Arundhati Kamble

Drama Romance Tragedy


Arundhati Kamble

Drama Romance Tragedy



1 min

Suddenly when the doors to the parallel universe opened,

The moment not only stunned him standing at the altar, but also her,

Stranded at the other end of aisle..

They were destined to catch-up one day,

And they sure did..

Although for a very little time, while they longingly crossed each other's path, their footsteps did match.

A couple of feet apart though, walking a few steps together, in that split second, it didn't really matter how brief the instance is..

All that mattered was, the uncountable moments in it..

He had only a few words at her mercy,

And she did her best to lend them an ear..

It could have gone all worse,

Or it could have been better

If only for once,

Parallel lines could intersect each other...

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