Punyasloke Bose

Abstract Drama


Punyasloke Bose

Abstract Drama



10 mins

Disclaimer - This story is a fiction. All the characters and events are imaginary. 

Mohit was a doctor whose reputation was growing by the day. He was attached to a government hospital. He had specialised in surgery and now he was a surgeon. A lot of skill and intuition is needed to be a good surgeon. Any critical case Mohit was the go-to surgeon. So he was quite popular and respected as a person. 

Anita was a nurse in the same hospital. She was also quite popular both in her professional life as well as her personal relationship with her other colleagues. She had a crush on Mohit but Mohit was a no nonsense sage type who did not give any leverage to these other facets of life. Somehow Anita was obsessed with Mohit and wanted him to be her sole property. 

Gradually Anita was becoming possessive of Mohit. She was keeping track of his routine as doctors are dependent on nurses to keep a record of all their appointments. She ensured that every operation which Mohit conducted, she would be a part of the team which assisted the surgeon. In this way she kept on following her prey that is Mohit, till she got a chance to cower him under her clutches. Very soon she got her chance. 

One day there were multiple surgeries and Mohit was very tired by the end of the last one. That was well into the night. After the surgery, Mohit was sitting in his chamber relaxing and feeling slight drowsy. Then Anita entered Mohit's chamber stealthily and brought two cups of a drink for the two of them. She told Mohit that she had brought hot coffee for both of them. Mohit was happy thinking that the coffee would energise his fatigued body and after drinking it he would move towards his house. But that was not to be. He did not know what he was drinking because his mind was becoming dizzy and he was losing control over himself. Then he lost track of what was happening. Because he felt someone was loosening his shirt and trousers. Then he felt nice and warm as if he was cuddling a soft fleshy toy. Mohit could see vaguely probably it was Anita and she seemed also undressed. But he could not be sure. Because his head was spinning. How long this interlude lasted he did not know. 

When he came to his senses, Mohit could see from the window that night was ending and day breaking. Then he saw Anita lying in the patient examination bed. She was lying half clothed. Then he realised what happened and knowing it he felt very miserable. This is no way to get satiated and without consent. Now Anita slowly woke up and got herself properly dressed. Then she smiled at Mohit and said that he had been wonderful in bed and gave him a tight kiss on his cheeks. Mohit turned away abhorrently. He slowly said, '' You have misused me ''. '' But, I love you Mohit. I gave you so many passes but you never acknowledged. So, I had to adopt this tactics, '' Anita said smilingly. Hearing this Mohit felt more dejected. 

Mohit quickly moved away and went straight to his room. Feeling very depressed he went to his bed and slept the whole day. In the evening there was a knock at his door and Mohit answered the call. At the door was standing Sumi or Sumita, his batch mate and fellow doctor. Mohit and Sumi were good friends professionally first but slowly their friendship had moved another step towards intimacy. 

Mohit's face betrayed his inner dejection and Sumi couldn't miss it. She insisted Mohit share his problem. Initially, Mohit was elusive but he couldn't avoid Sumi's pestering and slowly blurted out all that happened. Being honest and no nonsense type Mohit couldn't keep it to himself. 

Sumi was stunned to hear this and felt that someone had given her a tight slap. Because she had a liking for Mohit and they were good friends being together for the past five years in medical school. In future there could be a talk of marriage but that had not yet been discussed. But let alone her feelings, she could understand how Mohit was feeling. He seemed totally embarrassed and shocked. If that nurse Anita would capitalise this situation then this would be pure scandal. Mohit had little chance to escape stigmatisation. 

But, Sumi slowly came to herself and knew that whatever is the outcome she must support Mohit. She consoled Mohit and tried to lift his spirits. But she cautioned him to be aware because Anita could play dirty now. 

After this one night fling, Mohit found Anita to become more bold in her approach towards him. Anita knew of Mohit's friendship with Sumi but who cares. Anita knew that she had Mohit in her grips. At the weekend Anita asked Mohit to dine with her but Mohit refused. Anita now was becoming more desperate and wanted to keep Sumi at bay. 

The subsequent weekend Anita again asked Mohit for a dinner together. This time again Mohit refused. Now Anita got angry. She knew how to tackle such situations as she had handled many men before. She told Mohit that he should do what she asked him to do or else she would make their interlude public. She also went to say that she had video graphed their intimate scene. 

Mohit was expecting this reaction from Anita. He then begged of Anita asking what actually she wanted from him. What she replied stunned Mohit into silence. Anita said that she wanted to live in with Mohit. To this response Mohit was spell bound and he had no clue to tackle this maniacal Anita. 

Later he shared this problem with Sumi. '' We need legal advice, '' Sumi said with conviction. Sumi had a lady lawyer friend to whom she took Mohit. The lawyer listened to the case attentively. The lawyer commented that Mohit was up against a nymphomaniac and such people are hard wired to predominantly sexual orientation and had unfortunately selected Mohit as her object of desire and satisfaction. Mohit had to handle the situation very tactfully. He should avoid further sexual relationship with this woman. Even the one fling he had may be misused by the woman to her benefit. 

As said earlier, Anita had become now bolder. She did not take lightly the rejections from Mohit. More dramatic and drastic steps Anita was now contemplating. Next time when she had Mohit alone in his chamber she entered after locking it from inside. She sat in front of him and staring right in his eye said that if Mohit did not act according to her wishes she would make public the video she had made. Also in a couple of weeks time if her pregnancy report turned positive she would let the authorities know. 

Mohit was now in deep trouble. He now understood how weak he was in the mind. Sumi knowing this again consulted her lawyer friend. The lawyer had only this answer that Mohit must overcome this problem in his own way with courage and not fall into the trap. 

Anita could not accept the rejections lightly. Three weekends went by and Mohit did not comply with by being her partner. She now thought of a new technique. She told Mohit that she would bungle her operations now on if he disobeyed her. Till now at least in his professional life there was no interference. 

Mohit was in serous trouble. He wanted to resign and go to some other city and join any hospital. People of his merit and calibre would not be without work. But he had been bound to this hospital by signing a bond before its fulfilment he could not move on. Mohit felt he was sinking and Sumi could see her friend going into a depression. Then Sumi suggested something that threw Mohit out of his stupor. Sumi suggested that Mohit should want from Anita that was she willing to marry Mohit. To this point Mohit objected and said how he could surrender in this manner. '' But you do not have any choice,'' came Sumi's reply. 

The next meeting with Anita, Mohit asked with a beating heart that if she would stop pestering him if he proposed marriage. To this Anita laughed saying, '' What a coward you are. Don't you have courage ''? Anita said marriage could wait but first they should enjoy their lives together. Mohit remained puzzled. What a woman this is. She is hell bent upon destroying me. She further threatened Mohit that next weekend she wanted him to be by her side otherwise the first operation on Monday she would bungle it for Mohit. 

Then Mohit with Sumi's help filed a law suit through their lawyer against Anita for coercion and malafide intentions and out raging of modesty. Soon a legal notice was on its way to Anita. 

Anita had been preparing herself mentally because she knew that Sumi was supplying the ammunition to Mohit. Anita complained to the authorities about sexual harrasment from Mohit and said she had video recording as proof. The hospital was stunned to face this scandal in which a good doctor like Mohit being involved. 

The authorities sent a show cause notice to Mohit giving him a week to clear himself of the charge. Mohit met the lawyer for advice. The lawyer advised him to seek video footage from the technical staff to find if his drink was spiked on that night. The technical team found that the screen was showing no image on that particular night meaning some technical fault or some tampering had been done. 

However, Mohit submitted his reply to the authorities claiming that Anita had misused the physical and mental conditions of Mohit after a tiring day to her benefit. Such cases are generally needed to be proved for innocence by the accused during the conviction. The onus lies on the accused. Mohit also confirmed to the authorities that a separate law suit had been filed against Anita for coercion and malafide intentions. 

Anita again met Mohit privately and threatened him to withdraw the law suit or face suspension from the hospital as the authorities would act accordingly at her behest. 

The hospital now abuzz about the hush hush relationship between Dr. Mohit and senior nurse Anita. The canteen and the cafeteria was now busy with this favourite topic of discussion. Mohit did not dare go to these places for fear of slander and taunt. The hospital now was reeking with scandal. 

But Mohit could not compromise with his Medical ethics at any cost. So he did not have the patience to follow the law suit and regrettably withdrew the case against Anita. Soon Anita also withdrew the case against Mohit. 

To get her full support and cooperation at the operation theatre Mohit accepted the terms offered by Anita. So from the next week end onwards he succumbed to the erotic adventurism of Anita. She felt satisfied from Mohit so she gave her full support for the whole week at the operation theatre. 

Professionally the success of Dr. Mohit as a surgeon was now well established. The patients and their families were endless in his praise. Nurse Anita was also professionally hailed. Slowly the scandal died down and after few months it was forgotten. 

Then again Mohit proposed to Anita. Because Mohit had his puritanical thoughts and he dreaded this relationship which according to him was unethical. But Anita said that she needed more time and wanted to enjoy life with Mohit now and her freedom without being burdened by marriage. 

So Mohit however successful he may have become professionally but at a personal level he was sick. He did not have a face to look at Sumi. But Sumi having no other choice at her disposal accepted the situation brazenly.

 How much physical attachment Anita may be enjoying but it was absolutely loathsome for Mohit. He did not love Anita. It was pure mechanical and one sided. He dreaded the weekends. For him life had become a scandal. 

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