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Punyasloke Bose

Drama Inspirational


Punyasloke Bose

Drama Inspirational

The Go Getter

The Go Getter

9 mins 153 9 mins 153

Tarun was just an average student in school. However hard he tried, he never could improve much on his previous performances. His elders constantly reminded him that there was no 'future' for the average person in the society. Tarun thought and thought and the more he thought he was finding himself going round and round in a vicious circle of result less effort and failure. Whereas his friends like Tushar and others were roaring away to success and glory. Slowly due to constantly being a below average performer, Tarun started going into a depression. This was acerbated by his elders who always reminded Tarun of the success of the likes of Tushar and others. Tremendous peer pressure was the reason for his failures Strangely, he was being drawn into the vortex of failure and low esteem. As he entered this world of failures, Tarun found surprisingly that he had company and lots of it. There were many people who otherwise looked happy and content were members of this world of failure. Strangely there was no competition here. On the contrary, he had sympathisers from this group who welcomed him in this world. They all had tasted repeated failures and now had lost all interest in breaking the jinx of constant failures. Tarun thought that it was best he surrendered to his destiny. Too much of competition had drawn all his energy and then achieving failure deflated his ego to a bottom less pit. Life continued this way for sometime and his company in failure were motivating him to take drastic unwarranted steps. Some were urging him to take recourse of the bottle i.e.alcohol and some others were motivating him to put and end to this 'worthless' life.

Slowly, Tarun became so pliable that he could be influenced into taking any decision that were helping others vested interests. Seeing him slowly going down into the depths of gloom and depression his family members were very worried. But whatever advise or pep talk they gave him fell into deaf ears. They even sought counselling for him. But that was a costly and long drawn affair. For a middle class family to sustain the expenses for so long and hold the patience till there were results was asking for a bit too much. 

Slowly Tarun was sinking into a deep morass from where there was no point of return. Drifting down the road of failure was not difficult and there were constant catalysts like drugs and alcohol that helped the incumbents to keep going.

But surprisingly, Tarun though kept drifting, he never surrendered to the vices of drugs and alcohol. Even some women with doubtful integrity tried to influence him and lure him into their honey trap couldn't find success.

Even the deepest pits in this world have a bottom and probably Tarun was now groping in the bottom of one of these pits. Because slowly and dramatically things and situations began to change for Tarun. At one time lady luck had abandoned Tarun like a street side pariah and now he was becoming the apple of her eye.

A chance happening changed the course of his life. Tarun joined a political party and became a close confidante of a local leader. He could work very hard and got a lot of motivation from some hidden force from within. The leader Radhesham, who had taken Tarun under his tutelage strangely found a lot of promise in this young lad. Tarun was sent to various political workshops and did attend many brain storming sessions on political studies. In a couple of years Tarun was blazing across the countryside delivering speeches and explaining governmental schemes to the public. His speeches began drawing lot of crowds and slowly he became very articulate and his oratory received wide acclaim. Tarun's good work was being recognised likewise his opponents were becoming jealous of him day to day. One opposition leader who never liked Tarun was Natwarlal. Tarun had a brush with Natwarlal later on which would affect his personal life. We'll come to that later on. 

Meanwhile Tarun had decided that he would not spend his whole life in politics. He just wanted a platform to make a greater leap in this life from where he could be financially stable and secure. Little did he realise that this is a sticky ground and which has it's own charm and one who enters this field is intoxicated with the usual benefits that come along with it. A politician rarely retires, he may take an extended sabbatical. Tarun would realise this. 

However, Tarun now had big contacts in the higher areas of the executive from where sensitive and powerful decisions are made. His political standing was on even firm grounds. A battery of lawyers and policemen were there for him always at his beck and call. He could seek any advice from the executive or the judiciary any time at his whims and fancy. 

The decision that influence the business world are dependent on the inner echelons of the executive and Tarun now had a direct access. He knew that he was ambitious and to fulfil his ambition and live the dreams he must milk his influence to fine tune his business settings.

Tarun had already set up a not too inconspicuous business conglomerate under the name of his mother. He achieved all these through his many political contacts. Now he wanted a juicy pie in a semiconductor and lithium battery deal with a foreign agency. Because fossil fuel due to the climatic change was now on the wane and the future of mobility was dependent on electric vehicles that are powered by lithium battery. Being a country with a huge population and the sizeable use of electric vehicle in future, sale of lithium battery would go up exponentially. Tarun now had become a go getter, an opposite to the depressed lad of his early twenties. He had moved on considerably and the earlier self was just a hazy shadow of the blazing successful new Tarun. A team of well trained management graduates and engineering technicians helped him run his business empire day to day. He employed the best human resources available in the market to run his show

. Tarun had now won the election and was made a junior minister in the cabinet led by Radhesham. Natwarlal was the leader of the opposition. How destiny had changed life for Tarun, who a laggard in school where the successful students were Tushar and others. Tushar with a brilliant academic record had joined the civil service and was Secretary in government department. As destiny would have it, Tarun was minister in the department where Tushar was a secretary. So as per Govt protocol Tarun was the boss of Tushar being a minister. So, Tarun an average student in school was the boss of a brilliant academic performer Tushar, now. Tarun had indirectly proved his elders wrong by out shining his brilliant classmates who were now waiting to take orders from him. 

This was a different Tarun who had gone around the country giving speeches on self dependency and using local made products. He knew that to satisfy his personal ego and ambition he had to side with the quasi capitalists. He himself had given fiery speeches on crony capitalists and the nexus between them and the Government . To find success, Tarun knew that he would have to use the modus operandi of the crony capitalist. The ideology of a person changes from situation to situation. Tarun knew this and also knew that a successful Tarun was a definite success of the country. So the means of achieving success was the least prioritised motive for Tarun. He knew that he had to be a go getter otherwise negativity would bog him down and send him in depression and depression means that his life was almost finished. Another decision Tarun made would change his life and influence his thinking later on.

Long before Tarun had set his foot in the world of politics, he was into college students Union. This was the cradle for him. From here he learnt the trade of politics. During his union days he was friendly with a girl. This girl was also an union member and she had to work in tandem with Tarun in all the political activities of the college. This girl was Smita and she was the darling daughter of her successful politician Dad, Natwarlal. Smita and Tarun hit off quite well. Radhesham, the political leader with whom Tarun had now started working was a bitter enemy of Natwarlal. Knowing the difference of their political ideologies however didn't keep the two friends, Tarun and Smita separated. As time passed their friendship turned to love. They wanted to get married but no one had the courage to propose the words of marriage due to the brazen image of Natwarlal. Smita knew her father would never approve of her match with Tarun. Working for Radhesham a strong opponent of Natwarlal, made the case for Tarun an aborted mission. But Tarun had an idea which he shared with Smita. Although she was sceptical of the success of this plan but had to give in or surrender to separation.

Tarun and his friends laid a trap for Natwarlal's wife Bina, mother to Smita. While going on a temple visit, Tarun and friends abducted Bina along with her car and took it to a remote located temple on the outskirts of their town. From there they made a threatening call to Natwarlal's House. Natwarlal was told that his wife Bina had been kidnapped and if he wanted his wife back then he must agree to the marriage of his daughter with Tarun. Hearing this Natwarlal was beside with rage. He absolutely despised Tarun because he was successful and worked for his arche enemy Radhesham. Natwarlal didn't relent. Then he was made to listen a recorded voice of his wife Bina, who could be heard crying in pain and suffering. Bina pleaded with her husband, Natwarlal to accede to the demand of Tarun.

She said that Tarun was not a bad groom after all. She reminded Natwarlal of his early days and of his conduct. How he had escaped with Bina in their younger days and married her against both their parent's wishes. She said that his past karma had come back to haunt him now. Natwarlal not to be cowed down easily, took the help of the police. But the police had to take orders from Radhesham because he was in power. Besides according to the Police, no crime had been committed as it was an action between two consenting adults, the Police expressed their inability to take action. Smita seeing the drama enfold pleaded with her father. When he didn't bend down to accommodate, Smita ran away to the hideout and with the blessings of her mother wed Tarun at a private ceremony. Radhesham blessed the couple on behalf of the state. Another example of a Go Getter or the Indian version '' Jugaadu ''. 

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