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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Mystery Of The Invisible Island

The Mystery Of The Invisible Island

4 mins 21.7K 4 mins 21.7K

    Hi friends! I am Ishaan and have a group of very good friends - Josh, Dhruv and Shiven. Together we have had many adventures. But this one was very interesting and out of the ordinary. Let me tell you all about it.

    Last year, during summer vacation, my friends and I, along with my parents, had been to the Lakshadweep islands. We stayed in a resort very close to the ocean.

     One night when all were sleeping, I woke up and saw some lights blinking in the shape of a dome, which was a little far from the beach. I woke my friends up. Josh asked, “Why did you wake us up in the middle of the night?” I replied, “Can’t you see that blinking blue light in the ocean? There is something weird.” I told my friends, “We shall go there and check it out.” Dhruv asked, “But how will we get there?” I replied, “There are speed boats down there in the dock, with steering wheels and push buttons. I know how to control them and start them without a key.” Shiven said, “Hmmm, good idea!”

    Luckily, I had told my parents that night that we would be going to play football early next morning at six ‘o ‘clock. So they would not worry about us.

    So my friends and I went to the dock to take a speed boat and go there. Shiven was keeping an eye out for anything untoward.  Suddenly an enormous wave came towards us. But I kept on changing the gear to higher levels.

    Finally we reached inside the dome of lights. It suddenly became day. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Josh exclaimed, “How weird!”

   We were on a huge island. We parked the boat and got down. But there was a dense jungle in front of us. We decided to go through the jungle and find out what comes when we cross it. So in we went.

    On our way we saw an enormous shadow with a huge tusk. It was a giant elephant. I told my friends, “It is all alone. Mom says that solitary elephants often go crazy." So we tiptoed and went away from it. Then we continued our journey. We saw a giant anaconda which was staring right at us. We ran away from there. Dhruv said, “If we would have stood there for five more seconds, we would have been inside the anaconda’s stomach.” Finally, we crossed the jungle.

    Then we arrived at a village of tribal’s. They didn’t want anybody from the developed world to get in touch with them. They had performed a magic ritual by which the island becomes invisible to the outside world.

    Shiven heard a child crying. He said, “Hey, what is that noise? Let’s go find out.” We went there. There was a small kid who fell in a pit of thorns meant for catching elephants. We threw a vine down for the kid to come up using that.

We became friends with him and asked his name. He said that his name was Coco-loco. Then everybody in the village became friends with us because of this incident. They came to know that we are not rebels.

   There was a weird fact about that island. One hour of the outside world was equal to seven hours on that island. They also had a strange rule. One who went on that island could never leave. Those who tried to leave were cooked up and eaten! My friends and I cast worrisome looks on each other.

    Coco-loco told us about their lifestyle. They used to worship their king whom they considered God. His name was Droon. Josh whispered in my ear, “What a funny name!” I chuckled.

   They grew fruits and vegetables in their backyards. Everything else, they collected from the jungle. If they had any special occasions, they used to prepare special food using meat.

    This was the only island that had extraordinary creatures like the griffin. It had the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.  Coco-loco had one. He took us for a ride on his griffin. He showed us the different parts of the island. He showed us the biggest mountain of the island. It was higher than the biggest mountain of the world.

   We had a wonderful time experiencing wonderful sights and lovely food on the island. Finally we decided to leave. I was worried about mom and dad. Shiven, Josh and Dhruv were worried too.

    Luckily, I had a fantastic idea. I asked Coco-loco to come with me to a secluded place. I asked him, “Can you take us on your griffin and drop us on the other side of the jungle, where we have a boat?" Coco-loco was glad to help and replied, “Yes, I can.” We were very pleased with him. So he dropped us to the place where we had hidden the boat, near the ocean. We said goodbye to Coco-loco and we were off to our resort again. We safely reached our resort without getting cooked up and eaten by those tribals.

   Then we went to play football on the beach. Dhruv, Josh, Shiven and I will never be able to forget this one for sure!


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