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Power of mind

Power of mind

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          I am anu.i want to share my research experience with you all. From 2 years I am researching on our mind functionality. 

           Our mind is a treasure house. It's a mechanism. If you want to run that machine you need a fuel called confidence. The more you pour the more you gain. Our mind can work more efficiently than a super computer. 

           I give some techniques that how you can control your treasure house. See your mind as a system. The system which can do what you say. Don't make your machine can give orders to you. 

           When you start assist to your mind it's hard to get out of it. If you are assisted to your mind then suddenly don't try to change your mind it's may be leads to depression. I will suggest some remedies. 

1.make new habbits and try to implement them this process your mind will habitat to your habits. 

2.meditation helps a lot. Try to meditate when you have spare time. 

3.surround yourself with inspirational people. It's give you confidence. 

4. Don't allow negative vibes.try to be positive most of time. It's helps to change your attitude. 

5. Hold the smile everytime. It's make others can get good impression on you. It's helps to give confidence to do new things to you. 

6. Don't attach to relations more. It's will hurts you one day and leads to depression. 

7. Try to explore new things everyday it's helps you to activate your mind. 

8. Listen peaceful music it's will relax your mind. helps you to activate your nerve system. 

10.last but not least, drink plenty of water. It's helps you to increase oxygen levels in your mind. 

         In my research I deal with a case. And his name is vikram. He is in depression because of his break up. He loved a girl . And after some days they both are in love. Everything is good. But one day he knows that she cheats on him.  

         He didn't know how to accept that truth. He starts corrupting his life. He became alcohol addict. And he came to my hospital. After knowing all the story I felt so bad. 

         I said to him. "She is very happy without you but why it's hards to you, you had to accept the truth. It's time to revenge mr. , let make her feel guilty with your success. One day she will come to you. Then your choice to accept her or not".

          He believes that she will come. he done a hard work and he became a respective government officer. 

          One day he came to me and said she came for me. And I curiously asked him " What did you say".he said "I said no".i know he tell this. Friends any guess why he rejected the girl. 

         The answer is... 

         In his journey without her he learned a lot of things, hardwork and what the true love is. In front of his success he felt that fake love is unwanted. 

          That's the power of your mind. It can change if you desired strongly. Come on friends, let's chase our dreams.     

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