Divya Senapati

Romance Drama


Divya Senapati

Romance Drama

Not So Clićhe'd

Not So Clićhe'd

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July 10 

Three years earlier,

It was one of the busiest afternoons at my office. To add cherry to my stress I had arranged a meeting with a client two cities away. Which was apparently a very important one. Ugh. Just As I wondered what can be any more hectic? I got my answer from the guy beside me. Ha! Nowadays even perverts dress up so nerdily. 

It was the second time I felt his hands grab my waist. "You don't look like one!" I said to him. "Excuse me" he looked as if his mind was totally blown. "Do not try me. I better know how to deal with perverts like you." I barked at him. His eyes grew in horror "I think you have got the wrong person, miss!" he said trying to hide his embarrassment from the prying eyes of the people in metro. "I'm not being fooled by your dorky facade" I glared with my most intimidating expression possible. 

The train came to halt just in time and I stepped off steadily without a back glance. What a long day! I sighed to myself hoping I won't run into any more morons. The words didn't even slip from my tongue completely when I saw my boyfriend. Oh wow. My boyfriend was walking with another girl, hand on hand, being so lovey-dovey. This made me annoyed. Literally annoyed. Not even sad, not even depressed, not even desperate, just perfectly annoyed. More like disgusted. I grabbed him from his sleeves, "What is all this supposed to mean Chris?" I blurted out. His expression was unfathomable. "It's all because of you Sally. You're the reason we're together now." he said wrapping her up in his arms. Now I can see her. Ah! His best friend from his office. I rolled my eyes on him. "Seriously Chris? Does this even sound sane? Can't you even think up of a better excuse? I found my current boyfriend, cheating on me with his current 'bestie' from his office. And he did all this because of me? Does this even make sense to you? Cause it doesn't to me" I sighed. "We're done, Sally. You're a great friend to me but you're never enough as a lover. Now when I have found someone who is suitable for me, why are you trying to ruin it? It would be better for you to leave. Chris said. Before my mind could process it my legs have already swayed me away from him. I could barely hear him consoling his girlfriend. And I suddenly returned to him. "You know what Chris. It's like the trash got itself out from my life" I gave him a smirk. He looked bewildered. Before he could utter a single word "You know what I'm gonna date the first guy I'm seeing now." I blurted out. Only after a while, I realized how irrational it sounded I secretly hoped not to encounter anymore creeps. Ugh. I saw an old man walking towards me. Aahhh. I turned away only to be bumped into another guy. By that time, the back of my eyes stung with tears, my head felt dizzy, my visions blurred, and just as blackness swoop over, I felt warm hands being draped around me. I slowly let this feeling take over me as I fell into a dark sleep. 

I opened my eyes slowly taking in the blinding sunlight through those white silk curtains. Then my eyes went to the owner of the arms which wrapped me and I had snuggled up close to him so that his face was placed just above my forehead as if chasing away all my nightmares with his protective embrace. His face looked like that of an angel with sunlight spreading through his lashes. His lips were turned in a way that made soft dimples near his lips. Only if he can be mine! I thought. I felt as if we have met before. As if we're destined to be together. I jolted up with horror as I realised he was the pervert from the metro. Oh gosh! How can someone hide such handsome face with that dorky facade? Wait, why am I here? I pushed his arms away in shock as if to process everything that was happening. I looked up at the clock, it stroke 11. Did I spend a whole night with him? Why? How? What happened? "Good morning, Sally" he said in his dreamy morning voice as he shifted from his side to sit up to face me. "Who are you? Why am I here? How do you know my name?" I uttered in complete horror. Ugh... at least I'm completely clothed, I felt a bit relieved." I thought we would date." he said. 

"What?" I blurted out as my mind processed what had happened the evening before. "Ohh God? Did I sleep through the whole evening and morning like a log? Here? With you" I exclamed. "What else do you think?" he smirked. "Pervert, did you take advantage of me?" I barked at him. "It's Blake, Sally" he looked at me. For a moment I regretted at my accuse." At least show some gratitude to you saviour!" he smirked again. "WTF" I exclaimed. 


July 23


"You look really beautiful Sally! " I turned back to find Blake leaning near the door with his usual smirk. He looked fabulous with his black suit and of his angelic face." God I can't believe you're going to be mine" he has crossed the room with a few steps and had already lifted me up in his arms turning me in circles. Happiness was all over his face." We're not supposed to meet before the rituals Blake. That's considered ill-fated." "Oh! If ill-fates bring me to this beautiful princess then I would rather be the unluckiest person in the universe" he placed a quick peck on my lips putting me down. "Whatever" I pushed him out of the door. After a while, the church bell rang. It was already time. As I walked down the aisle I could see Blake. His glittering eyes beamed with hope and excitation and happiness. He looked so full. I could feel tears of happiness running down my cheeks. I gave him my perfect possible smile as I walked towards him. 

Who thought I would find my love in so much chaos? Not all love starts with clićhe'd dates! And not all love is meant to start in their usual stereotypical way! I met my love after my first breakup. With a fake love leaving me, leading me to my true love. The love that was meant to be. Meant for me. Meant for us. 

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