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New Lady Macbeth

New Lady Macbeth

7 mins

Teachers were very happy to hear the news of ma’am Rama’s resignation. They started celebrating. They have planned a grand party on her ouster after the farewell. Unfortunately, Secretary, MHRD who happen to be the ex officio Chairman of the Board of Governors, visited the school 4 days before her farewell party. Chandra approached Headmaster and successfully managed an appointment with the Chairman. She couldn’t control her emotions and talked about her long association and contribution. In last few days She has approached many other board members and tried to influence, convince, tried and wept in front of many influential people but to no avail. Chairman asked the newly appointed Headmaster (Lt. .General-Retd.) Mr. Pangarhia in her presence. He was unaware about her crooked nature, dirty tricks and crocodile tears. Ultimately, Rama was successful in convincing both; The Chairman & Headmaster. This news was very disappointing for the entire teacher community, but then, they started congratulating her.  


Rema joined as Trainee Teacher in this prestigious 150 years old public school. She was young and single at the time of her joining. She came in to contact with Headmaster’s PA Mr. Partibhan, who was also young and unmarried. This was her first love. There was a big gap between them as Partibhan was simple Matriculate and she was Graduate. She joined a B.Ed course through a correspondence course and Managed to get a degree. Then she registered for her first love for graduation and completed his assignments.

Those 3 years were the days for students, staff and Teachers to discuss about their affair. Girls fought with her in the name of discriminatory order not to allow them to meet their boyfriends. Girls also invited boys and kept them in the girl’s hostel with the help of Rema Ma’am. This was very serious and challenging. As a result of this indiscipline Board had asked Mr. Lahidi to resign from the post. By the time new headmaster joins, her fiancé was a graduate and then she purchased a Shiksha Visharad degree for her husband. The new Headmaster was impressed by her readiness and willingness to work and support not only in the school but at his residence too. Now both of them are appointed as Teachers. She could convince the Headmaster and got a job for Mr. Partibhan. Mr. Partibhan was now her husband officially. Dr. Ramchandra did Kanyadan ritual for her.


She was the Mistress In charge for Prep school where old PA and new teacher cum husband Mr. Partibhan was appointed to look after Nursery students. Madam was taking undue help and favours from Parents, Teachers and Prep school staff. Radhamani was nurse cum Physiotherapy In-charge. She worked as a personal servant at Madam’s residence. She was appointed as PRT Science with her help. Most of the prep school teachers were appointed by her and were relatives of her. Some old support staff did not like this new arrangement, but her relatives’ teachers spread the news that she has a direct connection with the HRD Ministry. She was the aristocratic head of Prep school with no one to question her authority except she has to report to the school head weekly. Radhamani wanted her sister to join the school as a Matron in prep school. Madam Rama refused to oblige her so Radhamani changed her loyalty to the Bursar and exposed her corruption and favoritism with the parents and also in the appointment of the prep school staff.

Bursar appointed her sister as a Matron in prep school. Bursar was the head of administration and Rama also has to approach him for various help in running prep school. She was compelled to accept her sister in the Prep school. Madam is expert player in this domain. She has sent many teachers earlier blaming their character. She asked her daughter and a cousin to create a fake face book ID and started mudslinging to Mr. Sundarraj, The Bursar. Each and every comment talked about Bursar’s affair with Radhamani sister.


So the previous headmaster Mr. Harsh Wal did not recommend her for the post of deputy head. He became wall in the path of her promotion. After completing his tenure Mr. Wall went to Bangaladesh as an Advisor to DPS, Dhaka. She has resigned but realized her mistake that it is almost difficult for her to get a DHM position in another public school with her background of Prep school In charge. She has become lazy too. She gives some works to her students and likes to spent most of her time in office though there is almost no work for her. She operates an illegal tuck shop on Sundays and was earning good amount. Due to the recent tussle with the Bursar, She is in great loss as her mismanagement is being audited. So she resigned, wept and tried to prove her innocence. Chairman asked the new Headmaster to appoint her as Deputy Head seeing her loyalty and years of service at the school.      


But there was a problem. Headmaster/ Headmistress, Deputy Headmaster/ Headmistress and Bursar can only be appointed by the Board of Governors., At Shastri Bhavan, MHRD, New Delhi. All these 3 post cannot be offered to an Internal candidate. So she was offered this position for a period of five years as an officiating Dy. Head. She was given full support from General Saheb as he was unwilling to take phone calls after 6.00 PM. He is fully drunk and teetotallers are not allowed at his party in the evening.

Madam started drinking but her husband did not like this. She will come late at night and her poor husband has to wait and watch for the next course of action. Now she wants to become Head and she wants her husband to be the deputy head. Bursar was waiting for the right opportunity. He use to go to Delhi every year with a huge bag for the officer in the Ministry or maybe for the Minister too. In the year 2019, one of his favourites IAS becomes the Secretary and during his visit he discussed Memorandum of association, CBSE by laws and illegal appointment of her as Deputy Head. General sahib tenure is going to get over by September. She wants to become Head and then she is planning to make her husband as the Deputy Head.

New chairman is going to visit the school in the next month for the founder’s day celebration. There will be a board meeting the next day. Our Bursar is in direct contact. Chairman in presence of BOG called Madam Rama. She was very happy as she was expecting her long-awaited dream to be fulfilled. She was sure that the board will offer her headship of this 150 years old institution. Bursar was also called.

Board asked the Bursar to provide the previous proceedings of the appointment of DHM. Board was shocked to note that it was verbal appointment. Board decided to terminate her appointment as Deputy head and also asked the bursar to send all the documents of teachers to the NCTE for verification. I am doubtful that these certificates will be validated as you know the reason. But there is also another possibility that the finding of NCTE may not be forwarded to MHRD. She has joined prep school as a Teacher with her husband.


Radhamani is the new prep school Head. She is in great agony and suffering due to the jealousy of the new Mistress In charge. She is weeping at her residence in the night. Some of her relatives reach but the husband tells let her to cry. If she doesn’t cry she will get mad.


Another news is that Prof. Ramesh Venktachillam is appointed new Headmaster and Stanley Binod from the Doon school as his Deputy head.


Madam with her husband is working in the same organization, not talking about their resignation. They want to work with the new headmaster and learn new tact. Same time she laughs and the same time she cries of fall play by the Bursar. The bursar is in the full command and Madam is back to the pavilion plotting for her next attack. 

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