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Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

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Anup was wheeled into the ICCU. He had shot himself and chances for survival were bleak. “His condition is grave,” said the doctor sounding portentous.

“The bullet has punctured his heart and lungs. There has been heavy internal bleeding and your husband is in a state of comatose,” the doctor informed a distraught  Aditi. Aditi was Anup’s wife a successful entrepreneur.

 The children and Anup’s parents were shattered and numbed beyond comprehension as they were informed that Anup was put on a ventilator with chances of survival being extremely slim.  Strangely Anup’s brother and their family were not present at the super speciality hospital.  Meanwhile, the city police were making preliminary enquiries about the incident and eliciting reasons for the suicidal attempt.

The quartet consisting of Anup, his wife Aditi and children Ashok and Aparajita were cock a hoop as planning customary annual holiday was round the corner.

This year it was planned to the South American country of Argentina known for the magical dribbling skills of Maradonna and Messi. The last few years the family had travelled to Alabama, Alaska, Australia, Austria and a large list of places be it domestic or international but all with names beginning with the alphabet A.

Aditi had extensively researched the places starting with the name A on planet earth.  Over the years Anup had developed a fetish for the alphabet A. A was a fortuitous and a providential alphabet for him and the entire family.

There were two singular traits he had acquired from his grandfather, one to save money and two spend it. He was not a spendthrift, unlike his father and brother. “Son it is like Law of Attraction, money begets money. You earn, and then spend; you will earn more and spend more. The cycle would continue,” taught the grandfather.

 “Demand and consumption would compel you to become innovative, and learn the quintessential Indian Juggad and earn additional income. In case you become a deviant and the change the course of the path I have chartered upon all my life you will initially save money for a while indisputably. The piggy bank will certainly look healthy and fat.

 But over a period of time, the pig will become a sloth and will stop thinking. It will become less enterprising and ineffective and will not produce results. So kid earn and splurge and live to your lives content,” granddad added. 

 “However I forewarn you to also read a note I have written on savings and investments without fail. Your father presumably has read it. It is lying in the bank locker,” the  septuagenarian added.”

 But Anup never bothered to read the note grandfather had mentioned and kept luxuriating in life.

 A few days before embarking on the annual holiday and on this occasion it was planned for Argentina, Anup went to his bankers and to his prostration he had hardly had any money in his account.

The family had to make handsome payments for the daughter’s education in medicine and the son’s education in management. This ran into several lakhs. Aditi, keeping up with the Joneses had purchased expensive diamond jewellery. Anup himself had acquired expensive apparel which made him look very handsome and cynosure at all parties.

The company made several long term investments in the oil industry, construction sector and supply chain logistics where cash inflow was affected due to a slump in the market. Anup was unexpectedly suffering from a midlife crisis. He was short on liquidity and the bankers refused to grant any further loans. He had already mortgaged his house to take loans.

Anup was compelled to ask for a loan from his brother, father and friends to undertake the annual holiday. But there was no one to part with any money and everyone suggested he postpone the trip.

A devastated, Anup went to his grandfather’s bank and got access to the locker. He read the note and was stupefied as his jaws dropped. It read like this,” Always possess two piggy banks, one for spending and the other to maintain adequate savings for a rainy day,” signed Atmaram.

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