Agrata Verma 🌈

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Agrata Verma 🌈

Children Stories Drama

Feeling Jealous

Feeling Jealous

2 mins

Something in my stomach was churning as it was the day of my Mathematics exam!

I was in a hurry in the morning as I could not leave my bus on the day of the exam, I dressed in my school uniform, filled my water bottle, prayed to God, ate Dahi cheeni for aashirvaad and left.

I was in school. We get our papers by 8:10 am.

It was 8:11 now, and ma'am distributed us the question papers. My paper was damn so easy! I wrote it in overconfidence, a bit more overconfidence, a lot more overconfidence and then superconfidence because I knew I'd secure 30/30, which means full marks.

I always revise my paper, but this time, I don't know what happened to me, and I did not revise.

~5-6 days later.

We were getting our results! There was this boy Rahul who was my biggest competition in the class, as we both often scored the best marks in our class.

We received our answer sheets. I opened my eyes and saw that I had got 27/30! These were the lowest marks I had ever scored! I was about to cry, but I gathered courage, pretended nothing had happened and went to Rahul to ask his marks.

I felt even sadder when I got to know that he had scored 30/30!

That was the day when I felt very jealous.

Then, when I told mumma about my jealousy, she said to me to read the book EXAM WARRIORS By Narendra Modi. I read it.

And that is when I realised that your biggest competition is you, yourself.

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