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Please Hang On

Please Hang On

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Best friends

Being with a friend who went under depression, I don't know what's scarier, is it knowing the person close to you has started losing herself without you knowing? Or is it knowing your incapability in the situation where your voice doesn't reach them anymore? 

It is scary when they say they're tired of everything. 

It is scary when they say they're feeling lonely.

It is scary when they say they're hearing voices. 

It is scary when they think about giving up when they want to leave. 

And you know what the scariest part is? You were there with them all along and you still couldn't figure out where you went wrong. 

You are best friends and yet you're a failure when it came to cheering them up? 

A failure when it came to making them feel loved and wanted? 

A failure even when being present you couldn't make them hear you? 


Are you a bigger failure for not making your important person's life worth it? 

Yes, we're close and when she starts losing herself you'll slowly fade away with her. Your memories, your moments, everything that was once prized will slowly turn into nothingness. You'll lose your grip and finally fall into nothingness. 

If ever anything happens I know that I would be broken beyond repair baby.

Maybe my words don't reach you at the time of your desperacy, maybe they sound empty, maybe I couldn't pick your call up or didn't see your texts for the moment. 

But please baby hangs in there with all your might, I'll try my best to pull you back. 

With love,

Your best friend. 

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