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Magathishri B

Children Fantasy


Magathishri B

Children Fantasy

Team Edge Adventure

Team Edge Adventure

12 mins 2.5K 12 mins 2.5K

Once upon a time, there was a city by name Madhakpur where there was an adventures team called Team Edge. Because they all escape at a nick of time. They were schoolmates who were all always in a group. They are Bryan, J-Fred, Mat. All of them has a strength like Bryan can talk to animals, J-Fred can see all four sides and Mat can smell the danger, but he is not sure always. One day a King from the neighbouring kingdom announced that he is having a golden tree with golden apples in it, but sadly one apple is getting lost at the next day when they are checking. Team Edge took the challenge and ready to help the King. First J-Fred came forward and stayed under the tree, at night J-Fred got tired and slept under the tree. The next morning, they found out that one apple is missing.

That night Mat took the charge and sat under the tree. He also felt tired and slept. The next day also they found an apple was missing. This time it was Bryan. He is a hardworking man and didn’t want to let his team down. He stayed awake. Around 00:00 AM a beautiful golden Bird came near the tree and took an apple and left. Bryan shoot an arrow towards the golden Bird. He missed the Bird but got a golden feather from the Bird. Next morning, he showed it to the King. The King discussed this subject and met the team that afternoon and said, ‘if anyone of you can bring me the golden Bird they will be rewarded’.

Team Edge went in search of the golden Bird and came across a wolf. Bryan started trying to get information about the golden Bird and his friend thought they would do that on their own. The wolf said there is a city near the entrance, there you can find a hut and a rich house. Sleep at the hut and I will meet you by the next day morning. J-Fred and Mat had already reached that place and stayed at the rich house while Bryan stayed at the hut. Next morning the wolf met Bryan and took him to the palace where all the soldiers were sleeping. The wolf said “Get into the palace and you can see the Birds in a steel cage and a golden cage. Take the Bird in the steel cage and not the golden one” Bryan agreed and went inside the palace. When he saw the Bird, he could not control himself. He took the Bird out of the cage. Suddenly the Bird started to make the noise which made the soldiers awake and they caught Bryan.

The King of that city asked why Bryan was trying to steal the Bird. Then Bryan told the entire story to him. The King felt sorry for him and said “The nearby palace has a golden Horse. Bring it to me and take the Bird” Disappointed Bryan came out of the palace and found wolf standing outside the gate. He asked sorry for his mistake and the wolf said “Don’t worry, you are my friend. I will help you” The wolf made Bryan to sit on him and reached the nearby palace in no time. The Horse was standing near a table which had two saddle on it. One is an old one and another is a golden. The wolf said, “Go and take the old one and use it to take the Horse”. Bryan went near the Horse and saw the two saddles. Golden one was so beautiful, and he couldn’t resist himself from using it.

The moment he played the saddle, the Horse started to scream, and Bryan was caught. He was taken to the court the next morning. The King was a kind-hearted, but he was so angry with Bryan as the golden Horse was one of his best Horse. He said, “For the mistake you have done you shall be sentenced to death this evening’’. Bryan was surprised and begged for forgiveness. He told the entire story to him and said, ‘Please let me go to my town I shall be happy there’. The King then thought for a while and said, ‘Ok then if you want to go get me the Princess of the neighboring kingdom and you shall get the golden Horse’. Bryan left the palace feeling ashamed of himself. He walked walking out of the palace and met his friend wolf. This time the wolf was kind enough to help Bryan. He said, “Don’t worry my friend, I shall help you now as well. Come and sit on my tail”. Bryan was astonished by the wolf’s attitude and was happy that he has a good friend. Bryan and the wolf reached the palace at no time.

The wolf said, “This is the Princess palace which the King was talking about. Now go to the lobby of the palace and you will find the Princess sitting alone. Go and kiss her hand. She will fall in love with you”.

Bryan followed the wolf’s rule. The Princess fell in love with him. The King (Father of the Princess) got the news and ordered his servants to bring Bryan to him. The next morning Bryan was taken to the King. The King ordered Bryan to dig a mountain which was blocking his view from the window. Bryan was given 10 days to do this job ,Bryan worked for 9 whole days without sleeping. The work was not remarkable. By the 10th day morning the wolf met Bryan. He said you shall take some rest and I shall take this challenge. Bryan was happy and was confident on the wolf and went to sleep. When Bryan woke up, he found the huge mountain was missing. Bryan was speechless as he was extremely happy. The King got this surprising news and thought that Bryan was the right person to marry his daughter. The Princess was given to Bryan. Bryan started his journey with the Princess towards the forest and met the old wolf. This time the wolf had more plans. It said now you shall get the golden Bird, golden Horse and the Princess, but you must do what I say. The wolf stared telling a plan to Bryan and the Princess.

This time Bryan was keen in following the rules of the wolf. The plan worked, and Bryan was so happy. The wolf was not happy yet and said Bryan this is just the beginning and don’t be so happy. Bryan was confused but believed the wolf. Bryan then reached the palace with the Bird, Horse and the Princess. He found the King sitting sad at his chamber. Bryan was confused and went near the King. The King started crying and said, “You know I am greedy. Now I am in a big trouble. I have 9 daughters. During night, they are going out and dancing. I have no clue where they are going and with who they are dancing. You must help me and solve this”. Bryan was shocked and said let me go to Portia (my wife) and ask for some help to sort out. Bryan went to Portia, his wife who was so kind and explained the situation. Portia thought for a while and said, ‘I will give you a magic clock which will turn any person invisible. That might help you to solve the problem’.

Bryan was so happy and asked the King to allow him to stay at the room which was adjacent to the Princess room. The King was ready to do anything to know the secret, so agreed. One night the eldest Princess came to Bryan’s room and offered a glass of wine as complementary. Bryan found out that the Princess were trying to trick him. So, he gulped some wine but didn’t swallow it. He pretended to fall asleep. All the Princess were so happy and got dressed up to leave. The eldest went near her chamber and knocked at it 3 times. Suddenly the bed lead to a series of steps under the palace and all the Princess started to go down the stairs. Bryan was watching all these. He took the invisible cloak and followed them down the stairs behind the youngest Princess. When they got down the stairs they reached a garden full of Silver. Seeing this Bryan plucked some Silver leaves and followed them.

They then entered a garden full of Gold, Diamonds, Rubies. Bryan plucked some leaves for the evidence. The Princess went inside a beautiful palace where 9 Princes were waiting for them. The music began, and they all danced till 12:00 and returned to the palace. Bryan was clever and went before they could return. The next morning Bryan went to the King and told the truth with the evidences. The King was pleased and said you shall be the King after my death. Same day Bryan and Portia got married and became the Royal Couple. All went well. One day the King became ill. He called Bryan and said “I have a daughter who loves me very much. If I am not there she can’t bare it. So, marry her and make her happy before I die”. As per the order of the King, Bryan married his daughter Amy .The King happily died after seeing his daughter .Bryan was crowned as the new King and was living his life peacefully with his wives.

One day Bryan’s step mother (Amy’s mother) got jealous of Bryan and Portia. She got worried about Amy’s life. So, she hatched a plan to get rid of Portia. She said Portia and Bryan that “Amy have a curse. 1 year after the marriage Amy will die. To break the curse a lady must get the two golden hairs of the demon who knows all the answer to all the questions. Or Amy will die”. After hearing this Bryan got worried .Seeing this Portia got an idea and said “My dear to save Amy there is only one way. I shall do this”. Hearing this Bryan was shocked. But he had confident on Portia, so agreed. The next day Portia started her journey with a Horse. After 3 hours of journey, Portia entered the border of a city and met a solider standing near a tree. Portia asked the soldier if he have any idea about the place where the demon lives who knows all the answers to all the questions and about his two golden hair. The soldier said, “The demon lives in this city, but to enter this city you have to answer a question”.

He pointed at the tree near to him and asked “This tree gave us golden apples. Now it is not giving us an apple. WHY??????”. Portia thought for a while and said “Well… I am on a quest. Whoever stops me and forces me to answer any question, will change to a cow. Well what was your question again”. The gatekeeper didn’t want to turn to a cow and said “Well what is the hurry you tell me the answer while returning. Take this map, this will help you find the demon”. The gatekeeper let Portia to enter the town. Portia continued following the map and came to a lake which she must cross. To her luck she found a ferry man at the bank of the river. She went to him and asked if he can ferry her to the other side of the river. The man said “I will ferry you to the other side of the river but tell me this I ferry people back and forth everyday without any change in my work or life. How can I stop?”. Portia mentioned the same cow statement and the ferry man said that he will also wait for the answer. He ferried Portia to the other side of the river. After some time, Portia reached the devil’s den and saw someone trying to pick some mango from the tree. Portia went near the lady and cleared her voice.

The lady began to talk “Oh sorry, I am sorry I will touch these mangoes I promise!!!” saying so she turned and said “Wait! You are not my grandson” Phew!!! I thought it was the devil. Why are you here? Hearing this Portia got shocked and said “What? The devil is your grandson???” Oh Well then could you tell me where he is? I want to ask him two riddles. Portia narrated the entire story to her and said if you get me the two golden hair plucked and the answer for the riddles. I won’t say your grandson that you were taking the mangoes.

After hearing what Portia said she started to laugh and said “What! Ok but your mother-in-law is trying to get rid of you. That’s it nothing else”. While she was saying this, the devil was about to enter the room. His grandmother made Portia as small as an ant and kept her in her pocket. The devil came and was so tried that made him to go to sleep. His grandmother went near him and plucked one of his golden hair which made him awake he said “Nana!!! What are you doing?”. The grandmother said, “Oh I had a terrible dream that, there was a beautiful tree which bore golden apples. Now it has only leaves. Poor tree!”. The demon said “Well, there is a rat gnawing the roots. Nana someone must shoo it away. Ok you go to sleep I will try to sleep again.

The grandmother got up. Suddenly the demon stopped her and said “No! you will pull my hair again” saying this he pulled his last hair and gave it to her. The grand mother said “Oh and another riddle. A ferry man is ferrying all day without a change. How can he stop?” The demon replied “That’s because the oar is cursed the ferry man. He must hand over it to someone”. Now don’t ask any more questions. I have to sleep”. Saying so the demon went to sleep. The lady transformed Portia to her normal size and gave her the two golden hair and told her the answer.

Portia was so happy, and she returned. She met the ferry man and told her the answer. As a gift, ferry man ferried her to the other side of the river. Portia thanked the ferry man and went on her way to the gatekeeper. She told the gatekeeper about the rat under the tree. The gatekeeper shooed the rat and golden apples appeared as a reward. As a loyalty the city gatekeeper gave her 4 sacks of gold and a Horse for her to travel. After an hour of travel Portia reached the palace Bryan was delighted to see Portia back. Portia told Bryan what had happened and about the grandmother. After hearing what Portia said, Bryan became so angry and he put his 2nd wife and mother-in-law in the dungeons for life time. Bryan and Portia were happy ever after.

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