The Elves And The Shoemaker

The Elves And The Shoemaker

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Once there was a shoemaker who had become so poor that at last ,he had remained with a little leather through which only a pair of shoes can be prepared.In the evening, he cut out the leather to prepare shoes which he intended to begin up in the next morning,and lay down quietly. He said his prayers and fell asleep.

In the morning when he had prayed as usual,and was preparing to sit down to work ,he found the pair of shoes standing finished on his table he was amazed and unable to believe his eyes. They were neatly seen that not a stitch was out of place,and were as good as work of master- hand.

Soon after a purchaser came in,and as he was much pleased with the shoes he paid more than the ordinary price for them so that the shoemaker was able to buy leather for two more pairs with that money.

Asusually he made the leather ready and slept off as he can start his work in the next morning and he was so surprised to see that the shoes was already finished, this made him earn much money and this went off for days and he became a well-to-do man.

One evening not long before Christmas,he asked his wife " why can't we sit here up tonight to find who is behind this". His wife agreed and they layed leather and hide themselves in the room corner.

At midnight,two little undressed men came in and finished shoes with their tiny fingers so neatly and quickly. They keep on doing till everything was finished then they ran swiftly away.

The next day the wife said "the little men made us rich ,and we ought to show our gratitude they have no clothes so I will make them little shirts,coats,waistcoats,and you shall make them each pair of shoes".

The husband agreed and in the evening they made everything ready and layed them on table and hid themselves.

At midnight they came skipping in and were about to set to work; but instead they found the little charming clothes. At first they were surprised, but later, then were extremely delighted. With the greatest speed they put on and smoothened down the pretty clothes, singing:

"Now we're dressed so fine and neat, Why cobble more for other's feet?"

Then they hopped and danced about and leaped over chairs and tables,and went out of the doors. Henceforward they came back no more,but the shoemaker fared well as long as he lived.

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