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Ritu Das

Drama Romance


Ritu Das

Drama Romance

Diaries Ep: II

Diaries Ep: II

5 mins 217 5 mins 217

         (Please read Diaries Ep:1 before reading this) 

His diary:

I've so many things to tell you. First of all, she is coming home in the evening. Yessssssssss! I'm so excited. 

So what happened... 

Today I was late for school. They didn't allow me inside and I kept standing outside the gate for a while, (hoping they'd let me in once the morning assembly is over) then when I was about to give up and took my cycle to return home, I saw her coming running towards me. 

"Bhetore dhukte dilo na?" (Didn't they let you in?) She asked. 

I thought my heart would explode. I somehow managed to say "No".

She looked really sad after hearing this. 

"I'm never late for school," She said. 

I didn't say anything.

I'm a regular latecomer. I thought. 

We kept standing there for some time then I heard her saying, "Mumma jante parle mere felbe". (Mumma would kill me if she finds out that they didn't let me enter the school).

I didn't know what to say. My hands were shivering even though I was sweating under the unbearable heat of the sun. 

"Bolish na.. Tahole jantei parbe na" (Do not tell her.. Then she won't know) I said after a while. 

She smiled. I swear I thought I'd melt right there. 

As now we couldn't go back home we thought that we'd go watch a movie till the school's over. 

We went to the cheapest Cinema Hall which was near the big market so after the film we spent the rest of the time there, searching for the perfect jhumkoshe'd wear with her pink lahenga. 

I always thought that she's shy but as she said, "I'm shy at first but I do the stupidest random shit once I get comfortable and it takes me only fifteen minutes to get comfortable with someone". She told me about her childhood and her grandma. She told me how she loves cocoa butter ice cream made by her grandma and I started calling her Coco after that. I hope she didn't mind it. She then named me Tom, I loved the name. 

I just love how she talks, how she smiles, how she makes faces, how her eyes shine, how she laughs while telling stories about her best friend Nikita. 

I'm just so in love with her.

I invited her to my place in the evening because she said she's having problems with some chapters of English and I said that I'll help her with it. 

I keep wondering... How I got so lucky? 

Her diary:

Ooooooohhhhhhh gooooooooddddddddd! I just don't know from where to start. I keep thanking my bloody good luck. 

Today I went to the movies with him. Yes! I ain't lying. I woke up really late this morning because I was watching Vampire Diaries till 3 am last night and I was late for school. Mumma kept shouting at me for waking up late. I hurriedly dressed up and literally raaaaaaaan to catch the bus but as I was late I couldn't catch it (obviously) then I had to take an autorickshaw to school but it was of no use. They didn't let us in the school. By us, I meant me and him. Yesssssss! He was late too. And omg! I'm losing words. This is so butterflies-in-my-stomach moment that I just don't know how to express all my emotions through writing, my hands are still shivering and it's all like a dream which I have every night. 

We decided to watch a movie till the school's over so that our parents wouldn't know that we couldn't enter the school. I regret now that how I kept talking all the way. He must be thinking that I'm a weirdo.

I also told him about Neha Di's wedding and how Neha di and Ronit Da met and fell in love. I even told him what I'll wear at their wedding and I took him to all the stalls of the big market which is near the Cinema Hall we went to and kept searching for the oxidized silver jhumkas I keep looking for at every shop, until we finally found it. I hope he didn't get irritated. 

It was really awkward with him at first. I was just nodding and was replying with something as bland as, ohhhh.. Hmmm.. Achhhaaa. But he made me feel comfortable. He is sooooooo different from other people. I wish we'd started talking decades ago (though I'm only 17). I mean, he's just so, NICE! And his eyes, they're so.. What's the right word? Calm? I don't think anyone has ever felt uneasy with how the way he looks at people. How could someone not fall for him?

He told me that his friends call him Hulo (a bengali term roughly meaning a male cat) because he loves cats and he had many pet cats in his childhood. So I named him Tom, the reason is pretty obvious. Oh! And he named me Coco because I told him the story of one summer vacation when I went to Didun's place and she made me cocoa butter ice cream and how I just loved it and never wanted to come back home for I had to leave the ice cream behind. Coco! How cute. I couldn't help blushing. I guess he noticed it too. 

Later, he invited me to his home this evening for he said he can help me with my English lessons. I'm very nervous, honestly. Things happened so fast that I didn't even realize how we became friends. Omg! We're friends now. I can't believe it... 

(To be continued.. ) 

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