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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Ruhi Sharma

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Ruhi Sharma

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Daunting Horrific House

The Daunting Horrific House

8 mins 200 8 mins 200

I am brought up in a small-town city i.e. Amritsar, Punjab in North India. Life is unpredictable and is not the bed of roses. You never know when you see the adverse circumstances of life while life is in its full swing and blooming too.

I live in a street where houses are numbered. Exactly, If I say around 10 to 12 houses, out of which, as of now one is the vacant house from the past ten years and still now recognized as the haunted house.

This house is adjacent to my parental home and was our neighborhood. This is the place where I had rejoiced in my childhood. I had always considered that I have two homes in the same lane. I had always delivered my two contact numbers at my school in case of any emergency. Even my schoolmates also contacted me wherever I was available to talk. Still smiling at my innocence and till now I know the landline numbers of both houses. It was 425192 and 425852.

Actually, this house owner was not only my neighbors but I had a blood relation with them. The landlord lady was none other than my maternal aunt (Massy). My father's efforts were fruitful as he was able to crack the deal of that house for my aunt. I remembered the day and my million-dollar smile when my aunt shifted to my neighbors. I was on top of the world.

I was hardly 6 to 7 years old and my aunt was very close to my heart. She was the eldest sister among my all maternal aunt and my mother is the youngest of all. I never had a chance to have a love of my grandparents as they were expired when my mother was a child. My aunt had nurtured my mother and both sisters were having a heart to heart connection.

Years passed than unfortunately, on 8th October 2000 my aunt had a severe heart attack in the evening. My maternal uncle pinged at my home with a trembling voice. My father and I hurriedly rushed to my aunt's house. I always had goosebumps whenever think of my past I had faced as a child I was a teenager of 13 years old. We were having two-wheelers at that time. One was a Vespa scooter and one was Bajaj Chetak. My father drove the scooter alone and I carried my aunt with my uncle on the other scooter. Though I am always strong enough to face adverse circumstances of my life still my heart was in my mouth.

We reached directly to the heart specialist home so that my aunt could be diagnosed and immediately can start with the medical aid. The doctor prescribed admission to the hospital along with the E.C.G to be done before admission. We again rushed to the main laboratory and after all, the test was completed, we immediately initiated the process of the admission to city hospital i.e. Guru Nanak Dev Hospital. The staff nurse allotted the bed and dripped my aunt but we all were aware it is a serious matter. We were trying hard to come up with the circumstances. My uncle was badly broken beside me and my father.

My uncle was indulged in completing the formalities at reception. My father was about to monitor the drip but all of sudden my aunt tried to call my father and desired to have a sip of water. With shivering hands, I filled the glass of water, handover to my father. On the one side of my aunt, my father tried to lift my aunt's head and on the other side, I was trying to relax my aunt by touching her forehead. She hardly had a sip of water. She released her last breath and dropped her head on my father’s chest. The environment was full of grief. My father was busted out. Tears started rolling upon my cheeks but I controlled my tears as I had to look after my father as well as my uncle too. At that very moment, even I had to inform my mother as well as my cousin that they had lost their sister and her mom. Every ritual was finished.

Time flew away and the day came when my sister was married and she started her new wedded life in another city. She is the only daughter of her parents. My uncle was living alone and then in the year 2007, my uncle passed away. From the year 2007 till now the house is completely locked. I had the keys to that house but after my marriage I handover to my sister.

My neighbors had complaint many times that they had heard an eerie voice from the house. Many times, the doorbell is ringed automatically. The lid of the water tank is reopened and closed several times. They have seen various footmarks at the staircase of the roof. The children of the lane had named it the haunted house. Nobody even dares to park any vehicle in front of the house.

Though I am a strong believer in God, I myself had a vision of daily chanting, evening prayers that I had recited in the past with my uncle and aunt. Many times, I had noticed the calling of my aunt as she is sending some signals and trying hard to convey any message. I had visualized the soul of both living and staying in that house. I pay a visit to my parents’ house once a year. Recently, I was in my home town at my parents’ home. It rained heavily and all of sudden the lane was flooded with water. I peeped out from my window and noticed water blockage on the terrace of my aunt's house. The water was pouring from the porch. I preferred to check and clear the drainage.

I arranged the keys and opened the gate. But I was extremely frightened. As I entered, I turned towards the wall to turn on the power. The moment I stepped forward; A giant dark shadow appeared on the wall and appeared spooky. It made my blood run to gold. My throat ran dry immediately in this old mansion like I was in a deep desert. Even I broke out in a cold sweat. I scampered and instantly turned on the main power button.

I proceeded to the main hall door to grasp the terrace key which was hooked on the key stand of the room. As soon as I touched the hall door, the hinges of the door started creaking. The strange frightening sounds echoed through the hall and later, I heard my aunt whispering into my ears. It was a true heebie-jeebies situation.

I searched everywhere but the shadow disappeared. My heart missed a beat and I was thinking to leave and ran away. But all of sudden I had a glimpse of my aunt portrait hanged on the wall of the hall room. My heart melted and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was mesmerized and was flooding with my aunt’s memories. We both had loved each other by heart and soul. I was into deep grief but still dreaming of the green forest. My brain was numbed. But unfortunately, the portrait slipped down and collapsed on my head. I had a narrow escape and was back to my present situation.

 I tried to calm down and stepped into the room. I look forward to the key but heard a scraping sound from the cupboard. I tried to call out to my aunt soul but there was no response; only an eerie silence. I opened the cupboard slowly and bent down to peer closer when a white, icy cold hand pulled me back. It was the scary man with no mouth. I was scared stiff and I was mourned too. I scarcely believed my eyes about happening around me. The moment I dare to step ahead, I heard my uncle calling out from behind, and frightened me. I tried to break free from the grip of the icy cold hand and rushed out of the room.

While running out from the hall room, I cocked an eye at that room and accidentally my foot stuck in the huge piles of the newspaper of the storeroom. I had breathlessness due to suffocation in the storeroom. I tried to walk on the dusty cheeked newspapers to open the storeroom windows. I was trembling like a leaf and my teeth started grinding too. My situation was a horror of Dracula. I tried hard to escape but all in vain as I heard a dreadful voice, shall we go upstairs? It was the more spirits and ghosts surrounded everywhere. The blood droplets were dropping on the windowpane and cracked windows of the storeroom were about to fall. I was unable to find any way to step downstairs.

I hurriedly climbed upstairs to the roof and ghost opened the gate of the terrace. I was astonished and had a great fall from the steps of the stairs on the floor of the terrace. A scary ghost pushed me badly and my knees were injured. I was breathless and speechless. But I had a sigh of relief on the terrace and was in hope to get away within a moment. With severe pain, I was unable to walk but rapidly climbed the short wall of my neighborhood terrace. My neighbor’s son quickly jumped on the porch of the terrace and lend me a helping hand.

My condition revealed the all matter to them as well as my family. I busted with pain and screamed loudly. It was a nightmare but I had faced the horrible reality of a house on a haunted hill. My father locked the gate of my aunt's house and till now it is in the same condition.

Even I was unable to sleep the whole night and was overthinking that what if the hand had pulled me inside the cupboard? It was a severe terrible live experience and really “The Daunting Horrific House.

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