Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Sreenath Surya Ramkumar

Drama Tragedy


Sreenath Surya Ramkumar

Drama Tragedy

The Fate

The Fate

2 mins

Naveen wanted to be a director, but his stories were always rejected by the producers. So, for a long time, he was depressed as he had no job. He was desperately in need of a perfect story. He came to the decision to direct at least a short story. After one month of tough circumstances, he thought to give a try for one last time. He met a producer.

Naveen started narrating the story:


Sheela was the mother of Balan. Balan's birth gave her both happiness and worries. Balan was born with leukemia ( a type of cancer). However, his parents brought him up with regular treatment and good care. He was 5 years old. One day, Sheela took Balan to the hospital for his usual Chemotherapy. The doctor checked him and came with good news. Sheela was very much delighted to hear that.


Balan became alright. The regular treatment and proper care gave life to him. He survived cancer. Sheela's happiness knew no bounds. Sheela kissed Balan. He looked at Sheela with an innocent smile. Sheela cherished his smile. His happiness was her happiness too. Sheela thanked the doctor and paid the consultation fee. As she walked out of the hospital, Balan held her pinkie finger and was walking with her.

Sheela took her phone out of her handbag and rang to her husband as she boarded the auto back home.


Her husband picked up.

'Hello...' the voice came from the other side.

'Hello! Balan survived cancer! He is alright now!' said Sheela with joy.

'Really... Thank God. Where are you now?' said her husband.

'We are on our way home' said Sheela.

'Okay, I will be there before you arrive!' said her husband with a laugh.

'Okay, bye' said Sheela with a smile and disconnected the call.

Her husband reached home before them. A call came. It was from Sheela. He attended the call 'Hello.'

'Hello, who are you? Where is Sheela?' asked her husband worried.

'Your wife and your son met with an accident,' said the voice from the other side.



He got information about where they were admitted and reached that hospital. He was waiting outside the ICU tensed. The doctor came out. 'I am sorry for your loss,' said the doctor. Naveen stopped and saw the reaction of the producer.

"Then.." asked the producer. "Then...her husband lost all his hope of life and was depressed. After one month, he somehow got hope. And now...He is here to say his own story."

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