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Aradhana Sharma

Drama Romance


Aradhana Sharma

Drama Romance

Prem Daan

Prem Daan

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She was devastated. Sugandha had never felt any severe pain or trouble that she could have foreseen her severe condition. Her life was shattered. And what about her family, her little Jia and her husband Hari, who would take care of them. Why was this happening to her. She was sobbing. She was emotionally drained and exhausted.

Because of the too much stress at work, her head was continuously aching for some days. Even after taking medicines, it persisted. This was the only reason, she consulted Doctor. But in the blink of an eye, her whole life changed.

Kidney failure does not happen overnight. How come, both her kidneys failed and she never realized it. Did her body not give any signal to her or was she too busy to notice that.

“Your kidneys have stopped working; you will have to go through dialysis the rest of your life.” Doctor directed her.

With time, Sugandha’s health only got worse. She had to step down from her job. Soon after she left her job, they were under the pressure of financial problems. Now they had single earning member in family and expenses on her medical treatment were increasing day by day. But Hari never admitted that. He would say that everything is manageable. But she could sense the stress on Hari’s face. She wanted to help, but she could not do anything, she was helpless.

She hated the dialysis, and that too three days a week, it was a horrible time for her.

She could tolerate all this, if it was to end some day. But this treatment was missing end date, as she knew kidney patients are lifetime patients.

Sugandha went through so many emotions. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. What would happen to Hari and Jia, their dreams, their aspirations? She could see her world was collapsing in front of her eyes. They were doing everything to keep her alive. What would happen to their lives. She was not able to do anything, except to cry. She busted out in tears.

This haunting dialysis was killing her more. She wanted to get rid of it. Doctor suggested the transplant was the only option. Till the time, donor was available, she would have to go for dialysis.

Their number was much behind in long queue. There was no chance that she could get the donor five years down the line.

Her mother stepped forward to donate her kidney. Sugandha didn’t want her mother to donate, as she knew, her mother was already undergoing so much medical treatment, how could she bear another one.

But Sugandha’s in-laws were very happy to know this. They insisted by saying, “If Doctor doesn’t find any problem in it, why are you worried then. Think about Hari and Jia. Wouldn’t it be good, if you live happily with them again. And donating one kidney is okay, it doesn’t impact the donor much. And after all, she is your mother; she simply can’t see you in such a pain, agony.”

She didn’t want that at all, but her mother and everyone else forced her not to say anything in this matter. 

But looking at her age and other health conditions, doctor didn’t allow her mother to donate kidney. It could have been a fatal risk to her. Though her mother begged the doctor, but no meant no.

Suddenly, all the hopes of the family were gone. Though Sugandha was relieved, as she was the only one, who knew, in how much pain and terrible medical conditions her mother was already living in; and she would never want to increase the troubles of her mother.

But then Hari looked broken. How hopeless he was feeling that day. He had woven dreams of her wellness, but all were shattered. Thereafter he came up with a decision to donate his kidney to his wife Sugandha. Everyone was shocked to hear that. There was a strong disagreement from everyone.

Sugandha said, “If something happens to me. I know you are here for Jia, and you will never let her feel alone. How could you think, that I can take a kidney from you. I would rather prefer to die.”

Her in-laws were also against their son’s decision. But Hari was not ready to listen to anyone. They started blaming Sugandha for Hari’s crucial step. They were making her guilty for this decision of Hari. All of a sudden, her family broke. Her in-laws, who looked concerned for Sugandha till now, started behaving rudely. They stopped talking to her, taking care of her and her daughter was a far thing to think of. They threatened Hari, that they would break all their relations with him and his extended family, if he took this harsh step.

But Hari was determined. Sugandha’s condition deteriorated more. She knew that after transplant also, there was no guarantee, that the body would accept foreign body. She didn’t want to stake Hari’s kidney. At least one of them should be fit and healthy for their daughter.

But Hari had turned a deaf ear to everyone.

She was heartbroken. Life would throw her in such a situation, she never even dreamt of. She was worried more now. How would Hari live the rest of his life with one kidney only. She was overwhelmed with fear, anger and sadness. 

It was not like that she didn’t realize how much Hari loved her. She was very well aware of his love towards her. But he was ignoring the fact that one of them would have to be healthy and normal for their child.

After the safety net of one year, she got her fitness back on track. She gained her health back because of her husband’s love and sacrifice. Getting a kidney transplant was a major life change for her. She was not sure whether she should be grateful, happy or she should be worried for her husband, whose kidney, she is using now. But she was sure that her body would never reject this kidney, as it was her husband’s love, true love; and how can her body reject her husband’s love.  

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