Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing Is Impossible

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It was a normal day. Nothing special was happening, yet...

I went to the local market to take a break from studies. I shopped for boring things like books, school supplies, etc. Then, I went to a Bhaiya who owned this very small shop. It was named something like 'Read Books'.

I went inside and saw a billion of fat, heavy novels. I took a glimpse of the shop and asked him the price of a pen.

'Yeh kitne ka hain Bhaiya?'

'It is ten rupee cost.' He stammered but tried to speak English.

I was astonished, seeing a man with torn and filthy clothes trying to speak English.

'Bhaiya, aap Angrezi bolte ho?'

'Yes. I try speak Englisss. Is there wrong something?' He slightly became a little angry.

I tried to cool him down by saying, 'Nahi. In fact, you should try more often.'


'Aisi hi I am asking, does not anyone make fun of you.'

'I am made fun of, but I ignore, I give up never. One day, I the best speaker ophh the worldd.' He smiled.

'This is the spirit!' I screamed. It was weird but inspiring.

I was inspired by that Bhaiya, and learnt from him to never ever give up and believe in yourself. I am sure, he must be speaking fluent English now. Nothing is impossible when you have faith in yourself.

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