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The New Us

The New Us

5 mins

The new year 2020 started with a bang. As everyone else, Sneha too looked forward to the upcoming new opportunities the new year always brings along. The time to forget old failures, be it continuing the yoga classes and all...the many promises she had made to herself, most importantly.

Things did look bright enough in the months of January and February...but slowly n surely everything around was changing. And definitely not for the better, for bad or worst.

Nobody knew.. neither did Sneha.

The initial stage of 'what's happening' and ' just be careful' slowly turned to dread. As humans, we all tend to think that nothing will happen to us and we are and will remain safe. It was the same with Rajat and Sneha.

The schools were abruptly shut in the midst of final examinations which did bring some kind of cheer in the children. Work from home became the new norm. Suddenly, Sneha found herself surrounded by her kids and spouse. A rare rare time that brought along immense joy. A time with kids with no classes (which otherwise was a norm even in summer hols) or school. A kinda holiday not far away but right at home.

And of course, with a difference.

D But soon, it seemed fun and so mucking one's own work and learning to become self-reliant did take time to get used to.h easier to not depend on the cook or the maid. No outings, only essential purchases that too with an added accessory...a special one...the MASK.

With the pandemic on and lack of access to maids and cooks, the colony came together as one family and started reaching out to each other and lending a helping hand as when needed. Corona volunteers were set up for each tower who would take immediate action and extend support if and when the need arose. The senior citizens who stayed alone with the temporary cooks and maids help were completely stranded. What with their age and health issues, they of course needed support. Another group of volunteers was also initiated where people voluntarily came forward to cook and send food to these seniors.

Thereby an excellent support system was put in place.

Life goes on as the family tries to settle into the new routine..but eventually, boredom sets in, in full force.

How long can one sit inside the house without meeting one's friends et all?

Thankfully, whatsapp and mobiles did help Sneha n Rajat keep in touch with friends. But all the same, zooming or whatsapping is no substitute for the party times n evening meetings with colony friends.. gossipping, chitchatting and all.

But as they say, there is a silver lining to every cloud...a glimmer of hope always shines. We only need to look for it earnestly and bingo...it with us!!!

The same happened in Sneha's society. Initially, the Prime Minister's call for miljhulke sab ' taali maro', 'ghanti bhajao' was a break in the monotony. In midst of the dreadful tension and scare, its always good to think of others rather than our own selves n dear ones. The act instilled a sense of gratitude towards our fellow persons who work tirelessly to our benefits. The frontline workers who make us stand tall.

The coming together of the community for the nation's call brought out the sense of belonging, care and concern. 

As days progressed, a group of people in the society brought in a welcome change to the late evenings in the period of lockdown.

It struck them to come together and help people get over the depression and loneliness that was slowly engulfing one and all.

And so came the concept of spending evenings and late evenings together while maintaining social distancing.

It was also the time of navratra, the period when Sneha and her friends along with the other colony ladies would hold puja and aarti in the evenings every day, every year. This year being different, even though they couldn't celebrate as every year, the spirit was the just the same. After puja at their individual homes, all would assemble at their respective balconies and conduct the evening aarti together and pray and worship for the good of one and all.

The weekends that followed saw musical performances, be it instrumental or singing. Yes, from each one's very own balconies. Kids, professionals, and not so professionals all participated. No stepping out but a grand get together right from home.

As the weeks progressed, the musical nights were also interspersed with the game of tambola, antakshari n dance disco nights from the balconies.

With permission taken from fellow neighbors and keeping in mind the comfort factor of one and all, the weekends were made spicier and entertaining.

The weekdays of work from the home office were followed by a spectacular weekend that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

An appreciable effort by the people of Sneha's society that came together and stood the testing times with a brave front.

Sneha's family also participated with full gusto.

Did these actually matter? Of course, they did. It helped everyone to stay connected with each other. The very important and essential aspect of maintaining social distancing but not emotional distancing was incorporated in the society. This led to many benefits to people to tide over the difficult times.

Slowly, things did get better what with the new norms becoming the new normal. But surely, with complete hope, looking forward to better times, Sneha, her family along with everyone else is moving along and are ready and geared up to face the future with new vigour.

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