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Power Of The Wall

Power Of The Wall

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Hello there you lovely people!!! I hope you are doing good by staying indoors in lock-down. I just thought I would share a few words with you, just to make you feel great and optimistic.

"The most negative word in 2020 is POSITIVE", 

I happened to see this quote on Instagram recently. When I read it for the first time, I was a bit confused. Later I realized the underlying truth behind that statement. Yes, it is TRUE... Every one of us wants to stay positive during this difficult period, but at the same time, no one wants to be positive. I believe that you guys could figure out what I meant in my last line about positivity(Coronavirus +). Of course, it is very easy to relate any statement with COVID-19 at this time, even the word "Carnivorous" is read out as "Coronavirus" by most of us at first. Hey, wait...!!! Is "Carnivorous" an anagram of "Coronavirus"??? I don't think so but even if it is, I don't care. And FYI, I'm carnivorous :D

The thing is, our mind listens a lot about Coronavirus, COVID 19, Curfew, lock-down, Section 144, and related kinds of stuff lately, so even a normal thing seems to be associated with Coronavirus. It is completely natural to know that you are obsessed with the pandemic and can not concentrate on other things, it is okay, fine. Because you are not the only one to be like this, most of the people around you are more or less in the same state as you are. It is our media which largely focuses on the negative part without showing the positive side of it. Since we cannot blame either the media or the Coronavirus(obviously, we cannot!!!) for making the situation worse by spreading negativity, it is our sole duty to stay positive during this time of crisis without being Coronavirus positive. To be very clear, the need of the hour is to stay positive mentally but not to be tested positive for the virus. That's it, simple as such!!!   


You might be wondering that why was she so keen on stressing the words "Corona Positive" and a few people would have even started cursing me like anything now. To be very frank, I intentionally stressed those words just to make you familiar with Corona. Guys, please stop behaving like a weirdo, Corona is not someone from another planet, she is not an alien, she belongs to Earth and she lives with us now. She is not a stranger anymore(once she was, I agree, but not now) so please don't get scared of her. You know what, the most dangerous disease in the entire universe is "FEAR". Don't get alarmed on seeing the news on the Coronavirus, just believe that we will fight together to stop the spread of the virus and we will succeed in this mission very soon. Corona is one of the most trending personalities in social media and meme-creators are enjoying her arrival to the fullest. And one more important thing, the reason why I used the pronoun "she" for Coronavirus is that the name "Corona" seemed like a girl name to me, so simply I used it and it is not a willful act to portray girls as dangerous or deadly. Believe it or not, I'm a girl, so I don't depict girls as dangerous like Corona, because we are more than that(Not really, just for fun :D).

Okay, let me tell you guys about my lock-down days(More than a month by now). I have never heard of the term "lock-down" earlier, it was completely new for me at that time. The government imposed so many Dos and Don'ts to prevent the spread of the virus and they declared so many stringent rules to make the people understand the severity. The number of positive cases in the country kept on increasing without any disturbance. The situation in Italy, Spain, the United States with more victims for Corona, and also the high death rate there frightened me a lot. The way they dispose of the Corona infected dead bodies haunted everyone and it made me cry at times. "There should not be any positive cases today", this was my first thought that comes to my mind when I woke up in the morning. But every positive thought of mine was going in vain when I listened to the news. I was too panic-stricken about the outbreak that I could not focus on my work or anything. I was preoccupied with the negative thoughts, and at one point, I felt like hating myself to the core for being such a coward.

I was combating with myself to overcome the phobia to lead a sunny life and finally I found that I should change my lifestyle to get over this. I just stopped interacting with negative people and even if they do speak with me, I hid my fear and responded to them positively. In turn, it gave me a ray of positive hope that made me a little stronger than before. I broke-off watching the news then and now, I controlled myself to watch it only twice a day or even less than that. Because I realized that social media, especially news channels spread a lot of agitation and distress in the minds of people. This was one of the biggest steps that I took, which made me shift from negativity. And then there were 2 people, who completely made me what I am now(Full of positive vibes now). One is my friend, who supported me with his motivating words whenever I felt low. He was the one who believed me when I had no hope in myself. He had a great part in switching my bad and sad mood to a jolly one. So, surround yourself with people who you think can get the best out of you. Sometimes, we need an external force like a good friend to make the best things come out of ourselves. And the second is online people, I don't know them personally but their words inspired me a lot. One such great personality who I follow regularly is Preethi Shenoy, an Indian author, blogger, speaker, illustrator, and observer. I follow her on Instagram and Twitter, her daily stories and posts give anyone the aspiration and confidence to achieve great things in life. During this lock-down period, she constantly posted things on how to stay positive in these tough days. She is not the only one who spreads good positive things, there are many more people around us, but she is one of my favorites. If you want to follow her works, visit this link you can get to know about the books she wrote, her blogs, and much more about her.

So, if you feel stressed about the things happening around you, always remember that you are not the only one who faces this challenge and that is the primary reason to share my initial lock-down days with you. Always find your perfect mates who are positive enough to give moral support and be a source of strength to you throughout the dark times. Even if someone faces an awful time, give your supporting and encouraging words to them. Instead of sympathizing over their life, use "empathy" to make them feel better. You would feel one step ahead than the other person for sure. 

I am very much happy now that I don't feel any negative thoughts in my mind. At times, I get such negative thoughts, I admit, but I know how to overcome it. We are humans, we tend to get every kind of emotions and feelings present in the world, but happier is the one who knows how to get the better of it. Engage yourself in things which give you peace and jollity, and spend time on those things daily. I used to paint, write, and read a lot of books during my leisure time which always makes me feel de-stressed. Also, these lock-down days are so precious that I don't think we will ever get in the future, to make the best memorable moments with our family. There are so many positive things about this lock-down, but we fail to look into it and relish the wonderful experience. Let's take some time to appreciate the beautiful things which lock-down gave us along with the prayers for the family who lost their loved ones due to Corona and also for the people who are fighting against it. And don't forget to respect the real heroes who are working day and night absolutely for our safety.

Coming back to the first thing, the title of this piece of writing "Power of the Wall", I can listen to your mind voice, "what is that power... What power does the wall have..., Is she blabbering or what???", I know this is how most of you guys would feel, But there is a significant message which stashes behind the title. Can you guess what??? 

Anyways, let me explain it to you in a detailed manner. The one thing which I love about Coronavirus is that it does not show any favoritism or preferential treatment towards a particular group of people based on religion, caste, class, gender, color, age, or language. All are equal in the sight of Coronavirus. The outbreak of COVID-19 made us realize one thing very clearly, it is not the money or costly jewelry or cars or bungalows that make us live a happy and safer life, but it is just a simple shelter that can safeguard you from Corona. Since we have no specific medicine to cure this virus, the only elementary solution to put a stop to the spread is by "Staying Indoors", which essentially means staying inside the house. It is not a millionaire or billionaire with loads of money, can survive this battle but it is just someone with a good shelter with walls around can protect themselves from the virus. Mind it guys, money is not the only thing that possesses value in our life. There are so many other things that have a momentous value but we fail to appreciate it. One such thing is the "WALL", we never treasured its existence earlier but today it is the only choice left for us to shield ourselves from the disease.

We always fail to cherish the things around us and also the things that we own, but it is respected only during the moments of need. This fact does not apply to things alone, but the same thing can be applied to people also. Remember, it is not the right practice to lead a happy and joyful life. I just want to wind up my writing with these words which I learned from my life,

If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, appreciate not only the little things but also everything in life :)

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