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Akash Devulapally

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Quarantine Times

Quarantine Times

2 mins

It was a hard-hitting experience to be the victim of house arrest and sheer introspection. However, everything happens for a reason. 

To begin with, I was astonished to the news of the prevailing pandemic and measures taken for the safety of all. It is like a family vacation at home where individual liberty is the baggage that you 

Carry to spend your fuel and time. Particularly, this isolation made me realize the significance of human being as a personality; 

What is your nature? 

How do you think?

Why do you react?

And not only these but you also get to know much more 

About your interests, works, and surroundings. 

Usually, thinking of home sounds ironical to me because 

When I am out of the station, it gives me a homesick feeling and if I stay back at home, it is like I am living in a den. 

This phase is nothing but a simple reminder that you are under the surveillance of being healthy and hygienic for from now and it is an opportunity to explore yours which includes: 

To gain wholesome knowledge, 

To do crazy things,

 to make others laugh out loud, 

To be good to yourself and

 to create memories with your beloved ones.

I am curious to know, ‘did you ever realize your worth?’

What matters at the moment?

As there can be times when we become hopeless but ‘are there any situations that made you feel valued about yourself?'

If you think of this, then you will understand the truth. When you go through the times of self-worth!

That undoubtedly means you are progressing in life, no matter what comes your way,

You shall be unstoppable energy ...

So it is the right time for you to decide about your 


'What are you up to?'

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