Table Have No Ears

Table Have No Ears

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It was a proper monsoon time; heavy overcast and it was a pleasant day with little daylight. Not sure, why I had a strange feeling that it was not a normal day and was expecting an implausible discussion with Sravani. We had a plan to meet today evening at our favorite restaurant and luckily got our favorite table. I was looking at the menu as the new menu was loaded with quite a good number of dishes.

The door opened and she just rushed inside, as if Tsunami was about to hit the restaurant door. She is always in a hurry. I just gave her a smile and she just waved. She just landed on the chair and hooked her bag to the adjacent chair. I just said in words now “Hi”!”. She replied, “Are you waiting for long”. “No not really, don’t worry I was just going through the new menu card” answered with a smile. “Oh ok! Have you ordered? “I gave a surprised look as she is the one who loves to do it. Now she took the menu card and started reading it as if she needs to write an exam. I know it will go for a long time. I knew her family since I was three, her parents, newly married couple had moved to our neighborhood.

She just lowered the menu card and her eyes were filled with tears. I was shocked to see her this way as I cannot see her in pain. What happened I tried to hold her hand, it was cold, and she was shivering. I asked her, “Sravani, let's go I believe you are not well”. She said no it's not about my health.

I said to her, “I know its again your husband, I am not sure why you are continuing life with him. What happened now?”. She said,” you know it was my decision to marry him. I never felt that I am pretty and as my aunt said that, Praveen is a professional Doctor working in a reputed hospital. I was under the impression that we will have a good life and readily married him. And when my parents met his parents for the first time, they were not happy, and they conveyed their message clearly. It was my decision to marry him.” I said, “I know everything, why are you discussing all these” she just wiped her tears and said,” Usually people say that I look much younger to him though he is fair in complexion than me and say that he is lucky to have a young and pretty looking wife. You know I never had any pride in my beauty. Don’t you think I deserve a much better person in my life.”

The waiter interrupted the conversation and took our order and checked for our preference for water. As soon as he left, she said, “This year we complete our eighth year of marriage and not a day I feel that he is happy. It always for perfection in life, be it cooking, planting trees, raising children, talking to the neighbor, shopping and all. He feels I am not perfect. Whatever happens, I am to be blamed and if something positive then its normal and I need not be appreciated. Leaving all these why can`t we just think of just being happy and loving each other. I started getting scared to be alone with him as we never have a pleasant time. Whatever we start talking, it triggers an argument. He tries to prove that either I am not perfect or that I am always privileged, and he is deprived. I am not sure why it is never measured on a happiness scale”

As the waiter was approaching our table she stopped, after he had served and left. I asked her, ” I know this is happening for a long time now, what did you decide then. Why can`t you just leave him.” She said, “ I need not leave him, I need to dump him.” I just got curious, “dump him, what do you mean by that.” Now her face was all red, “He is dead, and I did not do it deliberately, we were discussing what we will do for our Anniversary. He said we will go to some resort and spend time with each other. I was scared that it will again lead to some arguments and to avoid, I suggested that we will celebrate at home. He started saying, that it will be all your family and friends. Then I said let’s go to your sister`s place. He shook his head and said, no, not there, I started being firm on it and said we will go to your home and celebrate there. He was upset and I said now what when you have issues with your own family.

I always understand your family and Sir you cannot take care of the situation at your home. He became very angry and said don’t ever talk to me like that. I said oh! you are an earning member and a man. He came close to me and got hold of my neck. In retaliation, I just pushed him forcefully. His head got his hard to the wall and a nail on the wall got inside his head. I tried to pull him, and I was not able to.

I tried hard and by the time I could pull him. He was cold and no movement. I tried to hear his heartbeat and nothing. I have put him inside our big luggage bag and called you to meet me here. Please save me and tell me what to do?”

I was holding her hand and consoled her,” See, you know I am always with you whatever it may be, and I do not just say that. Give me your keys, I will go to your place and I will take care of the suitcase. Now first we will go to my home and you take rest there.”

She whispered, “Is someone listening to us,” I said, table have no ears.”

We paid our bill and started towards my home in my car. Praveen left for London to take up a new job and never tried to contact her. I got used to it now, Sravani is suffering from chronic depression and recently panic attacks. During these attacks, she feels she had done something wrong to Praveen. 

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