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Seema Singhal

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Seema Singhal

Drama Fantasy Thriller

The Last Desire

The Last Desire

3 mins 169 3 mins 169

However, I tried to control myself, I couldn’t.

It seemed like ages since I had been waiting for the appropriate time. I couldn’t tolerate it any further it was beyond my thresholds now.

So, I made a plan. I was going to work on this today. I had plotted it meticulously and there is no chance of getting caught red-handed.

All were sleeping sound.

I arranged all the weapons at the site of the crime. Well in advance, at the right place to avoid any mayhem to draw undesirable attention in the quiet of the night.

I was just waiting, till all were asleep.

It was half-past twelve, I was too excited to sleep.

Now, I can hear my dear husband snoring.

My heart aches to cheat but I can’t overcome my first love which has been pestering me too much, for some time now and trying to ruin my peace of mind.

I have decided to cheat today night.

One last time before saying goodbye, forever! If I could. I'll try my best. 

Love of my childhood. Oh! Just one thought and my juices start surging.

My husband had caught me with so many times and each time I had promised him to consider it my last time.

I get up silently from the bed fearing, what! if it screeches?

I enter that room and open the door of the closet. There, I have kept hidden, my first love.

My heart is beating fast in anticipation and I’m all ready to take as I glance at the table.

The stage is all set. It just needs little action.

I spread on the table with my love hugged to my bosom. I take out my weapon, a knife, from the far corner of the table. Settling my love on my lap, with a smooth fling of my wrist, I attack!

A perfect nick. From that comes out a spurt of dark glistening liquid. I keep aside my knife and dip my finger in this fluid and lick it.

Ah! Heavenly! After so long I’m going to satisfy my hunger.

No one would ever know about it as I have organized to eliminate the last of the remnants from the scene of the crime.

I further attack and make some small pieces out of it and finally take out my small trident to pock it further and had one small piece at a time, taking my time to relish my large Choco Lava cake, little by little, piece after piece it is melting in my mouth satiating my gastronomic desires.

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