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Venkatesh R

Drama Classics Inspirational

The King Maker

The King Maker

3 mins

It was a usual political meeting, the kids were present and the speech of the leader was inspirational, all the kids were chattering and chattering and one kid was so attentive in the entire crowd.

He listened to each and every line of the speech.

Once the speech was over, he ran back to home on his barefoot.

His mother was awaiting the boy, the boy with so much enthusiasm explained each and every word and he said he will be a politician one day. The mother kissed him and prepared the bed to sleep.

The boy due to his personal reasons, he left the school after completing the fourth standard. He worked for the politicians for petite works like spreading the message, pasting the posters, and participated in various party meetings.

Soon the time passed on and the boy grew up. The party members appreciated his work and dedication slowly, he climbed up the ladder of the politics.

He became the chief minister of his own state day and night he worked for his country.

He was sad to see the kids working on the street and identified the cause of child labor. He understood that poverty cannot be won without education and started providing the mid-day meal for the kids.

Under his leadership, many industries grew at one instance there was a kid who had to undergo surgery and in those days the government policies had rules and regulations which delayed the process, he mentioned that government is for the people and rules were meant to be changed for the well being of people. He listened to his subordinates and respected their suggestions and worked for the well being of the nation.

He was an eligible bachelor, who lived a simple life. He used his personal savings to educate the poor for higher studies.

He avoided unnecessary expenditure as a government servant and traveled freely without any security guard and never did a publicity campaign for his work.

He rarely visited his mother in her old age and restricted her to claim the benefits of his position from the government officials. He dedicated his entire life to the party and gave a pathway to the youngsters to grow in politics and descended as a member of the party.

In a world, where politicians lived a luxury and wealthy life, he resigned by setting an example of a leader and lived with a bi-cycle and died with a wealth of five rupees.

Today a lot of politicians hail his name and hang his picture and monuments in the party office and across the state. Had they been followed his footsteps and kept his qualities in the heart, this country would have prospered better.

He was the only leader, who brought a change in me. Though I am not a politician, I know education has nothing to do with leadership, and to address the poverty you need to understand the cause of it, and you need to respect your subordinates and respect their ideas and do not misuse the power selfishly.

India is not a country of wealth, still, we are yet to win poverty.

Though he lives in books, he needs to live in the heart of the fortune youngsters to make India a corrupt-free country.

He is none other than Dr. Kamarajar, who continues to live in the soul of many people by his deeds.

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