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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Vishalini . C

Drama Crime Thriller


Vishalini . C

Drama Crime Thriller

The Confusing case

The Confusing case

10 mins

The police had been investigating for the past one week. Some said it was a suicide and some say it was a murder. Not a fingerprint was found until IPS Akshay Kumara Swamy took hold of the case. The fingerprints were of a man who claimed to have seen a man with a white face, black mask and red cap carrying the Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner in his hands. He said that the man had asked for help carrying the owner and he had helped too. It has been one week and the police are doing a reinvestigation. They called the man in. Akshay Kumara Swamy was as usual in his Khaki dress. A wall supported the stick in one corner of the investigation room. The man entered.

Akshay: Sit down

The man: Yes, sir

Akshay: What is your name?

The man: My father named me Munnayura Krishnan at first sir, but, I renamed myself as Munnu Krishna and my friends called me as Munnu.

Akshay: Did you see a man stab the victim in the stomach with a sharp rod?

The man: No, sir. A white man wearing a black mask and a red cap carried the Sri Kumaran Gold shop owner to a van.

Akshay: Oh! God! Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner is fine. He is still in his house. He is safe and sound

The man: Oh! Thank God, sir. I thought that something would happen to him while that stranger stabbed him in the stomach with a rod.

Akshay: So, you saw him stab?

The man: No, sir. A white man wearing a black mask and a red cap carried the Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner to a van.

Akshay: Whatever. Leave it. Did the man talk to you?

The man: How can he talk when that white man with black mask and red cap is stabbing him, sir?

Akshay: It’s my fate to investigate you. Anyways, did the white man with the black cap talk to you?

The man: Was it a black cap, sir? I thought it was a red cap and a black mask, sir.

Akshay: Ok. Ok. Did that white man with a black mask and a red cap talk to you?

The man: Yes, sir. He asked me for help to carry the Sri Kumaran Gold shop owner to the van.

Akshay: It wasn’t the Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner. It was my brother. I am damn worried about him and you are my only lead.

The man: Was the Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner your brother, sir? I didn’t know that. I couldn’t make it out since you don’t wear any gold and I have seen your house. How small! Your brother is so selfish, sir.

Akshay: My brother is the most selfless person I know. I can beat you to a pulp right now but, it would be against the law.

The man: Oh! Sorry, sir. I have a doubt, sir.

Akshay: What would that doubt be?

The man: I thought that if you beat me to a pulp, then, won’t you lose your only witness, sir?

Akshay: Ramani. Head constable Ramani.

Ramani: Yes, sir

Akshay: Take this idiot out.

The man: May I take your leave myself, sir?

Akshay: Just get out.

Akshay thinks about all that Munnu had told. White man, black mask, red cap, he had asked for help from this idiot which meant that he knew this idiot was an idiot. He said that he had carried Sri Kumaran Gold shop owner. His brother more or less looked like him. Not ugly, but not handsome too. Fair and thin, just like that Gold Shop owner. Akshay called Ramani back and told him to fetch Munnu but, he had gone long back. Akshay made his mind up and decided to speak calmly. He asked Ramani and the other constables to get him in the police jeep.   Akshay took a deep breath and invited Munnu to sit in the investigation room. Munnu looked too tired to start a conversation.

Akshay: Hey, Munnu.

Munnu: Sir, I am feeling too tired and hungry.

Akshay: Ramani, get him a packet of Veg-Biriyani from the Nair’s shop

Munnu: That’s what I like about you, sir. My wife didn’t let me in nor did she give me food since she said that I should be loyal to the money the white man with the black mask and red cap had given me. But, he wasn’t loyal himself, sir. But, you are great, sir. You give me food, let me sleep in that bench there every alternate night when you go to the Ellis Nagar.

Akshay: What do you do on the rest days?

Munnu: I sleep in that bench outside till 6:30am and leave at 6:45 after giving Ramani sir 50 rupees for letting me stay here until you come at 7:00am.

Akshay: RAMANI! What is this man blabbering?

Ramani: Nothing, sir.

Akshay: Don’t lie. You just heard what he said and whatever he has said till now is true even if it’s a bit idiotically said.

Ramani: Sorry, sir.

Akshay: You can’t stay in the police station. Mister.

Munnu: Then where will I stay, sir?

Akshay: Munnu, your wife may be mad at you but, she will let you stay if you go. I have been watching you for the past 3 days. I know what happened. Your wife said that she won’t let you sleep in the house if you keep coming to the police station for investigation.

Munnu: Yes, sir. And I left the house and started sleeping here.

Akshay: Okay. You said something about money, right?

Munnu: Yes, sir. That white man with black mask and red cap gave me some money

Akshay: Why do you think he gave you the money?

Munnu: He said something about being happy having solved the revenge but, he shouldn’t let me escape his eye sight since I had seen him during the time he was killing the Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner

Akshay: Yeah, right. The Sri Kumaran Gold shop owner

Munnu: Yes, sir. Even you agreed that it was that Sri Kumaran Gold Shop owner

Akshay: Ok. Ok. Continue.

Munnu: He then went away, sir

Akshay: Ok. Ramani. Take this man out

Ramani: Yes, sir

Akshay: I will just rest here.

Munnu: Bye, sir

Ramani: Come out, Munnu. Let’s go see your family

Akshay thinks hard. That man keeps an eye on him? He gave him money. This Munnu is surely hiding something. Something about something that the murderer doesn’t want us to know too. The rupee note!

Akshay calls Munnu again. He hadn’t gone far. Akshay ran after him and caught him near the children’s play park. He asked, “Do you still have that money with you?”

Akshay took the 2000 rupee note from Munnu’s hand came back running to the police office. Munnu was close at his heels too. Akshay told Munnu to get in the police jeep and asks Ramani to drive it. He goes to the bank and opens the bank door while the bank manager is shocked to see him.

Akshay: Hello, manager.

Manager (in a quivering voice): Fine. What brings you here?

Akshay: I just wanted to know whether this rupee note is real or fake.

Munnu: Fake? Govind won’t do that!

Akshay (triggering his gun and facing it at Munnu) : What? Govind? Who is that Govind? 

Munnu: I meant that Govind’s loans. That white man got the money from that loans company.

Akshay: Ramani, where is that Govind loans?

Ramani: It’s nearby, sir.

Akshay: Let’s get this bloody case solved.

Ramani: Sir, don’t yell at me for saying this but, you are taking this case too personally.

Akshay: This is personal. My brother’s death took place and this is the only idiot that knows who the killer was.

Munnu: No, sir. It was the Sri Kumaran gold shop owner who was stabbed.

Akshay: Take me to that damn loans

Ramani: Yes, sir

They go to the Govind loans. Govind loans was the nearest shop to the place where the murder took place. Akshay points his gun at the sky at shoots a bullet at which all the people run hither and thither. Akshay goes straight up to the Bank manager and grabs him by his collar.

Govind: Whoa! What’s happening here? Sir, please calm down and leave my manager alone.

Akshay (losing his grip on the Bank Manager’s collar) : Look, I hate losing my cool but, this case makes me do so.

Govind: What’s the problem, sir?

Akshay (sitting down in a chair nearby) : My brother died

Govind (sitting down next to him and gesturing the manager to leave the place) : I am so sorry to hear that, sir.

Akshay thinks hard before answering and keeps his gun on the table. He says, “It’s just that- “but is cut short by the sound of the firing of the bullet from his gun into the chest of Govind.

Akshay: What the heck did you just do, Munnayura Krishnan?

Munnu: This idiot was the one who gave me that money, sir. You said he gave me fake notes so, I just shot him. I couldn’t see him clearly that day since he was wearing a black mask and a red cap.

Akshay: I knew it, Munnu.

Munnu: How, sir?

Akshay: You are getting me wrong. I never said he was the culprit. I didn’t know that you will frame this man as the culprit.

Ramani: What are you saying, sir?

Akshay: I need to check whether Munnayura Krishnan’s wife is safe and sound.

Munnu: Safe, sir? What will I do?

Akshay: Let’s find out.

Ramani: Yes, sir but, I don’t understand.

Akshay: You will. Soon

They go to Munnu’s house only to see that his house is locked from the inside. Akshay takes a magnet out of his pocket and says, “Never know when this will come handy.” He keeps the magnet parallel to the estimated place where the latch might be and slides it down slowly and opens the door. They go inside.

Akshay: Mrs. Krishnan

Ramani: Sir, you might want to see this ID Card. It says that her name is Kuyili

Akshay: Oh! Ok. Kuyili?

Ramani: Yes, sir. Kuyili.

Munnu: You won’t know what I did with her forever.

Ramani: Come on. The minute we threaten you that we will kill you, you are going to beg us and to leave you alone.

Munnu (going backwards towards the balcony): Not if I am alive.

Ramani: What do you mean?

Akshay: Catch him!

Munnu thuds on the ground. What had they just seen? A suicide of an idiotic psycho? But, why would he suicide? Why would he kill Akshay’s brother? Why would he hide his own wife? What is Govind’s connection to this case? But, atleast, dealing with the criminal Munnu was easier than dealing with the idiotic Munnu. Akshay had learnt from this that a fool is more dangerous than a criminal. This was surely some foolish act. The case was closed due to the lack of witnesses and proof but, the case was always open in Akshay’s life.

5 years later, one day, it was Ramani’s retirement. Akshay gave a hug to Ramani.

Akshay: You have become an old man now.

Ramani: I know, sir. But, you must marry before you grow old.

Akshay: Why didn’t you marry then?

Ramani: Just like that, sir.

Akshay: Take care of yourself.

Ramani: Surely, sir. Sir, can I say something?

Akshay: Hmm-mm?

Ramani: I actually cracked your only unfinished closed case, sir.

Akshay’s ears suddenly moved with attention.

Ramani: Sir, I was checking and collecting all the evidences again as you had said when, I opened the van. I saw Kuyili tied in a sack with her head sticking out of the sack. I was baffled by what I saw. I thought that she had died and just to confirm I kept my forefinger under her nose. She was alive and breathing which meant that he had not tied her more than 2 days back. I took her to the nearby hospital and admitted her in the name of a distant cousin. When she woke up, she begged me to leave her alone if she told me the truth and I agreed.

He took a deep breath. Akshay said, ”What happened after that? Did she tell you everything?”

Ramani: Yes, sir. She had studied college with Govind and your brother. She had loved Govind there. They were shocked to see each other after such a long time here. They were talking to each other outside your courtyard when your brother saw them too. He asked them about their day to day life and she told him how her father had forced her into marrying Munnu. Your brother made a plan to elope them out of India. Munnu saw Kuyili, Govind and your brother making plans and he hit his wife up while demanding an explanation. Your brother tried to save her and Munnu stabbed him in front of her eyes. He was about to stab Govind too when his wife promised to do anything her husband told her to if he leaves Govind alive. Munnu turned towards his wife, hit her up again and dragged her to house. The last to last time, when you called Munnu for enquiry, while going back home, he had seen his wife talking to Govind through the window. He tied Kuyili up and threw her inside that old van when Govind had gone to his parents’ house on that Saturday. He died on Sunday and I released her on Monday.

Akshay was dumbstruck. All he said was, “Well done, Head Constable Ramani.”


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