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Being Different

Being Different

2 mins

"The windows were lit up with lilac

It was the perfect day to go out

It's the perfect day to say"I'll be right back!!!"

It's a beautiful day to think about

It's a beautiful day to run in the sun

It's a beautiful day to.... "

"Who is she?"

"I don't know."

"I guess we have to find out then"

Her name is Wendy and it's her first time coming here to Sydney

"Should we put her in our team?" Mary said


But when Wendy came to their clubhouse, it didn't seem anything like her so she tried to clean it up and make it look different and the others didn't like it that way so they made it messy again with paint all over the walls and... and it's just messy.

Because of this, they understood that their personalities were different so Mary didn't want be friends with Wendy.

They started bullying her, teasing her and saying mean words to her but confident Wendy didn't care...when they were around. At home, she cried so much and asked her mother if they both could go back to LA(Los Angeles)but no. She was amazing at writing but didn't want to publish any books. One day she decided to publish all her books to prove that she is different and she became an author. The others who teased her felt bad now and apologized. So being different is a good thing too.

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