new theory of increasing and decreasing the wavelength of light. I would like that to be published as the first ever inquisitive trial of our school. Your class is no doubt a gem of our school, but this move has raised the standards much more and I wish this to serve as an inspiration for the rest of all the world forever.'

Hearing the speech of the Principal, the vision triangle shared between Manish, Tahir, and Sameer in distress. Principal Sir still waiting expectantly.

Finally, Sameer said, 'Sir, it was an accidental discovery, and Manish made this observation, just for fun.'

Laughing Mr. Mehta patted Manish, Sameer, and Tahir adding, 'My dear budding scientists, discoveries are made like this. I would like your trio to pen all your findings and submit to my office when you are done.' And he exits.

The environment got heated up as they grappled amidst themselves. All were tensed about how to prepare research papers and started cursing Manish for cooking this story.' Why didn't you say some other possible thing under heaven,' hauled all.

For a fraction of second, Manish did feel felonious. Seeing his ashamed face down, finally, Tashi spoke up, 'Guys, at least he mentioned some story other than the camera. We should admire his presence of mind. Will anyone of us be this super-fast in cooking the stories?

Friends, it's time to work together for the solution. To which all agreed and finally sat together to work out every paper.

The work was tiring and tedious, still, they all invested all their free times to make the paper look real. After a weeks time, they gathered all paper and pinned together under the heading, 'Screwing wavelength,' and presented it to Principal Sir.

Mr. Mehta's globe glittered as the papers riffle over his table. Smiling at me he said, 'Well done boys.'

Joining his friends Manish mumbled, 'Never again will I ever tell a lie whatever be the case.' And the class echoed with their giggles.

Next day in the assembly, the Principal Sir admired our work and said, ' I discovered a new thing teaching my students the worth of truth, that punishment is no way of teaching. Best blooms only when we give room.' I found the mistake my children did but wanted to hear from them. But they were even more determined to keep it secret and accepted my challenge to bring to the world a new dream. Immature and incomplete were they, still they tried and discovered a new thing. I admire my students who didn't fail me for a lie but proved to be Jasper of mine. If I had punished my students there, I would have lost this brilliance.

'Not always punishment is required. Sometimes lenient direction is enough for making them the cornerstone.

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