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The Bike With Wings

The Bike With Wings

2 mins

'Beep, beep!' the alarm goes on...Isn't it the most annoying sound in the world??!! I wake up to the sound and get ready for breakfast. Anyways, my name's Brianne and my two most favourite things are riding the bike, and painting. My parents are always telling me what to do and what not to do even after I became an elder person. I'm not a baby! That's another noise that is overly annoying. Pancakes for breakfast!!! I eat in a jiffy and hurtle to my bike. My friends Jane, Louise, and Rosa were already there with their bikes.

My bike is the one with a combination of the colours, red, blue, and white. We start riding and talking until we come back just in time for lunch. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Jane asks. I always wanted to be an artist. One day I started painting on the walls. I was drawing a pair of wings when I saw someone trying to steal my bike!! I immediately ran after him while he was running away and dropped the bike in the middle of my painting of the wings.

I totally understood what it means. I've got an amazing plan. I told my friends what had happened and they've got an idea too!

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Louise says. "We should build wings to our cycles!" all my friends say. "We should leave our parents and live on our own!"

"No!" all my friends together said. "Why not?" I said.

"Why not? You're asking why not?!!!" they said.

Then, I disagreed with them and stayed out for a day...without my parents!! Trust me, it was really hard. I couldn't stay without them for even 1 day, how could I for my whole entire life?!?!?!

So, I apologized to my parents and to my friends too.

From the next day, me and my friends were building a model of a bike with wings.

I was also working on how to become an artist.

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