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Ritu Das

Horror Tragedy Fantasy


Ritu Das

Horror Tragedy Fantasy

The Fellowmate

The Fellowmate

4 mins 260 4 mins 260

It was getting darker. The trees ready to go to sleep, the birds returning to their shelter, and the forest swallowed by silence. Talk of animal attacks in the woods was circulating in the nearby villages. 

Isra looked around carefully. Her eyes wide open, hoping to catch a figure moving in the dark. She felt a little scared. She was still very young to do this alone. 

"Who's there?" 

She heard a voice and turned around to see a male figure. He was very tall and his face wasn't clear in the dark. 

"Who are you?" Isra asked him. 

"Oh, little kid! What are you doing in the forest? It's not safe here." He said and came nearer. 

"I lost my ball in the woods and then I lost my way."

The man chuckled. His voice was thick and thus his laughter sounded spooky. 

"Poor kid! Don't worry. I'll help you find the way out." He said. 

Isra took a step back. Should I? She thought. 

"Are you scared of me?" The man asked. 

Isra shook her head. 

The man knelt down. His face was still not clear but he was wearing a large black hat and a long black jacket. He appeared queer to Isra. 

"Don't be scared of me." He said. "My name's Finn. I live in the nearby village. Where do you live?"

"Same." Replied Isra.

"That's great! Then come, let's go back home together."

They started walking side by side. 

"What's your name, little girl?"


"What a lovely name. How old are you Isra?"

"I'm nine years old."

"Oh! You're a big kid."

"I want to be bigger but I don't seem to grow anymore."

Finn laughed. 

"Kids like you always want to grow old faster."

They could see the top of the hills far away. Finn pointed at it and said, " Do you know the story of the hills, Isra? "

Isra looked upon at him. "No." She said.

"People say that the hill is haunted."


"Yes. There's a house in that haunted hill and people have seen a ghost there. Do you believe in ghost stories?"

"Yes, I do." Isra said. 

"Are you scared of them?" Finn asked her. 

She thought for a while and said, "Sometimes."

"But why are you scared of them?"

"Because they're different than us." Isra said. 

"What if I'm a ghost?"

An owl hooted nearby. The surrounding was more visible now because of the moonlight. Isra looked at Finn. She could now see his features. He had a sharp hooked nose. 

"You can't be a ghost."

"Why not?"

"You don't look like one."

"Do you know how ghosts look like?" Asked Finn. 

"They usually have a scary face."

There was a pause. They continued to walk. Soon the forest started getting thinner. 

"I think we'll soon reach the village." Said Isra. She didn't get a reply and looked beside to realize that Finn wasn't there. 

"Mister Finn?" Isra called. She felt nervous. She brushed away her hair from her face and called again. "Where are you?"

Her eyes searched everywhere. She saw something moving behind a tree and quietly took a few steps ahead to reach there, "Mr. Finn?"

"Hoooooooooooooo!" A black figure shouted from behind the tree. Isra lost her balance and fell down. She tried to get up but one of her legs got stuck in a branch. The black figure came towards her. He had a large black hat and a long black jacket. Isra recognized him.

As Finn came closer, Isra somehow managed to get up and ran away to hide behind the bushes. Finn took no time to find her. He slowly went near and grabbed her from behind. That is when Isra put her fangs in his throat. Finn screamed in pain and fear. His voice echoed everywhere. The birds from the nearby trees flew away. The moon hid behind the clouds. Only darkness remained there to witness the horror as Isra sucked the last drop of blood from Finn's body. 

"I'm so sorry, you were a good fellow but I'm new to this and always craving human blood." Isra said as she threw away the body behind the bushes... 


Thick clouds covered the whole sky. Ken and his girlfriend Jenny were on their way to the woods to spend some time together when they came across a little girl.

"Hey, little fellow! What are you doing here alone?" Asked Jenny. 

"I lost my ball in the woods and then I lost my way."

Jenny smiled at her. "Awwwww! Don't worry. Come with us..."

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