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Tushar Mandhan

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Tushar Mandhan

Drama Fantasy Thriller

The Aghori Of Panchmahabutam

The Aghori Of Panchmahabutam

7 mins 1.2K 7 mins 1.2K

“Eat it!” said Baba Sidhakapalika to me, offering the heart of the corpse after having a bite of it.

I wanted to refuse but I had no options. I had to eat the heart of the corpse which was half rotten. Then the further rituals began. He put a tilak over my forehead from the bowl made up of skull. Then he pierced my ear with the help of the beak of an eagle. Then he took the ashes, held it in his wrist, threw it in the hawana kunda with some blood and asked me to repeat after him the verse which made me a member of the Aghori community.

My eyes were trying their best to stop the tears but from inside I knew that I was regretting my decision. I was regretting my decision to accept the plan of the Puratan Bharat Shodh Sangh, the community I joined with the aim to explore the buried secrets of ancient India and my personal causes.

The Baba then asked me to spend the whole night in the cremation ground meditating. I sat near one of the burning corpse, looked at the Shivlinga, folded my hands and apologized to him for being mean. As I was alone, I spent the whole night crying. Before anyone saw me, I decided to wash my face to remove any marks of tears on my face.

“What are you doing?” said the Baba.

I was terrified as I looked behind, Baba Sidhakapalika was staring at me heatedly.

“I beg for your pardon, baba. Please tell me my fault, I meant not to be offensive.” I explained.

“Yesterday, you swore as Aghori and one of the most important aspects of which involves not loving your outer body. It is just like clothes for your soul. First and the last offense, it must be. And who am I to pardon you, ask Shiva, only he can pardon you.” Baba said.

“As you say, Baba,” I said.

Then I was supposed to join the community for the morning meditation.

I continued living the Aghori lifestyle for the next seven years with full commitment and not even a single contact with my team. I became a member of Baba Sidhakapalika’s loyal members during my fourth year.

Then the day came when my hard work of these 7 years beared fruit. Baba asked me to join his team to the anonymous expedition; he used to go after every 10 years. I was sure it would lead me to the ultimate aim of my mission.

The next day, we left during dawn.

It was a long journey but on feet, it seemed even longer. It was easy being an Aghori, staying at a place but during the journey, people staring at me was a bit uncomfortable though it was my seventh year as Aghori. After a month long journey, we reached a mountainous place where we stayed in a cave.

We did not spoke much, mostly we meditated. One afternoon, the mood of the Baba and his team was light, so, I asked them where we were going.

“Life is itself a journey, of which only starting and end is known. You know the starting but not the end. I will tell you only what the end is. Nothing more or less than that…………………….. We are going to the most powerful place in the universe, The Panchtatva Temple.” said Baba.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My suspicion was correct. The abdications of mine finally were about to pay. My mission was about to complete.

That night Baba asked me to search for a corpse in the nearby Cremation ground. I went there but a shadow stopped me. It was Varun, a member of the same team that I was a part of.

“Rudra! Thank God, finally, we got to meet you. I am following you since a month. Did you become a loyal member to them, forgetting your mission?” he asked.

“Absolutely no! Only I know what I have been through in the past seven years. I know what my mission is but I cannot ruin everything in a rush. Finally, we are about to achieve what we wanted.” I explained to him.

I asked him about my family and told him to be careful. Then, I collected some pieces of the burnt corpse. I went to the cave and offered them to the Baba. We all had our dinner.

I was looking at moon when Baba kept his hand on my shoulder and said—

“I know it was difficult for you. Leaving behind a comfortable life and family and becoming an Aghori must the toughest decision of your life. But it will pay. Your soul will unite with Shiva. But before that you have something to do; succeed me. From the next decade, I want you to lead the team to the place. I thrust you, Sidhamanusk.”

Before I could utter a word, Baba started his medication. I felt pity for breaking his belief but I couldn’t help it. I must not feel for the person who took my girlfriend’s corpse and brutally ate it.

Three years before I joined the Puratan Bharat Shodh Sangh, I had a normal life. But my girlfriend’s accident changed it all. I was waiting for the Pandit to come and start the cremation rituals when Baba came along with some others and took her corpse. I accepted the mission only for her. I motivated myself and told that I had to do it for her.

Next day, we left the cave and again started the journey.

Finally, after a yearlong expedition, one day the Baba stopped outside a cave and announced that we had reached our destination.

In the sky-touching mountains, inside the dense forest was the deep cave. We traveled through the cave and reached a waterfall inside a hollow mountain. Then we walked through the waterfall which led us to a long, dark tunnel which was red with blood and the skeletons were lying around.

Finally at the end of the tunnel, we saw the Vimana of the temple. We escaped the tunnel and the massive, magnificent temple was in front of our eyes.

The architecture of the temple was proving its ancient history. There were warriors fighting, Sadhus medicating, Poison coming out of Samudramanthan, etc.

“The temple is as old as the universe is. We are at the center of the universe at this moment. The whole energy of this universe is concentrated inside the temple. Everyone cannot enter it, only the one who is born to enter the temple and lift the Panchmahatum Mani.

This temple was created along with the universe by Brahma. The Mani has the unknown powers and so do the temple because no one knows the truth. We come here every decade to clean it and check if it is signaling us for something. The duty is passed from generation to generation. But no one is told about it accept for the special members. This is the rule.” Baba explained.

“But rules are meant to be broken.” said a voice.

We looked behind; it was the team of Puratan Bharat Shodh Sangh.

“Thank you, Rudra or should I say Baba Sidhamanusk.”

They shot everyone except me and Baba.

“Now it’s your turn,” said Varun to Baba.

Baba looked at me and said, “You know what you have to do.” And then he started chanting Om Namah Shivay. The bullet passed his head and he died with reciting Om.

The team then tried to open the door but it didn’t open. We tried our best but all the attempts went into vain. Then they asked me to try to open it alone. I just touched the door and a breeze blew which opened the door. The pillars of the temple fell, blocking the path of my team members. I looked back and then went inside the temple.

The interior of the temple had so powerful vibrations; it was difficult for me to look straight up. Suddenly, a huge creature with four arms blocked my way.

“Life or death,” he asked.

“Both are the same when there is no reason to live and no dread to die,” I answered.

He went aside and the Mani was in front of my eyes. I was mesmerized. As soon as I blinked, I was outside the temple with the Baba and the other Aghoris waiting for me.

“Let’s go,” Baba said.

I followed them without any question because it is better for some mysteries to remain unsolved. Just like life which itself is a mystery and it is only fun when it remains unsolved, once it is unfolded it ends.

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