Fire tune

Drama Horror Tragedy


Fire tune

Drama Horror Tragedy

Rose Death

Rose Death

8 mins

It's said you are nothing without your beloveds. But what if one day, they are the reason to your eternal sleep.

Hi, this is Betty. You may know me as Betty the bluster. The writer of "Island hoax". The winner of 'Booker award' and 'About the award'. Your lovable horror writer.

One thing you have not known about me is I'm a failed woman from inside. I recently started to write on my horror interest by practically experiencing the fear. I find a different catch in it. I do these to run from my reality. I do this to shatter my thoughts into unknowns.

Zais, my love, we live apart. Ayeshline our 5 years old daughter, we lost her in a car accident. He was driving through a blurry mist when a lorry hit hard and took our happiness with it. We are not in good terms since then. It's not his fault but he was driving. I see nothing in front of me now. I need my child back in return of everything I have. Zais didn't put any effort to fix things up. He was broken too, blaming himself all the way. I want to solace him but the blood-red lips of my daughter pleading me to save her, drags me back from any other emotions. I lost her, I lost to him and myself.

Last night, my secretary called informing me to visit the "Overlook mansion". It is claimed to be one of the most haunted places in Baltimore. She suggested me to pay a visit there. This is what I've been looking for the past few weeks. A new idea for my next book. I took no time to pack my belongings and leave for the mansion the next morning. The abandoned mansion was own by none and the government was planning to take the area lately. The locals informed me no one has survived a visit here. They all have been found dead precisely committing suicide within half an hour of their entry. I was anxious if there is any authentic horror presence or they are fooling around me to gain the later royalty like the other few. I told them I was fine with every thing that was going to happen and ask them for the keys. They replied no one could ever lock the mansion since the owner got missing one day mysteriously. He was believed to practicing Hoodoo magic. I noted the information down and stepped inside with my eatable and other essentials. 

The garden in the mansion seemed to be greener and luscious than any other I've ever seen. I doubted if the locals were actually lying and it's them who took care of the yard. A few minutes later I noticed all the grasses were cut in an unknown pattern. The garden only bloomed white and blood red roses. The white roses were lesser compared to the reds, pale as undernourished. I captured the garden on my phone and moved to the mansion. Dark, high, and summoning. My footsteps echoed, with each step I felt moving farther from the outer world. The mansion was cold. I look around the vintage rooms, stairs, beautiful than anything I've witnessed. Strangely still lively. The painting in the main hall of a lady dancing in a fire was so transfixing. It took me time to recollect my normal senses.

Suddenly the big clock stroke. Loud and louder. Showing 03:03 in the clock. No, it was not the time of the outer world. I took my phone to recheck the time where to my surprise a stopwatch of 30 mins has been automatically set. I tried to tap on other keys, in vain. The cell was set on 30minutes count down. I lost my mind. No other experience was this strong. I started to panic. I took the laptop and tried to connect with Zais. Couldn't. After every failed attempt I convinced myself I was panic and everything was fine. I had started to feel comfortable when I heard a loud noise from the upstairs. I decided not to move up at any point but the noise kept frequenting more. Lastly, with no choice left I stepped upstairs. I was walking through a long corridor, dark and aimless. I didn't know where the mansion was taking me. After a while, I found myself in a balcony. I didn't know if the house took me out or it has other plans. Suddenly the temperature fell, it was foggy outside. I could see a house, blur. As I tried to figure it out my feet touched an object. It was binocular. I tried to peep into the house through it.

I was shocked, shivering out of awe. I saw unrealistic. It was me Zais and Ayeshline. It was us, celebrating her 5th birthday. I remembered we planned a family trip. I couldn't believe my eyes, I looked at her. The happy little soul, so innocent. She deserved a life. My eyes were wet, feet numb. For a moment I forgot every bitter thing I was reliving the moment. Suddenly Ayeshline caught my eye. She looked at me, the real me, she looked at the binocular. She smiled, wide, wider, and the curve kept increasing and suddenly my little daughter turned into a demonic creature. I freaked out and shouted.

Opening my eyes, I found myself in the hall. I never moved upstairs. The mansion was tricking me. I lost all my hopes. I could see my doom coming. My feet could no longer take me and I sat into the floor remembering all the good times I had. The day Zais proposed to me, the day we took our vows. Ayeshline's first smile, the debate between me and Zais to buy a pink or yellow cradle. It was a Sunday evening when Ayeshline called me mama for the first time, Zais pretending to be angry not to be called deda first. The day she finally made her first step after falling for countless times. Tears knew no boundaries as I was cherishing my best moments.

Suddenly my laptop played. It played the scene of Ayeshline's death. It was us in the car when the lorry came and hit her but the Ayeshline there was looking at me, the present me. She asking me to come with her, her tearful eyes were asking my companion as she was choking. I couldn't see my little girl dying again, as I moved my hand forward to touch her through the screen, a ghostly hand grabbed me. She was pulling me with all its force, I was fighting to rescue myself, an earthly body could never defeat a spirit being. The hand pulled me inside the screen to dark.....

"Mrs. Betty? Are feeling better now?" It was someone in a white dress. I couldn't figure out. A familiar voice could be heard but what were they saying. Couple minutess later I saw it to be Zais. He told me I have been in coma since two months after the accident. He further added that the doctor said I'll survive as I hadn't had any sort of severe cranial injury. I couldn't believe I have been dreaming about all the odd happenings. It was all in my mind.

Two days later, I was discharged. Back home, Zais took me to Ayeshline's room and said that we need to overcome this together. It was fate, Ayeshline was a dream, a dream that we have built together. She is no more now. We need to wake up and move on. He hugged me and moved to the kitchen to feed me. I touched her cradle, her toys, Zais was right maybe I need to move on. I was happy Zais is with me through all these. I went to touch her photo when my feet hit an object. I bend to pick it up and, it was binocular. My eyes flashed and shook my nerves hard, breaking my bones to get up

I found myself in the mansion hall. The house again played an emotional game. My phone beeped and the timer of 30 mins was over. I freaked out. I shouted for help. I was audible only to the abundant walls and still paintings. My phone rang an unknown number. The voice from the other side spoke to me and said I had two choices. Either the time of 30 minutes would be set again and keep on repeating all the previous incidences forever or I can choose to hang myself from the balcony. The phone was cut. I took my laptop and started noting down everything I have went through. So that any new person enters this mansion could read and escape before the loop starts. And this is the writing you are reading now. Run to your life my friend or the mansion would consume you.

Betty finished the writing and moved upstairs. She could now see all the dead victims standing in front of her. They all symbolised no soul could escape this mansion. It was a never-ending trap. Betty was ready to accept her fate. She remembered Zais and prayed for her life long well being as a rope moved down in front of her. She hanged herself. As soon as she tightened the rope her words from the laptop started to disappear meaning nobody could defeat the evil power of the house. Finally, her restless legs stopped. Eyes shut forever. Finally, the mansion consumed her. And we could see another white rose died in the garden and a red one bloomed.....

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