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Richa Choudhary

Abstract Tragedy Thriller


Richa Choudhary

Abstract Tragedy Thriller

She Was My World

She Was My World

2 mins

She was my world and everything I ever know. 

My name is Harleen and I live with my mother in the woods. She is everything for me and she is the only person I have ever known. 

I have never been out. I live here with my mother. She has told me that the world is infected with a deadly virus a decade ago and she moved here with me when I was only five and from then we are here. 

Oh! I forgot to tell you about me. I am currently fifteen and going to be sixteen in few days. I hadn't been to school. My teacher is my mother only and she taught me everything. 

I love reading and you might be thinking how I get books. My mother has someone who always comes here to provide us all the essential. I haven't seen him ever cause my mother won't let me.  

She gets me everything I want but I don't know but she has surely something wrong with her. 

She takes huge injections everyday and I don't know what they're but they seems suspicious. 

You know what I have decided to get for my sixteenth birthday, a trip to the city and if not I am going to run away at night and come back before morning. It's just one hour away from here. I will go their explore a little bit and come back and I will be wearing safety devices in order to be protected from the disease.  

I can't wait for my sixteenth birthday just one day more.

Early morning I woke up and my mom shouted, "Happy birthday dear, Harleen." 

I yelled, "Thank you, Mommy."

I was just about to ask for my birthday gift but then I fell and when I woke up I was tied to a chair and I was covered in blood and they were shouting at me.

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