Sreenath Surya Ramkumar

Abstract Classics Fantasy


Sreenath Surya Ramkumar

Abstract Classics Fantasy

The Interrogation

The Interrogation

4 mins

"This place looks very nice. Where have you brought me?"

"You are in an imaginary room of our operation. This place was created by our elite programmers. This is created just to make the accused pleasant and get answers from them. Now, Can we start?"

"Wait. I was wandering in a place full of green and brownish spade-shaped things. Then, I witnessed a flash. Now, I am here. How did I come here?"

"That's a simple question. We captured you. And those spade-shaped things are trees. Some tourists who came to The National Park saw you moving at an abnormal speed. They informed the forest authority and you were captured. They surrounded you with huge flashlights so that you cannot see anything and a sleeping dose was given to you. We who have been searching for you somehow got information about your capture. So we brought you into our custody."

"But, I know how trees look like. What I saw wasn't one of those. You said it was a national park, but I couldn't find any animals. Then, I was noticing from the beginning of this session. Why are your hand and leg movements too slow? You are walking so slowly."

"I am not allowed to answer you more than this. This session is to interrogate you and not me. Now you are supposed to answer my questions. Where are you from? How did you come here? What do you want from us?"

"I think you don't know how to deal with a stranger, but you look like good people. I hope you help us. Let me tell about us. We were wandering in the space, looking for refuge, as our planet is losing its ability to sustain life. We have been sent as the explorers and saviours of our planet. Thank God, we found a planet that sustains life."

" You have answered only the last question that was asked."

"We were travelling for about one month. Then we saw our spaceship being pulled by something powerful. Wormhole, Blackhole...some sort of thing like that. We decided immediately and got ourself separated in various small spaceships. I lost consciousness as soon as I entered that thing. The fact is that, though we got separated, the pull from that thing got all of us into that. I got consciousness and was wandering in your mysterious planet for three days. I was surviving with the remaining food in the space ship. And.... I am from Earth."

"I expected it as you said about trees. Then, sorry for your crew. They could not make out.

"What? They are not alive?"

"Yes. We gave a sleeping dose to them also. But as we don't know the amount to be given for your species, it became poisonous and they could not survive. We tested one by one by reducing the amount of dose. At least be happy that, we gave correct amount to you. You must have been wondering, how we know your language, your measurement units etc. I will reveal you everything now. The thing you and your crew got pulled into is our planet. It is a transparent one. Our planet is not a constant one. It takes the characteristics of the nearest life sustaining planet and goes near it. Then our planet consumes that one and extends its life. As the life of our planet extends, the speed of our movement rises. The spade-shaped thing you saw, is nothing but the things which were getting converted into trees, as we are nearing your planet. We interrogated you just to confirm that you are from Earth. The spaceship in which you came, showed us the distance you travelled. Let me say you something interesting. We have control over our planet's movement. So, we can speed it up to reach your planet as soon as possible. You are called humans right? You are going to be the first and last human to see us. May you and your planet rest in peace."

" Wait.. Let me apologize to you before you kill me."

"For What?"

"For lying to you upto this moment."

"What? Then.."

"I am not from planet Earth. I am from the planet that consumed Earth. I have come here to inform you that your planet is being pulled by ours and your end is near. You know something..... There is always someone greater than you."

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